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Meditation and Cleansing Practices

Shri Matajis photograph itself gives the cool wind of vibrations, please keep it
in an appropriate place and treat it respectfully. In the morning after waking,
washing and taking tea, sit comfortably either in a chair or in crossed-leg pos
ition on the floor, with hands outstretched and palm upwards towards the photogr
aph of Shri Mataji. Initially make a bandhan around your chakra system and raise
your Kundalini, sit with closed eyes and let your thoughts flow, slight attenti
on is to be kept on the crown of your head. Slowly you will notice the flow of v
ibrations on your hands. Vibrations should be cool and flowing over both palms.
If there is a tingle or burning sensation in your hand, this means some blockage
s are shown in the Chakras or Nadis. Don't worry, just allow Kundalini to work i
t out, she will do the job of clearing you, and will allow you to enter in the N
irvichara Samadhi, where you are relaxed and there is no thought in your head. E
njoy the vibrations and after fifteen to twenty minutes finish the meditation wi
th a bandhan, then do Namaskar to Shri Mataji and start your regular days work.
In the evening, before Sleeping, fill a bucket or basin with lukewarm water, add
some salt, light a candle, do your bandhan, raise your Kundalini and sit with y
our feet in the saltwater, watching the photograph through the flame, or have yo
ur eyes closed and allow the thoughts to disappear. The saltwater will absorb al
l the negativity from the Agnya chakra and it will help to be in silence much mo
re quickly. You will be aware of the cool vibrations on your hands and also from
head you feel cool wind coming out. Hot Right Side Put the right hand towards t
he photograph and raise left hand towards the ether. Ether takes away the heat,
but what actually happens is, that your right side gets the vibrations and the h
eat is pushed towards the left and passes into the ether. Now this heat, they ha
ve too much heat, and this heat has to go away. Right sided people should not us
e any light at all, should not sit in the sun, but should sit in Moonlight. They
should read poetry and they should not tie up watches, they should not look at
the time permanently and they should become very emotional people. They should s
ing songs of Bhakti. They should not do Hatha Yoga. Cold Left Side Left sided pe
ople are those, who are docile, who bear up lots of others and cry and weep much
and are on the losers end. They have problems because their organs are lethargi
c, like heart, liver, intestines, everything becomes very lethargic. All these l
eft side things can be cured, plus they might have some sort of baddha in them,
in the sense they are possessed by someone. Of course some are possessed by righ
t side also, not that only the left side is possessed. Left side possessions are
peculiar, because they give you pain in the body. Right sided person does not g
et any pain himself, he gives pain to others, he is sarcastic, aggressive, he tr
oubles others, but left sided people have pains themselves. Left side is to be c
leared by light. Light is to be put in front of the photograph, left hand toward
s the photograph and right hand on Mother Earth. The left hand gets the light, a
nd the light passes through, and the right hand is on Mother Earth, which sucks
all the negative forces. After doing this and you being cleared out, then you us
e the photograph, both hands towards the photo and put both feet in saltwater, y
ou must allow the vibrations to clear you out. Meditate 5 to 10 minutes, put the
water properly in a disposer, and sit down for meditation. Every day it should
be done 10 minutes, this is more than sufficient. Don't leave the house without
giving yourself a bandhan. And attention must be inside all the time, in the sen
se, that we do not look hither and tither and the attention gets frittered away
with wobbling eyes. Attention should be about 3 or 4 feet at the most above the
ground, there you see the children, the flowers and all beautiful things. So one
should fix the attention, so attention becomes concentrated and you feel very r
elaxed and relieved. As our eyes are very important, we should not look at thing
s which are anti-God, which are against Sahaja Culture, which are against Sahaja
Religion. We must leave our misidentifications. We are not American, English or
Indian, we belong to the kingdom of God. In the universal country we have come,
and so we are the universal beings.

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Jai Jai Jai Shri Mataji * * * * * * *

Left Side Problems If you have less, or even no vibrations on your left hand, th
en there is an "overuse", imbalance or a damage in the left side. There are seve
ral ways of correcting this imbalance: 1. Raising the right side and lowering th
e left side, like taking from the balanced and give it to the exhausted side. 2.
