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In 1976 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started a company that manufactured electronic goods
in a rented garage in Palo Alto city in Southern California. The garage has room to serve as
designers , service facility and shop at the same time . But to build the business , Jobs sold his
Volkswagen painted his rainbow and Woz was separated from his computer programmable .
After a while they made 50 of motherboards , designed by Woz , who sold them local
amateurs at the price of 500 dollars apiece . The new products received the name , Apple ,
after the label that produced songs Beatles , his favorite band of Jobs. April 1 is the day that
everybody lies and lies are not pedepside , but April 1, 1976 was a day of special importance
for them , the day when Apple was first sold .
Sales grew very much that the two men realized they still need someone to run a business that
took proportions; therefore, they have seized on newly retired Mike Markkula, who managed
the envy performance to retire at the age of 32 years (this was possible after several successful
maneuvers with Intel's stock shares). Markkula and realized immediately that it is a very
profitable business; He has received a loan from Bank of America, putting extra $ 91,000 of
his money. The investment proved rentabil since the January 3, 1978 the three small
company has become a company that had a capital of $ 250,000. At that time, the company
headquarters was moved to Cupertino, where the then forthcoming big Apple campus. Soon
appeared Apple II, which a little more advanced than a simple motherboard - had his own
box, power supply and keyboard built in. Other new elements had emerged, for example, you
could have your computer connected to a color monitor. In April 1978, the Apple II became
the most demanded product and sales have exceeded 300 million dollars. The only problem
arose when the stage but made his presence felt IBM. IBM mainframes sold at least a million
dollars a piece and have a turnover of 26 billion annually. But despite their personal computer
market was too important to be neglected. So IBM has put on the market in 1981 a relatively
weak device, called PC (personal computer). For Apple, the rapidly growing, this did not

really matter; even if IBM was at that time represented only one competitor among many
others, are far behind Apple. And this is because Apple had taken a revolutionary model:
At first Macintosh brought excellent sales company, but sales were not too high next.
After learning what it means to fall after introducrecea Macintosh Portable in 1989, Apple
PowerBook out on the market in 1991 which established the modern form and ergonomic
laptop computers. In the same year Apple introduced System 7, a major upgrade to the
operating system that brings extra color graphic interface and introduces new possibilities for
network functions.
In all these years, Apple has tried a number of other products that have not had much success
on the market such as digital cameras, portable CD audio players, speakers, video consoles,
In the early '90s Apple tried to develop and succeed, alternative platforms for Macintosh,
Macintosh competition due to be replaced with a new platform to run on hardware stronger.
In 1993 Apple made a partnership with IBM and thus begin to work together, and besides
IBM also works with Motorola in paragraph AIM. The goal of these partnerships was to
create a new platform for future computers would use IBM and Motorola hardware with
Apple software. Even in the same year Apple introduces Power Macintosh, the first of many
computers using PowerPC processor from IBM.
On the date of 15 August 1998 Apple introduced a new computer on the market reminds us of
the Macintosh 128k iMac. Groups dealing iMac design was led by Jonathan Ive, who several
years later would do design the iPod and iPhone. Apple sold nearly 800,000 units in the first
five months and it returned to profit for the first time since 1993. In 1998 Apple announced
that unpublished Final Cut Macromedia software, and expand the digital publishing market
activity . Next year Apple introduced two other editing products: iMovie and Final Cut Pro,
which later would be a major video editing software with over 800,000 registered users in
early 2007.
In 2002 Apple introduced software packages on the market and Nothing Real, Shake,
Emagic, GarageBand, iPhoto and iLife.
On 24 March 2001, after several years in which all went well, there is the operating
system Mac OS X, and BSD based on STEP OPEN.
On 18 May 2001, he opened the first Apple Retail Store (retail store specializing
formally) in Virginia City, California, USA. At that time Apple iPod portable product out on
the market, a digital AudioPlayer, which had a great market success: in six years were
sold over 100 million units.
In 2003 Apple iTunes Store was introduced, an online web store, through which you could
legally download music for $ 0.99 per song.
On June 6, 2005, Steve Jobs announced that all Apple computers will be manufactured on
Intel platforms.

Between 2003 and 2006, the stock price of Apple rose more than 10 times the value of
shares increased from $ 6 to $ 80, surpassing a Dell. The service quickly became the
market leader, with over 5 billion downloads by June 2008.
Apple has designed, developed and marketed numerous product lines and electronic
services. The company sells its products in education, businessmen, politicians and
customers also passionate about electronics and creativitate.In first 30 years of activity
the company was called Apple Computer, Inc., and from 9 January 2007 - Apple, Inc.
because computers are only one part of the business.
company slogan

