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sword an(


sword and crown

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nor, whic~fallsamong his duties as a ruler.

In order for the regent to hoa thrs affair (not that
he has much choice), he must spend 6 CB (in addirion to regular court costs) simply to provide everything his fellow regents might need. If he spends
less, hell suffer diplomatic consequences as if he
had not maintained a court at all. Other regents will
shun his company: most will strive to dissociate
themselves from his realm Cor fear of losing face.
O n the other hand, if the regent spendr more
than 6 G R on the festival, the other regents will
remember that hes thrown a good party and will
he more kindly disposed toward him. Except for
those whove openly declared themselves to he
enemies of this regent, the rulers of Anuire will
tend to remember his realm fondly. lhis is worth a
+2 modifier to all diplomacv actions for one year.
Soon after Rendier leaves, messengers arrive
from Avanil, Boeruine, Ghoere. and Mhoried, all
offering to offset the cost of the conclave. The
messages all read something like this:

Sister (or Brother) Ruler:

I know what a hardship hosting thr Swor
Crow can be. I t can drain a kingdoms resources
and leave the land unprotected against foul enemies.
Allow me to help take some of the sling from this
event; I am prepvred to offer .3 Gold Bars if you
should so desire.


ht he tempted to rake advanowever, several !actors should

adp&s-OiiU remi+
- * a s r e Tkel;t


t o &-so&ee of charge.,?hey will cxpeLt o be

repaid or will derhand ocher coisideratiomin
return for this gestiue. Aft& all. as :he holder of
the Imperial Sword and thecrown of Anuire, &e
PC w
ill he expected to moderate some disputes,
and the hig realms are more likely U) he involved
than the smaller ones.
Second, the larger realms stand to gain status .
for helping t o host the event, a t the cost of
appearances for the PCs realm. The four donors
are likely t o point out to the rulers o f other
domains (subtly, of course) that the event was
not entirely sponsored hv the PC.Though this
will have no immediate effect on the PCs realm.
its likely to have long-term consequences.
O f course. these Considerations are all in the

across Anuire.

Before Boeruine retires to his large golden tent,

invites the PCs to dinner that evening. H e hi&

with protection from the Elfs treachery.

also wishes to forego the traditional royal

into the cih, preferring instead to camp
IS troops outbide the citv walls. 1 - 1 ~
doe>. how-


remember the slight. $.:.

Otherwise, the PC a d

blcssing of H a e l p
be upon you!"

As the party rides out, the captain of the guard

mentions that his men are growing awfully tis&
no one gets into trouble. Throu
captain updates the regent on

F4 and F5: AC 4 and

The P C s can p m


The brigands are not '

;.pCs. Their goal

is to

be apparent to would-be allies that they

cannot rely on the PCs for matters of great

with Avan and his knights.

When Boeruine learns that Avan is sending a
pair of knights with the PCs.hc insists on sending
two of his own to ensure that his interestc are fairlv
represented. H e preemptorily summons the PCs

ervants received
the PCs would be

s the

PCs ride past Boeruine's camp. t

soldiers stand in a silent row in front
their tents. The line of soldiers pans


pair of elves among them, also dead.

A few bandits are still alive: their moans echo

'f the PC agrees, the man contirB-

"Anyway, the elves got mad in a hu

f 'em waved his finger in the air, a.-

. i d h t w \ hJvs t.,ken thc,ir toll o n this

.>I.iic. I'he icilin): ha, a~ll;ip\c.clalrno\t


sudden, about twenty elves rose out ol

ss and from behind the trees. I thou:

d searched the place well enough, I

arently not. They massacred us: I think

.nrirsl\. Ir..ivinS the buildin\: q w n t u the

.xnd thc sky. I h c flwr i5 in n k i i l a r
\t.,te t d d ; w ~ p . i i r ;i n w\ pL~;c$, it>

ind Stonecror
ain ranges, tl

the eobiinoids


sion into the mountain. However, it turned out to

be the dwarves downfall, for the orogs tunneled

fairly free ofthe neglect that years of misuse have

bestowed on the rest of the track. There are no
carts nearby, however.

flooded the fortress from there, proving thc

destruction of this room to be unnecessary. The

5: Turnaround X 3

above. It doesnt change the pressure

6 Turnaround X 4

lies crushed into the ground.

be fo-d here, however: a n orog skeleton lies

nearby with a perfectly sharpened dagger lodged

the runes, the weapo

to have it returned to

. .

me the walls and celllngs 01

nd a great rift in the ceiling
this enclosi
allows the sun to shine in for a few hours
every day. The crystals mag

tallme depc

PCs can offer something of value to him, such

as freedom from Rhuobhe's binding, he may


they use this a

as they are gathering food, guarding. and drilling.

In the early e v e n i a most of the fortresss guards

ing creatures at
theyve had the
can he led to safe
The Windriders of Ruannoch stable their five

Although this is the only pla&& the k

thats constantly busy, thekitcheh isone of

w i r k i n 10 hrwr >hitt.y
lwcs \l.nv~
s h x e .i heed

21b: Tack and Harness

In the early evenings, some of the Wm

. Jn repairing and maintaining their
ment. The others spend tim
mounts and oil the

Special Equipment: Each elf is equipped u+th a

set of brac.m, handed down through the generations of clve5 serving under Rhuobhc. 'Their
wcapons vary: they usually carry enchanted
broad swords or hows. However, all their wcapons have been secreted near the Boeruine horder

35: Elite Mess Hall

The food preparation area for the clites is not

staffed by slaves, but rather by elves loyal to
Rhuobhe. H e doesn't want tn trust the safety of
his gcneral staff to slaves with a burning hatred
for elves. The head of the staff is a gentle elfwho
cares deeply for his cooking. H e will not fight
unless fnrccd to, but he will rake thc alarm after
the PCs leave the room.

37: Training Roo

painted after he was

rai. This portion of the
and more introspec


been making plans for them. That explains the


The PCs are likely to

about it now.

can take a t this point. Ohviously, the list below

cannot take every eventuality into account.
Instead, it presents the most likely outcomes and
the consequences of these actions.

If no one tells of Aubrae's involvement: Auhrae

Avan escapes with her pride (and her father's
honor) intact. lhc PCs may choose to lay some
sort of blackmaid on her: if they choose this route,
ill find a way to invalidate the claim
the prince w
after a while-the PCs con maintain this hold for

small matter of justice. Boeruine asks the PCs to

deliver a public, scathing condemnation directed
at Avan's daughter's attempt on his honor, or to
ask Avan for a public apology o n Boeruine's
hehalf. Apparently, Roeruine has not yet told
anyone else of what he knows, hoping for it to
come from the mouth of the PCs.He hdds the
moral high ground over Avan, and continues to
do so as Avan refuses to apologize for the princess's actions, publicly or privately.
If the PCs agree to make a public

involvement .

l f d gets to Boeruine of the troth, but not

through the PCs: This option k at the DMs discretion, and assumes that the PCs have not cho-

grudge. However. he docs then demand that a

trial he set for Auhrar Avan. on charges of conspiracy, collusion with enemies of Anuire, and
defamation of character.
O f course, Avan refuses even to consider

Avan wants to

If the PCs decide Aubrae is innocent: Boeru-


and the PCs are stuck in the middle of it. I f

they decide in favor of Boeruine or Avan, they

doesn't affect his own pfa

ness l e ~ s\<>. .ind ,\van'> pride is .a\\u.lg:ed.

A> thc rcgents d . 4 n u i r L t j k c tllcir 1 e . i ~o i t h e



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