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Advanced Honors Algebra II

2016 - 2017

Central Magnet School

Teacher: Angela Recker, Room 200

Office Hours: 7:30 8:00 AM, 3:00 3:45 PM
Online Document Password: ahonors6

Phone: 615-904-6789 ext. 23354

Course Description:
The student must be self-motivated and capable of independent and group work. The student is expected to be
able to handle assigned problems with a minimum of guidance from the teacher. Advanced Honors Algebra II is
a continuation of the advanced placement mathematics program. The scope, in depth and in pace will be more
intense than Geometry and will require much independent study. It will provide an understanding of language,
notion, application of algebraic skills and the use of real and complex number systems. Topics include
algebraic relations and functions, exponents, radicals, polynomial functions, quadratic relations, systems of
equations, higher order degree polynomials, trigonometric functions and identities, as well as probability and
statistics. This course is designed for those students planning to take Honors Pre-Calculus.
1) Follow school policies and maintain classroom norms
2) Create a safe and positive community of practice
3) Persist in learning, believe in yourself, and contribute to your group
4) Show all your work and justify your reasoning
5) Be honest when you struggle and dont give up!
Classroom Norms

1) Come to class prepared to learn. When you walk in the classroom door, immediately look for and follow
instructions: gather materials, get into groups, and complete bell work.

2) Reflect on our lessons outside of class. When you have a question or need clarification, write it down
or type it into your phone. Learning is a process, not an event. Cooperate with the process.

3) Respect the ideas and strategies of every student. If you do not understand a team member, ask
clarifying questions or say show me again. You already know what YOU know. Find out what others

4) Value mistakes made by others and yourself. Every mistake is a learning opportunity. Dont erase your
mistakes during the learning process. Each mistake is a record of things youve already tried and
learned from.

5) Help one another without telling classmates what the answer is or how to solve the problem directly.
6) Do your very best and persevere. Nothing feels better than success after a struggle.
Success in math requires practice. Complete homework as assigned and clarify your understanding in class or
in my office hours. If you would like extra practice problems, please come see me.

Advanced Honors Algebra II

2016 - 2017
Make-Up Work
Make-up tests and quizzes should be completed before or after school. If you know you will miss school, let
me know so that we can schedule a make-up.
Grading Policies
Skill-based Assessments:
Group Work:


Skill-based assessments will be in the form of quizzes or tests.

Group work is an integral part of our new textbook. Students will complete tasks, discuss solutions, and
frequently present their ideas. I will still lead and clarify, but students are expected to fully engage in the
learning process. I will allow time for individual quiet thought before we engage in the group process.
The other category may include benchmarks, presentations, projects, and reading assignments.
Since this is an advanced honors course, more is expected of you. However, you will receive an additional 3
percentage points on each report card.
Cell Phones
Cell phones should not be out in class, regardless of whether you are using it or not. They can only be out or
on your desk if you are given permission to use them. Otherwise, I do NOT want to see them.

Class begins when the bell rings. If you are tardy, enter the room quietly and immediately get to work.
Make full use of the Carnegie Learning resources, Khan Academy, and Google (or other search engine) when
struggling with the material. Check the website for links. Of course, you are always welcome to my office
Quarter 1:
Patterns & Quadratics
Polynomial Functions
Quarter 2:
Polynomial Functions (continued)
Radical Functions
Rational Functions
Sequences & Series

Quarter 3:
Exponential Functions
Logarithmic Functions
Probability & Statistics
Quarter 4:
TN Ready Assessment

Advanced Honors Algebra II

2016 - 2017