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Narrative Text

1. Standard Competence
To comprehend meanings of written functional texts and short simple
narrative and report essay
2. Basic Competence
To respond meanings and generic structures in short simple narrative and
report essay accurately and fluently to interact in the daily life context.
3. Allocated Time

: 2 x 45 minutes

4. Directions For using Module

Comprehend the learning objective of this module first then try to catch the
concept described in the learning activity. To know your understanding of the
material, you can do some tasks in the students worksheet. If you have
accomplished all the tasks, you are ready to have a test then.


5. Learning Objective
By the end of the activity, it is expected the students:
are able to identify the general and specific information of the text.
are able to identify the generic structure of narrative text.
are able to identify language feature of narrative text.
are able to identify the moral value of narrative text.
6. Learning Activity
Hallo, students. Are you fine today? I hope so. Well, at this moment we have
a reading class. You know that reading is very important in our life because
by reading youll get much knowledge, information, and pleasure. Therefore,
by reading you will open this world and make your mind wide. Well,
students. Now, we are learning to read, comprehend and identify narrative
text. Do you know what narrative text is? Legend, folk tale, fable, myth are
classified into narrative text. Ok, students. Let me show you an example of
narrative text then observe and identify its generic structure and its language
( ___________ )


( ___________ )

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in Java. One day,

there was a big battle in that kingdom because there was an attack
from another kingdom.

( ___________ )

The King asked his Queen to save her life. In the middle of
the jungle the enemy killed all her guards. The Queen had lucky
because she could save her life by changing herself into a golden
snail. One day an old woman saw the snail and took it home. She
looked after it. Every the old woman was not at home, the snail
turned into a human being. She cooked and did the household
chores. When the old woman got home, the Queen quickly turned
into a snail again. It happened several times and made the old
woman curious. One day the old woman peeped and saw what was
going on. She broke in immediately. She asked, "Why did you
change yourself into a snail?" The queen told her what happened.
The old woman was surprised to know that the snail was a queen.

( __________ )

Later, from the head of the village they discovered that the
king won the battle and now he was looking for his wife. Then the
village head sent a message to the King telling him that his wife was

( __________ )

Several days later, the King and his guards came to pick up
the Queen. They thanked the villagers for their kindness.

All right, students. Based on the text above, Im sure that you can find the
answers of the questions above. Narrative text is a text which tells about an
imaginative story and its purpose is to entertain or amuse the reader. It is not
factual story, but its only a fiction. Meanwhile, the generic structure of
narrative text consists of orientation, complication, resolution, and
reorientation (optional). Orientation is a part that the writer tells the
characters, time and place of the story happens. Complication is a part that the
writer tells a problem happens among the characters. Resolution is a part that
the writer tells the problem solved. Meanwhile, reorientation is a conclusion
of the story. Most of the narrative texts tell the story that happened in the past,
of course that it is presented in simple past tense.
Ok, students. After learning the explanation above, please try to read and
understand the following narrative text.
7. Conclusion
8. Students Worksheet
a. Read the text carefully.


The Lady of the lake

There was once a young man who lived on a farm with his mother. He asked
his mother if it was time for him to find a wife, but he had no one in mind.
One day while he was sitting by Llyn y Fan, a beautiful young maiden
appeared from the water, combing her long blonde hair with a gold comb.

