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Course Evaluation


The collaborative group assignment was a great opportunity to work both with new technology sharing sites, and
get to know a group of fellow educators and share ideas with them. The online nature of the class made it a little
difficult to find collaborative time in order to meet and plan the project. Video chatting through Google Chat was
new to me, however, I am now a huge fan of this program for collaborative assignments. It provides a medium to
exchange ideas with fellow educators who may live a good distance away.

Educational links shared through

0 Comments This article is a great resource for information regarding

tiered instruction. The author presents tiered instruction as a means to differentiating instruction for all learning
levels found in today's classroom. Differentiation is an important tool; as educators, we need to look for various
learning mediums to impart grade level standards while addressing the different learning styles of our learners.

ITEC 7500 Capstone and Portfolio


This course represents the capstone experience for the Master of Education in
Instructional Technology. The purpose of the portfolio is to document mastery of

the ISTE technology facilitation standards as well as to serve as a

systematic, reflection-in-action approach to problem-solving and
decision-making. This process is designed to document the candidates
development of expertise as an Instructional Technology facilitator.
A primary goal of the portfolio is to document the candidates ability to
provide technology facilitation at the building level. The portfolio provides a
detailed authentic picture of the candidates professional practice and
reflective analysis of the integration of courses taken supported by theory.
This course was the most helpful course I have had in the two year capstone project.
The instruction was clear and concise on what expectations were for development
of the capstone portfolio. The instructor was extremely helpful in editing and
offering ideas on how to create a cohesive summation of the two year capstone
project and the portfolio that was developed.


ITEC 7470 Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods


This course is designed to help candidates develop an understanding of qualitative

and quantitative research methods and designs, focusing on interpretation and
application relating to classroom practice. This course was an essential
resource for delving into appropriate research methods, APA documentation and
style, and statistical analysis of research findings.
This course was very difficult to complete in conjunction with the Capstone Portfolio
Development course. A lot of the resources and assignments would have been
helpful to have prior to writing the Capstone Report.
This course was very informative and I learned a great deal about the purposed of
using qualitative and quantitative research designs.


ITEC 7305 Data Analysis


This course was designed to prepare the candidate to be a Data Team member. The purpose of this course was to
look at data and determine patterns and trends that could be used to determine learning needs and to create a
learning plan for the school. This course taught me how to disaggregate data and to look at areas of need for
students in grades 3 through 5.
This course was very difficult for me. I struggled with finding the patterns and areas of weakness from the test
score data. This is a new task for me, and it is one that I definitely need more practice on. In the past, I was not
involved with the process of looking at data to determine areas that needed to be re-taught or re-delivered in a
different way. After completing this course, I feel more confident in my ability to disaggregate data accurately.

ITEC 7430 Internet Tools in the Classroom


This course was an introduction to pedagogical methods and strategies for

using the Internet effectively in the classroom. I learned a variety of Internet technologies and ideas for developin
technology strategies for my own classroom. This course introduced me to many new educational sites and
explored ways to integrate the use of the Internet in an educational setting.
The collaborative ideas and projects that we covered in this class has given me new insight on how to create
engaging, creative, online learning experiences for my students.

ITEC 7480 Online Learning


This course was an introduction to effective online learning and provided an

introduction to key terms, issues, policies, challenges, and emerging trends in
the field of instructional technology. Topics include published standards for quality online teaching and
course design, accessibility to online courses, online assessment principles,
accommodations for students with disabilities, strategies for supporting

cultural and linguistic diversity, internet safety, student privacy and

copyright. Emphasis was on pedagogical strategies for use needed in order to create a positive, engaged online
This was one of my favorite courses. I was introduced to the world of virtual schooling, which I had not been
familiar with before. I learned the positive benefits of online learning, and some of the drawbacks in virtual
classrooms and how to address these problems and issues.

INED 7720 Positive Behavior and Interventions


According to the catalog, the focus of this course is for candidates to develop skills in implementing
proactive strategies for positive behavior management. The basic application of
school-wide positive behavior support strategies (e.g., RtI), functional
behavioral assessment, creating a positive classroom environment, using
classroom positive behavior support strategies, and cultural influences on
student behavior will provide the courses framework. Candidates will learn and
apply research-based principles and strategies through the development of an
application project while working in the field with one or more students with
challenging behaviors.

I chose this course as an elective. After reading the catalog description I thought this course would be a great asse
to me as a special education teacher in order to come up with ideas to help the general education teachers I work
with come up with positive behavior interventions for students in the RTI process.

I was very disappointed with this course. The entire focus of this course was on developing a Behavior Interventi
Plan. The course consisted of reading and completing IRIS modules. There were no idea or suggestions as to how
to address disruptive behavior in the classroom .

ITEC 7460 Professional Learning and Technology Innovation


This course prepares instructional technology leaders to design and facilitate

high-quality professional learning experiences that help other educators apply
technology to enhance their professional practice and increase their

productivity. We learned how to prepare and implement technology in ways that

support the emergence and evolution of professional learning communities in
schools. We learned the importance of changing models and diffusion theory in order
to implement new technology proposals and protocols in classrooms and schools.

This course was very helpful to me because it directly aligned with my capstone project that dealt with profession
learning opportunities for my peers to help them implement the new technology (Promethean Boards) that was
installed throughout our school and our county.