Left hand towards the photograph and right hand flat on Mother Earth. Mother Ea
rth sucks out the problems of the left side. 3. In front of the left hand have a
burning candle, the right hand with the palm pressed on Mother Earth. 4. With l
eft hand towards the photograph, the right hand is holding a burning candle or c
amphor, slowly raising it up and down on your left side, in order to warm up the
frozen left side. 5. Stop daydreaming, and indulging in the past. Be dynamic an
d not lethargic. 6. Warm up the left side with protein diet. 7. Use the Mantra "
Om twameva sakshat, Shri Mahakali, Bhadrakali, Kalikali, sakshat Shri Adi Shakti
Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi namoh namaha". When there is a problem on the left si
de, then it means that it is frozen, and we have to try to defrost and warm it u
p again. Also for left side: Right hand on Mother Earth: "Shri Mataji, You are S
huddha Iccha, the Pure Desire of God and as such I worship You." Method to see t
he left chakras catching on your hand: After bandhan and raising Kundalini use a
burning candle. Move the candle with your right hand below the outstretched lef
t and slightly touching your left hand with the flame. Move not too quickly or t
oo slowly, you also should not burn yourself. Make 11 or 21 movements, then stop
it, turn the left hand and look where you can find soot on your hand. It shows
the damage on the chakra and also the clearance. If you do it every day, you cle
arly can see, how negativity works out. Right Side Problems If you are feeling l
ess, or no vibrations, or even heat in your right hand, then there is an imbalan
ce in the right side. There are several ways of correcting this imbalance. 1. Ra
ising the left side and lowering the right side, in the way that you take from t
he strong left and giving it to the exhausted right side. 2. Right hand towards
the photograph and left hand pointing towards the sky. In this way "Akash" (Ethe
r) absorbs all the heat and all the fumes of the right side. 3. Right hand towar
ds the photograph, left hand in cold, or even ice water. 4. Use carbohydrate die
t and lots of sugar to cool down your right side (Liverdiet). 5. Use icepacks on
liver and right side. 6. Stop futuristic attitude and overplaning, stay in the
centre. 7. Have rest during the day time. 8. Ask in the centre for the right man
tras. When there is a problem in the right side, it means that it is heated up,
it has to be cooled down and soothed. * * * * * * *
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Qualities: Eternal childhood, wisdom, purity, Holiness of Mother. Causes of Catc
hes: Unauthorised person tries to raise the Kundalini. Sin against the Mother, h
er holiness, her innocence and purity, which has been under the attack all the t
ime. Misuse of sex, sex use outside marriage, sex for indulgent enjoyment, perve
rsion of sex. Some false gurus know that and attack the chakras, and slow down o
r even ruin the seeker. Misused tantrism, free sex, initiations by false gurus T
reatment: CENTRE MOOLADHARA 1. Give vibrations to the chakra, left hand toward t
he photo, and right hand on the sacrum bone and between the legs. 2. Use the man
tra of Shri Ganesha and Shri Gaurimata. 3. Use affirmation: "Shri Mataji, kindly
make me innocent." 4. Sit on mother earth while taking vibrations (Mooladhara i
s made of the earth element) and mother earth will powerfully absorb the negativ
ity in the chakra. 5. Take footsoak treatment and allow all the negativity to go
into the salt water. 6. Maintain purity of eyes and thoughts. 7. Take Ajwan Dhu
ni treatment. 8. Shoebeat the problem. 9. Watch Mother Earth. 10. Be honest with
yourself. No impurity in thoughts and words. LEFT MOOLADHARA As the above for t
he centre 1. Use the mantra of Shri Ganesha and Shri Gaurimata. 2. Use affirmati
on: "Shri Mataji, by Your grace I am the pure innocence of a child." 3. IMPORTAN
T! Make Puja to Shri Ganesha in Shri Mataji. 4. Stop all tantric and occult prac
tices. RIGHT MOOLADHARA 1. Dissolve all puritan ideas of sex; all austere attitu
des and rigidity of any kind must be neutralized. 2. For constipation use carboh
ydrate diet for some time (Not macrobiotic). 3. Perform Puja to Shri Kartikeya i
n Shri Mataji praying that he destroys all the demonic forces and casts them to
hell. 4. Use the mantra of Shri Kartikeya. 5. Use affirmation: "Shri Mataji, ver
ily You are the killer of demons."
Qualities: Creativity, aesthetic CENTRE AND RIGHT SWADISTHANA Centre and right a
re one and the same. Qualities: Essence of creativity, external aspects, pure so
urce of thinking, energy of the liver. Causes of Catches:
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Thinking, planning and organising make you lose your spontaneity, also extreme b
ook learning and courses. Treatment: 1. Left hand toward Photo, right hand on th
e chakra, give vibrations. 2. Left hand on the right Swadisthana, use affirmatio
n: "Mother, please take away all my thoughts and doubts and give me inner peace"
. Or: "Mother, truly YOU are the creator and I do nothing at all". 3. Left hand
on right Swadisthana, use the Shri Himalaya mantra (cooling). 4. Use cold or eve
n icewater with salt for footsoak. 5. Icepack on right Swadisthana and liver. 6.
Stop overplaning and thinking and being futuristic. 7. Dissolve and shoebeat th
e tendency of anger. 8. Surrender your creativity to God, try to be spontaneous.