He tried to entice her to the shore by offering her a piece of his bread, but she
replied by saying Too hard is your bread, not with that Ill be fed. He
returned to the farmhouse, telling her mother about the meeting with the
beautiful maiden.
Her mother prepared more bread, but this time it was very soft. When he
offered this the beautiful maiden, her reply was: Too soft is your bread, not
by that Ill be led.
Mum busied herself, baking more bread, and this time it was perfect. The
young man offered the bread to the lady of the lake, and this time her answer
was: True baked is your bread, and with that Ill wed.
She told the young man to remain where he was, and plunged beneath the
lake once again. The first to re-appear was the father followed by two ladies
that looked exactly alike. Make your choice demanded the father, and
fortunately, the young man chose the right one. Remember said the father
that should you strike her three times, then she will return to the lake.
The beautiful maiden left the lake, bringing with her a number of healthy
animals. They were soon married and had three strong, good looking sons.
One day, they were invited to a party but she was taking a long time to get
ready. Her husband pushed her in a friendly manner, telling her to hurry. Be
careful she said, for you have now struck me once.
On another occasion they were invited to a wedding. She cried and cried
during the ceremony, and her husband tapped her lightly on the shoulder
telling her that this was a happy occasion. You have now struck me twice
she said.
A few months later, they were at a funeral, and she burst out laughing in the
middle of the service. He tapped her lightly on her arm to remind her that this
was sad occasion and that she shouldnt be laughing.
I must now return to my family in the lake she said, because you have now
struck me three times. She called all her animals together, and disappeared
into the lake.
Her husband was a very sad person, and decided to follow her into the depths
of Llyn y Fan. The Lady of the lake did return once to visit her sons. She had
a satchel full of secret prescriptions, and using these prescriptions, the three
brothers became the best and most famous healers in Wales.

The Lady of Llyn y Fan and her husband were never seen again.
b. After reading the text, then answer the questions below by saying TRUE or
1. There are four main characters in the story above.
2. The Llyn y Fan was a name of lake.
3. The young man lived with his mother and father in a farm.
4. When he was sitting by Llyn y Fan, a beautiful young maiden appeared
from the water.
5. The young man offered her a piece of bread.
6. Because of too soft bread, shell wed with the young man.
7. Her father said that if the young man struck her three times, she would
return to the lake again.
8. The young man struck her for twice when they were in a wedding
9. The young man was very sad when his wife had to return to her family
in the lake.
10. This story is categorized into happy ending.
c. Fill in the table based on the generic structure of the narrative text, The
Lady of The Lake.

9. Evaluation

Read this text carefully with right pronunciation and intonation.

An old farmer and his son wanted to sell their donkey at the
market. On their way there, they met some girls," Look at those
fools! They are walking instead of riding the donkey," said the

girls. When the farmer heard this, he told his son to sit on the
A few minutes later, they saw some old men," Get down, you
lazy boy! Get down and let your poor father ride!" said an old
man. The farmer quickly told his son to get down. Then he sat on
the donkey while his son walked.

Soon they met a group of women," poor boy, he looks so tired.

He should be riding on the donkey too!" they said. Upon hearing
this, the farmer told his son to sit behind him on the donkey.
They had almost reached town when they saw some
villagers. One of them said," Excuse me, does the donkey belong
to you? " Yes," replied the farmer. "Poor animal, he can hardly
walk. You lazy people should get down and carry him instead!"
said one villager. The farmer and his son quickly got down. They
tied the donkey's leg together and carried him. The donkey
started kicking. It broke the rope and ran off. He had lost his

a. To understand more deeply of the text, please answer the questions below.
1. Why did the farmer and his son take their donkey to the market?
2. What did they meet on the way to the market?
3. Why did the farmer tell his son to sit on the donkey?
4. Why did the farmer tell his son to get down the donkey?
5. What did the farmer do after they saw a group of women?
6. What did the farmer do after they saw some villagers?
7. What did happen to their donkey after they tied its leg together?
8. It broke the rope and ran off. What does the word it refer to?
9. What is the main idea of paragraph 1?
10. What does the text tell about?
11. Is it happy ending or sad ending story?
12. What kind of text is it?
13. Why did the writer write this text?
14. What is the purpose of the text?
15. What can we learn of the story above?

Say the statements TRUE (T) or FALSE (F) based on the text above.
The farmer and his son went to the market to buy a donkey.
The farmer told his son to sit on the donkey because of some girls. (____)
The farmer told his son to get down the donkey because it didnt strong


The boy got down the donkey because he liked to walk.

They both sat on the donkey because they felt tired.
Finally, they had lost his donkey.
From the story we can conclude that the farmer never believe what they
think right to do.
8. The purpose of the writer to write this text is to show the steps to sell a
9. Donkey is an animal which is classified into wild animal.
10. The goal of the text is to amuse the reader.

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