Dea lungul existenei sale Apple Inc. a folosit foarte multe sloganuri caracteristice
pentru fiecare produs n parte, astfel pot fi menionate urmtorele:
"It takes minutes of practice to make Macintosh do this."
"It does more, It costs less. It's that simple"
"iThink, therefore iMac."/
"Hello. Again."/ "
"Small is Beautiful"/
"Rips through digital video faster than Pentiums can say "uncle"./ "
"There's something in the air" / "E ceva n aer" folosit pentru promovarea MacBook Air.
"Thinnovation"/" Insubierea" folosit pentru promovarea MacBook Air.
"1,000 songs in your pocket." /"1000 de cntece n buzunarul tu" 2001
"The best keeps getting better"/ "Cel mai bun devine mai bun" 2004 (iPod de generaia a 4-a
"10,000 songs in your pocket."/ "10000 de cntece n buzunarul tu" 2004 (iPod de
generaia a 4-a)
"Do not eat iPod shuffle"/ "Nu mncai iPod-ul shuffle" dimensiunea cruia fiind egal cu o
gum de mestecat.
"15,000 songs. 25,000 photos. 80 hours of video."/ "15000 cntece. 25000 fotografii. 80 ore
de video. " 2005, iPod generaia a 5-a.
"Everybody Touch"/ "Toat lumea-i Touch" 2008, iPod Touch.
"So much to touch."
"The internet in your pocket."/ "Internet n buzunarul tu"
"iPhone Apple reinvents the phone"/ "iPhone Apple reinventeaz telefonul. "
"The first phone to beat the iPhone."/ "Primul telefon care va bate iPhone. "

"It just feels right to hold the internet in your hands"/ "E chiar cum ai ine internetul n min".
n prezent sloganurile de baz a ntreprinderii Apple Inc. sunt: "Think different"/
"Gndete altfel", "The Computer for the rest of us"/ "Calculatoare pentru restul
dintre noi".


Apple's business strategy is based on her extraordinary ability to design and develop
its own operating system, hardware, software and services to ensure their customers
with new products and solutions to industrial design easy to use, convenient and
innovative. The company believes that continuous investment in research and
development are essential and very important for the development and enhancement
of products and technologies. Apple makes great efforts to improve and develop in
areas such as health, safety, environment, product quality and customer service.
Besides the development of personal computers, the company focuses on the
development, mobile communications and consumer electronics digital innovations
through the creation of new, original and full of sophistication as iPhone, iPad, iPod
and iTunes Store. Apple is just as interested and community support product
development by third party software and hardware that complements the company's
offer and are offered to consumers through its own retail distribution channels, online
store and App Store. The company's strategy also includes expanding its distribution
network to reach in time to target customers more efficiently and to ensure the quality
of sales and after sales services of the highest class. 1) Strategy enterprise customer
business and simple.
Apple believes that the experience of making a high-quality
shopping part of having highly trained personnel that can transmit real values of
enterprise and presents an excellent level of service, enhances its ability to attract
and retain customers. Apple Inc. is always with its resellers, investing in them and
providing them the necessary support through Apple Sales Consultant Program,
which refers to the location of an Apple employee locations resellers and Apple
Premium Reseller Program that afecerile independent IT are helped to focus on
Apple's platform, to ensure a high level of service and product expertise. The
company believe that direct contact with target customers is an effective way to
demonstrate the advantages of its products from those of competitors

At the end of 2012, the company had 273 retail stores, including 217 stores
in the US and 56 stores internationally. The company's stores are typically placed in
locations where traffic is very high, high quality malls and urban shopping

areas. Actions by its own stores as well as their location in areas with high traffic,
the company is far better organized to control the operation of purchase, customers
and attract new buyers operation. Stores are designed to simplify, adjust and
improve product presentation and marketing firm. Therefore, retail stores structures
have evolved in different shapes and sizes to fit existing market requirements. The
stores employ only experienced and qualified staff is able to offer advice and
services to a particular product. There are company stores and a wide range of
equipment produced by other undertakings related to hardware, software,
accessories and peripherals that complement the product range of the company.

Its enterprise strategy in the field educate their take tert

Over time, Apple has focused on the use of technology in education and has
committed to develop tools to assist educators in teaching and students learn. Apple
believes that effective integration of technology into instruction classes, may lead
to a higher level of learning of the subjects taught, especially when used in
maintaining collaboration, access to information and representation in expressing
ideas and thoughts of students. To meet customer needs in education, Apple has
designed a range of products and services, including how learning one-to-one
learning (1: 1) which consists in a network environment that includes a computer
portable for every student and teacher. Besides this, the company supports mobile
learning, real-time distribution and ensuring the availability of materials necessary
for teaching through iTunes U, which allows students and teachers to share
educational information directly via computers and mobile phones in their
In 2010, Apple opened its first authorized training education center at the
National University of Arts in Bucharest, offering free courses to students of the
university. The courses are open to the public.