9. Use liverdiet, lots of sugar, by sweating too much, brush down the right sid
e. 10. Awaken the left side with Shri Shiva-, Chandradev- or Mahakali-Puja, whic
h is the cooling aspect within you. LEFT SWADISTHANA Qualities: The knowledge of
the divine techniques, truth and arts. Pure knowledge of truth, of how the divi
ne works. Causes of Catches: Something unauthorised has entered in you; you have
to be yourself. Treatment: 1. Warm saltwater footsoak, with a candle in the bac
k of Swadisthana. 2. Bandhan with candle around your front Swadisthana. 3. Take
Shri Ganesha mantra as quickly as you can 4 times. 4. Make from cottonwool a str
ing, make 6 knots taking the mantras of the left side. Soak thread in mustardoil
, light it and while looking at the flame, take Shri Shuddha Ichha mantra till t
he thread is burnt fully. 5. Use Shri Nirmal Vidya mantra (Pure knowledge) and S
hri Shuddha Ichha mantra (Pure desire of God). 6. Use affirmation: Mother, by You
r grace I am the pure knowledge of truth. 7. Stop indulging in impure knowledge,
like teachings of false gurus. 8. Give vibrations to chakra by right hand on lef
t side. 9. IMPORTANT: If there is a spirit possession, use Matka treatment and w
ith the words: "In the name of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the incarnation of the
Holy Spirit, all the negativity which is possessing me - go to hell". Have a can
dle near the left Swadisthana and the right hand pressed on the left Swadisthana
. 10. Write poetry, sing bhajans, awaken the expressive side of your nature. Oth
er Affirmations: "Mother, please give me the divine techniques and exclude all o
ther techniques." "Mother, by Your grace I am the powerful knowledge of the divi
ne and the truth." Stop all involvement in past techniques of meditation. Stop a
ll involvement in mediumship, clairvoyance, trance, clairaudience and other psyc
hic practices. Stop all psychiatric and psychotherapy treatments for mental diso
rders, and slowly reduce the intake of drugs given for the disturbance. Dispose
off books, tapes etc. which are found to be giving bad vibrations (Pure knowledg
e comes from sources giving cool vibrations). Note: A catch in left Swadisthan m
eans, that there is some sort of spirit possession working. It manifests in your
thoughts, or in any chakra as a disturbance to the purity of YOUR subtle body.
It has to be cleared out by: 1. Matka treatment 2. Shoebeating
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3. String knotting 4. Paper burning 5. Candle treatment 6. Suitable treatment fo

r chakra Take food which helps to warm up. Improve the intake of salt. Combinati
ons: Right Swadisthan / right Nabhi - hot liver. Impatience, nausea, craving for
salty food. Special liverdiet. Right Swadisthan / right Heart: possession by fa
ther. Note: With all right side problems, one should sleep a lot, also in daytim
Qualities: Evolution, morality, nourishment, ethic, dharma (righteousness) ten c
ommandments, honesty, welfare and well-being, maintenance. Lakshmi principle: Se
eking God Causes of Catches: Family and household worries, over-interest in food
and money, suppress wife or husband, extreme use of pharmaceutical drugs, alcoh
ol, immoral behaviour, fanaticism, excessive fasting in the name of God. Unhealt
hy nourishment. Treatment: CENTRE NABHI CHAKRA 1. Use the mantra of Shri Lakshmi
Vishnu. 2. Use the affirmation: "Mother, please make me satisfied." 3. Give vib
rations to the Nabhi. 4. Footsoaking in salt water. Water element is the most im
portant in this chakra. It should be used in every way, like drinking vibrated w
ater, footsoak, bathing etc. 5. In addition, there is some fire element in the N
abhi also. 6. Vibrate food and drinks which are not prepared by Sahaja Yogis. 7.
Massage the mid back and stomach areas. 8. Massage your knees and elbows. 9. Ea
t enough food to keep your body covered with flesh, eat only until you are satis
fied. 10. Be honest towards others and specially towards yourself. 11. Be satisf
ied with everything that happens to you; whether it seems nice or bad, it always
is the right thing for you, and you should try to make happily the best out of
it. LEFT NABHI CHAKRA 1. Use the mantra of Shri Gruhalakshmi. 2. Use Affirmation
s: "Mother, by Your grace I am satisfied." "Mother, by Your grace I am a generou
s person." 3. Give vibrations to the left side of the chakra. 4. Develop the hab
it of being satisfied with every aspect of life. Do not complain, be able to bea
r the problems. (This is a special quality of Gruhalakshmi.) 5. Develop the qual
ity of auspiciousness and generosity. Remember the only value contained in matte
r, is the satisfaction it gives to others. Avoid miserliness.
