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Summer greetings from Circle of Women!

June 2007
As part of our initiative to create a Circle community of exchange and awareness, this is the
first of seasonal newsletters to provide updates and invite input (please respond to this email if you
wish to remove yourself from our list).

1. April 20, 2007: Successful Fundraiser at the Harvard Club in New York City

Our first event, "An Evening for Education," featured a silent auction and keynote speaker
Socorro Reyes, Chief, Asia Pacific and Arab States Section, United Nations Development Fund for
Women, who spoke about her experiences working in Afghanistan and about the importance of
women's education for sustainable development.

Thanks to the generous support of Celia and Henry McGee, who donated the space, those
who contributed items to our silent auction, and the 150+ guests who responded, we were able to
raise over $24,000.00. We are now more than one fifth of the way toward our goal of$115,000 to build
an eight classroom secondary school in Wardak Province, Afghanistan to serve 600 area girls ( floor
plans and details are on the web).

2. Circle Becomes an Officially Recognized 501(c)3

On May 1, 2007 the IRS approved our application for a 501(c)3, which we filed in May 2006,
and recognized us as a tax-exempt public charity. We will now appear on . We no
longer incubate (or, "borrow" 501 status) with another non-profit to gain tax deductible status, but will
maintain a mentor-advisee relationship with that non-profit, Kids4AfghanKids.

3. In the Media at Harvard University

"New Society," an academic journal about the Middle East, with student and professor
contributors, featured an article by Cristina Ros about Circle of Women. Look for the article on our
website in the coming weeks! The Harvard Crimson covers the new magazine here.

4. Looking Forward Strategies: Summer 2007

• GRANTS: We will apply to 60 foundations by June 31, 2007 requesting their collaboration
on our project.
• AWARENESS EVENTS AND MOVIES: We will host an educational film screening for
Fall 2007 in Harvard Square at Karma Yoga, which has volunteered its space, and where we
are currently selling awareness bracelets.
• THINK TANK: We are also working on a "think tank" evening event to bring together the
incredible resource of development experts at Harvard University to have a group chat on
what initiatives Circle of Women can launch to promote women's education worldwide. At
the moment we are planning a panel discussion, to which we will invite you to join us to
listen and participate.

Thank you for your time and interest in joining our Circle. We owe all of our progress to your kind
help and generosity, and would like to open up communication so that you can send us any
suggestions you have regarding what we have done and what we can do. We focus on collaboration
within our team and would like to include you in that brainstorming and critiquing. We have a lot of
exciting initiatives on the horizon and look forward to working with you!

Best wishes for a happy summer!


Britt Caputo, Clotilde A. Dedecker, and Cristina M. Ros

Co-Directors, on behalf of all our members:

Mary Cobb Allison, Annelie Berner, Isabelle Berner, Elizabeth Brook, Megan Dempsey, Charlotte
Basch Grogan, Noor Iqbal, Serena B. Keith, Kevin J. Madden, Honor McGee, Hannah R. Motley, and
Emily Walker

circle of women: reach and teach across borders

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Cambridge, MA 02238-1365