Its strategy in the field of its enterprise private companies and state e et

The company also sells hardware and software for customers of

private companies and state in each of its geographic segments. Customers
using Apple products these markets due to high performance computing
power, capacity expansion, capacity The integration perfect complementary
goods. Apple designs its hardware solutions, which include desktops Mac
Pro, the portable type MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and servers Xserve,
so that they include power, expansion, safety and other characteristics
desired by these professionals. The company's operating system, Mac OS X
includes powerful audio and video capability and tools for system developers
to optimize application performance and system entirely

Apple's strategy t n t n conjure environmental ToR

Apple has been very much criticized by some environmental organizations

for not cease the use of toxic substances into new products offer.
In response to these criticisms Apple said that these results are not entirely
objective and that as a result of the internal investigations proved that Apple is far

ahead in the IT world leaders like Dell, Gateway, Hewlett Packard, etc. and the
most toxic substances are in a very small amount. A giant leap was made in 2006,
Apple was the first IT company which removed the tube monitors offer. Thus the
amount of lead contained in Apple monitors dropped from 484 grams to 1 gram, the
industry average is 1.36 kg. Some companies like Dell, Gateway, Hewlett Packard
and Lenovo still manufacturing CRT monitors.
Apple now pays more attention to eliminate substances in their products and
will stimulate its own program called E-Waste recycling started in 1994 and
currently works in 93% of countries where they sell Macs and iPods.
Other strategic elements

High quality packaging with unique design, embossed surfaces and small size.
Program 1: 1 learning has been implemented in several schools in the US, and
later expanded into several countries.
Apple has contracts with strategic electronics stores Best Buy and the largest
network of supermarkets Walmart US, the distribution of their products.
important goals

The strategies mentioned above deduce the following objectives:

Expanding its distribution network to reach in time to target customers more
efficiently and provide them with quality sales and after sales services of the
highest class.
Tilt to ensure the highest level of ecological products.
Continuous improvement of product quality.
Supporting the Community product development by third party software and
Increased sales in the segment of education.
Manufacture of looking products, particularly impeccably to make customers
-Gndeasc Diferit (-Think diffrent, Think Digital ")
Investing in new products like: iPhone, iPad and wireless technologies.
The organization of business

The Company manages its business primarily on a geographical basis. Segments

where activities are in America, Europe, Japan and Retail. Segments America,
Europe and Japan do not include the Retail group or retail.

America segment includes North and South America.


Europe segment includes European countries, Middle East and Africa.


Japan segment includes Japan and neighboring countries.


Retail segment includes retail Apple stores held sales US and international markets.

Marketing Mix
a) The product (product)

Apple has the obligation to sell original products, with a look as good, and an easy
to use interface. The company offers a number of products intended for personal
computers software (Mac OS X) server software, professional software
b) place (like)

Apple action segment consists of:

United States
South America
Recently Apple has chosen to implement a strategy to increase the vertical and began to
expand its stores proprii.Apple also sells its products through third parties: distributors,
internet (on its website or businesses iTunes music.
c) promotion (promotion)
In 2007, Apple has formed a strategic alliance, Pepsi. -The Pepsi iTunes promotion
Music asks the consumer to use the code found under the caps winner of juice to have the
rewards songs from Apple's iTunes music stores.
The promotion has already been a success for both companies and so iTune's market
presence has become more known.
In 2003 Apple announced a marketing partnership with America Online, which aimed to
promote the use iTune's.
America Online and Apple have agreed to put iTunes buttons saying "Buy this song"
listed next to each song in the music service that AOL was visited by 25 million subscribers.
Apple has created a partnership with Hewlett Packard and. Apple produced an iPod for
PC users and the success of this product was a good way for the company to seize non-Mac
The company has attracted various music stars such as U2 frontman Bono, lead singer
and rapper Dre Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger. MC Lachlan singer Sarah also appeared live to
sing a few songs and tell what she uses iPod.
In 2005, Apple first the partnership with Wal-Mart for your iPod appear in all WalMart stores.
d) Price
The price charged by Apple is known to be above average in the industry. The
company uses a strategy of differentiation and focus more on innovation and quality on this
strategy and justify their prices.

Lately however, new technologies and cash flows allowed them to reduce
prices to offer more discounts on certain piee.ns this new strategy can help Apple
better compete with non-users Mac market but can cause some problems with the
brand image (recognition).
SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).

1.Use use;
2.Brand famous;

3.Leader in innovation and differentiated products;

4.Aliane strategic;
5. A well-defined management;
6.Clienti loyal;
7. Creative Style;
8. Control over the product;
9. Quality Radice

1.Utilizarea easily led to some image problems with some important business
people considering Macintosh with a toy;
2. Problems with the distribution;
3. high prices;
4.Prea several production lines;
5. Declining market share in education.

2. The development of the industry;
3. Creating new markets software and hardware sales in these markets;
4.Cererea innovation;
5. Schedule of benefits for employees;
6. Download your favorite music on iTunes.

1.Concuren intense;
2. price competition;
3. Loss of market share;
4.Deficit budget on education market