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6. When the role of husband and wife is reversed, correct it. Husband should be
active, slightly stronger, and a little dominating, whilst the wife should be pa
ssive, and a little receding. She should draw her strength from her silent power
as the Gruhalakshmi. (Men and women are equal but not similar.) 7. Abandon all
tendencies to be "frantic" person, i.e. rushing meals, always doing things in a
jerky manner and unable to relax. This affects the spleen, our speedometer very
badly, it loses control and diseases result. 8. Avoid precooked food. Chew your
food well. 9. Increase the salt intake, especially if your problems are generall
y on the left side. 10. Footsoak in warm water. 11. For overweight problems, tak
e juice of three limes in hot water, 3 times a day. 12. For cold liver problems
(causing allergies, hypersensitivity, rashes and dry skin problems) take 1/4 tea
spoon of gheru, 1 teaspoon of honey and warm water, 3 times a day. 13. Give band
han with candle, clockwise around the left Nabhi. Left Nabhi also is to be clear
ed through the Agnya by forgiving. RIGHT NABHI CHAKRA 1. Use the mantra of Shri
Rajalakshmi. 2. Use the Affirmations: "Shri Mataji, verily You are the Royal Dig
nity in me." "Shri Mataji, verily You solve all my family / money worries and ta
ke care of my well-being." 3. Give vibrations to the right side of the chakra an
d to the liver. Massage with icebag. (N.B. This catch will always be associated
with right Swadisthana catch, when the liver is hot.) 4. Footsoak in cold or ice
water. 5. Take to liverdiet. 6. Stop worrying about money, work, family, materi
al problems. All cheating and corrupt tendencies must be given up. Trust that GO
D the Father will take care of you. 7. Where attention goes to these "outside" t
hings, the Atma becomes covered or recedes and the joy is lost. By bringing the
attention back to the Atma, attention is purified, problems get solved, liver co
ols down and joy returns. Remember: liver problems are attention problems.
GURU PRINCIPLE Treatments: 1. Use the mantra of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya and whe
n appropriate, his 10 Incarnations. (Left: Janaka, Abraham, Lao-tse, Zoroaster,
Sai Nath, Right: Moses, Nanak, Socrates, Confucius, Mohammed). 2. Use the Affirm
ation: "Shri Mataji, make me my own Guru / Master." 3. Give vibrations to the Vo
id. 4. Where there has been adherence to a false guru, forget about it. 5. Throw
away all prasad, pendants, books, photographs, ashes, dresses and other objects
given by the false guru. 6. Stop all techniques like chanting, fasting and spec
ial meditative techniques taught by the false guru. 7. Shoebeat the guru and the
various forms of negativity you are suffering from him, e.g. recluse state, dis
turbed attention, anti social habits, etc. RIGHT SIDE Incarnations: Moses, Nanak
, Socrates, Confucius, Mohammed 1. Understand that Shri Mataji gives you the kno
wledge, so SHE is YOUR teacher, guru or master. 2. Use Affirmation: "Mother, ver
ily YOU are my master." 3. Use the mantras of the right side incarnations.
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LEFT SIDE Incarnations: Janaka, Abraham, Laotse, Zoroaster, Sai Nath 1. Here, th
rough the teachings and the grace of Shri Mataji, you are to become your own mas
ter. 2. Use Affirmation: "Mother, by Your grace I AM my own master." 3. Use the
mantras of the left side incarnations. Severe Problems: 1. Take Matka treatment
for weeks. Also use string knotting and paper burning techniques. 2. With stomac
h problems drink vibrated salt water. 3. Perform HAVAN to remove badhas of the f
alse gurus. 4. There may be strong Agnya catch along with the void catch. In thi
s case eyes may be unsteady or eyelids may flicker when closed. Keep the eyes op
en and simply watch Shri Mataji's Agnya chakra while footsoaking. 5. Footsoak in
warm salt water when left, and cold when right. A special case : When there is
a strong devotion to one of the past incarnations of the Adi Guru, e.g. Shirdi S
ai Nath, Confucius, etc., these devotees will often feel that by accepting Shri
Mataji they are deserting the guru whom they loved and worshipped until Self Rea
lisation. This often causes a big obstacle for Kundalini's ascent and gives a se
rious left Vishuddhi catch. It has been explained that ALL the Incarnations of t
he Adi Guru have taken their place in Shri Mataji and they can be worshipped in
HER. The Shakti is the same, and by worshipping them in HER, THEY are pleased. B
y not accepting that these Satgurus are now part of Shri Mataji, you are angerin
g the Satgurus and they will harm you.
CENTRE HEART Qualities: Holy Mother of the universe, physical mother, self confi
dence, fearlessness, sense of security, development of antibodies. Causes of Cat
ches: Insecurity, fear, problems with the mother, childhood in unhappy families.
Treatment: 1. Use the mantra of Shri Jagadamba or Shri Durga Mata. 2. Use Affir
mation: Shri Mataji, make me a fearless person. 3. Give vibrations to the front an
d back heart. 4. Deep and relaxed slowly breathe in and out for a while. 5. Brea
the in, keep the breath, in your mind say 12 times Jagadambe, breathe out; repea
t 3 times. 6. Right hand on centre heart, 12 times take the name of Shri Jagadam
be. 7. Candle treatment, if left Swadisthana is catching as well as centre heart
. 8. Perform Puja with 108 names of the Devi. 9. Read Devi Mahatmyam. 10. Recite
the 23 Psalm of the Bible. 11. If one has fear, write it on a piece of paper, p
ut bandhan around it and burn or bury it.
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12. Take the prayer: "Mother you are the most powerful Mother of the universe, a
nd you are my Mother, You love me and protect me, and nothing, absolutely nothin
g can happen to me." LEFT HEART Qualities: The Self, Atma, Spirit, to be (existe
nce), Love, Joy (Ananda). Causes of Catches: Disturbed relation with the mother,
bad heartfelt relations, excessive physical and mental exercise, Hatha Yoga, bl
ind faith, no confidence in God, anti God activities, outside attention, no seek
ing, no interest in Self. Treatment: 1. Use the mantra of Shri Shiva Parvati. 2.
Use Affirmation: "Mother, I AM the Spirit." 3. Give vibrations to left heart 4.
Put Shri Mataji in your heart, and feel the JOY of HER presence and Her love. 5
. Keep the attention on the Atma. 6. Where left heart catches due to overactivit
y of the right side, raise the left side and lower to the right side 108 times,
and also ventilate the catch by putting right hand to the photograph and left ha
nd upwards, pointing to the sky. Ether will dissolve the heat. 7. Ask for forgiv
eness for any mistake done against the Spirit without feeling guilty. 8. Use the
practices listed under VOID, where the heart has been affected by false gurus.
9. Use candle and camphor as bandhan. 10. Use also the mantra Nirmala Atma Shiva
. 11. Affirmation: I AM the Spirit, only the Spirit, not this ego, not this emoti
on, not pain, only Spirit I AM, only Spirit. Do it several times with the whole h
eart. RIGHT HEART Qualities: Dutiful happy blissful life as father, husband and
king who gives us auspicious boundaries, responsibility. Causes of Catches: Emot
ional aggression, father's problems, arrogant and reckless behaviour, unauthoris
ed dominion, economical and political suppression. Treatment: 1. Use the mantra
of Shri Sita Ram. 2. Use Affirmation: "Shri Mataji, verily You are the responsib
ility in me." & "Shri Mataji, You are the boundaries of good conduct and the ben
evolence of a good father." 3. Give vibrations to the right heart chakra, and al
so icepack. 4. Don't take too much responsibility, also dont be underresponsible.
5. Develop the qualities of strength and protection of a father and husband. Co
rrect any wrong relationship, which is coming from you as a father, husband, a s
on or a brother. Wives should not give reason for their husbands protective qual
ities to withdraw. 6. Take proper care and responsibility of your family and dev
elop a benevolent attitude in Sahaja Yoga and in the community. 7. Develop the b
oundaries of good conduct in family life and in society (Maryadas). 8. Where the
right heart catches due to an overemotional nature, raise the right side and lo
wer the left 108 times and clear out the right heart catch by putting the left h
and to the photo and the right hand on Mother Earth, so as to release the left s
ide problem which caused the right heart to catch. 9. Read the "RAMAKAVACHA". 10
. If there is a spirit possession, tell the relative that "I am a realised soul
now, you do not have to take care of me, I am perfectly alright. Please take a n
ew birth, Shri Mataji is alive now and you will also have your Self Realisation.
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CENTRE VISHUDDHI Qualities: Divine diplomacy, playful witness, omnipresence, col
lective consciousness, (Thyroid gland). Causes of Catches: Aggression, arrogance
, lack of collectivity, lack of witnesspower. Treatment: 1. Use the mantra of Sh
ri Radha Krishna. 2. Use Affirmation: "Mother, make me a detached witness", "Shr
i Mataji, make me part and parcel of the whole", "Shri Mataji, make me a discrim
inating and self-correcting person." 3. Give vibrations to the Vishuddhi Chakra.
4. Put your index fingers in your ears, extend neck backwards, looking towards
the sky, say Alla hu Akbar 16 times. 5. Develop quality of detachment and witnes
s state. 6. Massage the Vishuddhi area with oil, ghee or butter, and take butter
in your throat. 7. Take saltwater gargle night and morning. Use tulsi tea, and
burn camphor. 8. Ajwan dhuni to clear nasal passages, sinuses and bronchies. 9.
Press your chin to the chestbone, roll the tongue back, like swallowing it, do n
ot touch the gum, and breathe relaxed and slowly in and out for 1 minute. 10. Br
eathe in with your nose, keep the breath for a while and breathe out and keep a
while. With every inbreathing you should take a little less air, till you reach
zero. Repeat 3 times. 11. Sip a little vibrated salt water through the nose. LEF
T VISHUDDHI Qualities: Brother-sister relationship, Self respect. Causes of Catc
hes: Feeling guilty, immorality, insidious way of speaking, sarcasm, lack of sel
f respect, being poor in words. Treatment: 1. Use the mantra of Shri Vishnumaya
(sister of Shri Krishna). 2. Use Affirmation: "Mother, I am not guilty at all, a
s I am the Spirit by Thy grace; how can I be guilty." 3. Give vibrations to the
Vishuddhi Chakra. 4. Avoid excusing and feeling guilty after doing something wro
ng or indulging your ego. 5. Develop the quality of purity in brother and sister
relation. 6. Face any immorality or other sins of the past and know, that Mothe
r forgives you and that you should not feel guilty. 7. Evaluate yourself as an e
xpression of the love of GOD, don t feel "useless" or inadequate. Don t be domin
ated by others. 8. Talk about Sahaja Yoga to others with confidence. 9. Sing bha
jans with your whole heart. Use your voice for worshipping Shri Mataji. 10. Be n
ot sarcastical or cynical. 11. If you have been using a mantra of a false guru,
it has to be neutralised by affirming "Shri Mataji, You are the Source of all th
e great Mantras" or "Sarva Mantra Siddhi". RIGHT VISHUDDHI
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Qualities: Witness of self, sweetness in sound, words, thoughts and behaviour. C

auses of Catches: Cold, excessive responsibility, smoking, swearing, harsh talki
ng, sinuses, too much singing and talking. Treatment: 1. Use the mantra of Shri
Yeshoda of Shri Vithalla Rukmini. 2. Use Affirmation: "Shri Mataji, verily You a
re the sweet countenance of my words and deeds." "Shri Mataji, please take away
all my aggression and dominance, give me a sweet voice, and make me a sweet and
collective person." 3. Give vibrations to the right Vishuddhi. 4. Speak less, an
d if you do, try to avoid any tendency to dominate others by your voice. 5. Deve
lop the quality of speaking sweetly to others. 6. Pay less attention to the tast
e of food. 7. Forgive everyone and dissolve your anger. 8. Don t argue with peop
le or spend a lot of time convincing people of your point of view.
The Vishuddhi Chakra has two main aspects: On one side it expresses the capacity
to be witness of the whole. Shri Krishna, the deity of the Vishuddhi shows how
to be the master of ones yoga and to be fully detached and still can live and wo
rk in the society. Through this detachment the whole universe becomes a play (leel
a). Further on the Vishuddhi stands for collectivity. When the first aspect is a
ttacked then one will have severe colds, bad attention and all the time throat-,
nose- and ear-problems. When the own relationship towards the collectivity is d
isturbed then we use aggressive words, speak sarcastically, which are all the th
ings to disturb the Vishuddhi Chakra. Common Rules: 1. Always use protection of
throat against cold, dust, too much talking. Use a scarf. 2. Always wash your ha
nds before eating, otherwise we can take negative vibrations in, with our food.
Mantras 1. Left Vishuddhi mantra is best, it releases both sides, one should do
it under free sky. Also take affirmation Mother, I am not guilty. Take the mantra S
arva Mantra Siddhi and Mantra Mantrika if you used false gurus mantras before, neutr
alise them. 2. Right Vishuddhi mantra: Shri Vitthala Rukmini. Mother, You are the s
weetest of my words and deeds. 3. For the centre: Shri Radha Krishna. Mother, please
make me the detached witness. Shri Mataji, make me part and parcel of the whole. 4
. Extend your neck to the back, put your index fingers in your ears and chant 16
times Allah hu akbar (God is great!). Exercise 1. Basrika (nasal breathing exerci
se). Do this fairly slowly, always reducing the length of breaths, never increas
ing. So that you reach the point of not breathing in or out. (Breath control par
t is Laya Yoga, nasal breathing is Hatha Yoga) 2. Raja Yoga - born with energy to feel one with the whole. To feel the dignity of being part of the ocean of w
holeness. Put your Vishuddhi finger on your neck and your tongue towards the roo
f of your mouth. Feel that dignity and the sweetness of it. 3. Best to be done a
fter chanting Allah hu akbar, press your chin on your chestbone, roll back your to
ngue without touching the gum. Breathe in and out very slowly and relaxed a few
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REMEMBER during exercise always have your attention on the Sahasrara! Medical Tr
eatments The best for Vishuddhi treatment is: Ghee-Butter-Oil and Salt. Oil is f
or the Krishna-principle very important, salt for the Master-principle. Both pri
nciples are mixed in the collectivity. When every single one is taking responsib
ility then the collectivity starts.
Eyes 1. When the eyes become weak due to much reading, learning or watching inau
spicious things, use Neetranjan or Kajal on your lower eyelids before sleeping.
2. Special for the lower chakras we recommend the following method: a) Rub a lit
tle Tigerbalm under your nose. b) Rub a little honey on your lower eyelid. c) In
general looking in the sky, the green grass or earth. Ears 1. Drop oil of primu
la. 2. Some garlic in olive oil, warm it up a little, soak cottonwool and before
sleeping put in your ears. Nose 1. Drop Ghee mixed with a little camphor in you
r nose, or use Coldistop. Use it daily for your Hamsa. 2. Put Tigerbalm in front o
f your nose. 3. Smell fragrant flowers, it clears your Agnya. Mouth 1. Watch you
r teeth, brush them at least twice a day. Use a soft brush and dental floss is i
mportant. 2. Massage gums with finger using oil and salt. Very hard food is not
good for the teeth, do not allow anything to stick between your teeth. 3. Clean
the surface of your tongue. Neck and Shoulder External 1. Massage daily with oil
(any oil which contains vitamins). After cover yourself with shawl, oil dissolv
es the tensions and also effects the skin. 2. Massage your neck, chest and shoul
der with Tiger-or Essentialbalm or Vick Vapo Rub. Afterwards cover yourself alwa
ys, dont go into the cold. Internal 1. Gargle with warm salt water or sage tea tw
ice a day. 2. Eat honey, helps with severe problems. 3. Chew raw licorice. 4. Me
lt some butter or ghee in hot water and take it. 5. Mix Haldi with black pepper
and ghee and take it. 6. Melt a little bit of butter on your tongue. 7. Roast so
me onions and inhale the steam. 8. Roast onion skin and put on your sinuses for
15 minutes. 9. Put Tiger- or Essentialbalm in hot water and inhale it. 10. Ajwan
dhuni: Burn Ajwan on charcoal and inhale the fume. Face and Head 1. Massage wit
h olive oil the sinuses, neck and shoulder, specially where you feel pain. 2. Ma
ssage your head with fingers, so that the scalp is moving. Once a week massage y
our head with oil (coconut or almond) sleep with the oil and wash next day. 3. P
ull the hair in the region of the Nabhi. Above Back Agnya on the culmination.
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All the above should be carried out religiously for a period of - say - 10 days,
or a month in severe cases, and repeated after a while. MENTAL ASPECTS Right Vi
shuddhi Avoid talking too much, avoid arguments, then with arguing you suck in t
he bhoots (negativity) of the other person. Always use the sweetest and nicest w
ords which you know. Speak melodic and controlled. No sarcasm. If you are sarcas
tic then the mantras loose their power. Left Vishuddhi Do not remain in bad mood
, speak with others. Do not speak too much about yourself but direct your talks
to others. Not feeling guilty. Feeling guilty means that the negativity works in
a very sly manner.
Qualities: Thoughtless awareness, forgiveness, compassion, resurrection. Causes
of Catches: Uncontrolled thinking, too much reading or looking at TV, Jewish or
Christian "Fanaticism", worries, psychopharmaca, sexual fantasies, flirting, por
nographic, unforgiving nature. Treatment: 1. Use the mantra of Shri Jesus Mary o
r Shri Mahavishnu or Shri Mahalakshmi. 2. Use Affirmation: "Mother, make me a fo
rgiving and sacrificing person." 3. Give vibrations by directing the vibration t
o the centre Agnya chakra, located inside the head at the point of crossing of t
he chiasma opticalis at the pituitary gland. 4. Know, that when the Kundalini ri
ses to your Agnya chakra, all your past sins are forgiven and your karmas are di
ssolved. Forget the past. The future doesn t exist, just be in the present. 5. D
evelop the state of thoughtless awareness: alert but not thinking. Nirvichar Sam
adhi. Use this state to dissolve your tendency to think too much. 6. Pray the "L
ords Prayer" with the whole heart. 7. Watch in a relaxed way, the Agnya of Mothe
r s photograph. 8. Apply vibrated kumkum or sandalwood oil or balm on the forehe
ad to protect the Agnya Chakra. 9. Let the downflow of the "Brahmashakti" remove
all the angularities in your thinking, so that your thoughts and attention gets
purified. 10. Use the light element, the subtle aspect of fire element, to enli
ghten this chakra. 11. Where there has been any "initiation" by a false guru, lo
nger treatment may be required to remove the "badhas" put into the Agnya by the
false guru. (Clear your Void also.) 12. Look through a flame at the photograph o
f Mother. 13. Smell scented flowers. RIGHT AGNYA Qualities: Ego, "I-ness" Causes
of Catches: Wrong ideas about GOD, doubt, worries, violence against others, agg
ressive attitude, egoism Treatment:
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1. Use the mantra of Shri Maha Kartikeya - Maha Hanumana - Maha Buddha - and Mah
a Saraswati. For ego use these mantras and in addition use Mahat Ahamkara. 2. Us
e Affirmation: "Shri Mataji, I forgive everybody, including myself" and "Shri Ma
taji, by Your grace, keep me in your divine attention." 3. Give vibrations to th
e forehead, whole right side and also left top of head. 4. Reduce the pressure o
f the ego by stroking from the left temple over the forehead towards the right s
ide, keep stroking downwards on the right side towards the right Swadisthana Cha
kra (Maha Saraswati Shakti). 5. Where there is an excessive over bloating of the
ego, the Super ego becomes squeezed and "memory problem" shows up. Treatment as
above. 6. Forgive everyone. Do not hold grudges or unforgiving attitudes, as ot
hers can manipulate your thoughts. To forgive is the simplest thing when seen in
this light and it is also a great power of protection from malevolent thoughts.
The power of forgiveness makes you very strong, and beautifully opens the way o
f Kundalini to the Sahasrara. 7. Try to see that Lord Jesus Christ was opening t
he way to the spiritual rebirth. When this Agnya Chakra clears, our awareness fi
lls with the light of HIS being, now in Shri Mataji. 8. Allow no unrealised pers
on to touch your Agnya between the eyebrows or your eyelids. 9. Where there is e
xcessive heat in the front and left side, or top, put icebag. 10. Do not be "fut
uristic". The future does not exist in the present. If right Swadisthana is caug
ht, very often Agnya also is caught. This gives serious problems and should be c
orrected by the treatments given above. 11. Forget the many wrong "conditionings
". See the essence that was Christ. 12. Stop all meditative practices which invo
lve the Agnya. Do not use concentration or visualisation techniques and abandon
"mind control" methods, clairvoyance, hypnosis and other "Siddhis" of the right
Agnya Chakra. They are possessions and must be removed. LEFT AGNYA CHAKRA Qualit
ies: Constitution, remembrance, capacity of seeing (eyesight). Causes of Catches
: Harm yourself, selfpity, conditionings, if you cannot forgive yourself. Treatm
ent: 1. Use the mantra of Shri Maha Ganesha - Maha Bhairava - Shri Mahavira - an
d Shri Mahakali and in addition Shri Manas Ahamkara. 2. Use Affirmation: "Shri M
ataji, by your grace, please forgive me." 3. Give vibrations to the back of the
head, and for superego to the whole of the head. 4. Without feeling guilty ask f
or forgiveness. 5. Avoid all impure use of the eyes. (This is also connected wit
h the left Mooladhara). 6. Use candle treatment on the back head. 7. Tapping on
the back of your head with right palm, left hand towards Mother s photo. 8. Redu
ce the pressure of the superego by stroking your left temple across the back hea
d, downwards until the Swadisthana Chakra. (Mahakali Shakti). 9. Where there is
excessive heat in the back or on the right side of your head, use ice-packs inst
ead of candle treatment. 10. Sometimes superego becomes overbloated that it sque
ezes the ego and presses down the Vishuddhi at the base of the skull and neck. (
This is sometimes wrongly treated as a Vishuddhi problem, it can be cured as abo
ve). 11. Do not live in the past. Reflecting on past events and relationship and
nostalgic attitudes feed the super ego. Break any useless conditionings and hab
its. 12. Surrender to the Super Ego of Shri Mataji. 13. In severe cases use burn
ing camphor bandhans on the back head.
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Qualities: Integration, collective consciousness, silence. Causes of Catches: At
heism, doubt in GOD and Shri Mataji, anti-God activities, anti-Sahaja activities
. Treatment: 1. Use MahaMantras. 2. Use Affirmations: "Mother, please give me Se
lf Realisation." "Mother, please be in my head." "Mother, please establish my Se
lf Realisation." "Mother, please accept my complete surrender and my sincerest t
hanks for making me a Sahaja Yogi / Yogini." 3. Give vibrations to the crown of
your head, by massaging your scalp clockwise, using any of the affirmations, giv
en above. 4. Develop the dedication to Shri Mataji through your meditation. (Not
just recognition, but dedication). Know that She is in every molecule of creati
on and that She has created the creation. 5. Know that She alone has given Self
Realisation. (None of the other incarnations gave you realisation but now they c
an be worshipped in Shri Mataji). 6. Know that through Her only, the collectivit
y of all realised souls is being achieved. 7. Know that She is the fulfillment o
f the prophecy of Lord Jesus Christ, when he said: "I will send you a Comforter,
a Counselor, a Redeemer, the Holy Spirit, who will teach you all the truth". 8.
Know that all the power which destroys all the negativity is working through HE
R Collective Being, first as the Ekadesha Rudra and ultimately as Shri Kalki. 9.
Strengthen your connection to the divine, by stabilising your Kundalini at the
Sahasrara Chakra. Then only will the Brahma Shakti increasingly purify your bein
g and give you the joy of Self Realisation. 10. For your left Sahasrara problems
, use the Affirmation: "Shri Mataji, verily YOU are the Victory over all the cha
llenges to ascent" (Shri Kalki s Shakti). 11. For right Sahasrara problems, whic
h indicate a left side problem, use the Affirmation: "Shri Mataji, by Your grace
, I am protected from the challenges and I will be victorious over all the chall
enges to ascent." " Shri Mataji, by Your grace, I am fortunate to be in the Atte
ntion of the Holy Spirit" (Shri Mataji s Shakti). 12. Finally, know that Shri Ma
taji has fulfilled all our desires as seekers. Now we have to fully establish ou
r place, as realised Souls in the Kingdom of GOD. * * * * * * *
Shushumna Nadi: The centre channel, Present DEITIES: Shri Maha Lakshmi COLOUR: G
olden Treatments: Oil massage on head and spine. With flat hand pressed on the B
rahmarandra, other hand towards the photo, change hands after a while.
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Pingala Nadi: Also: Sun Channel DEITIES: Shri Mahasaraswati, Shri Surya, Shri Ha
numan (Archangel Gabriel), Shri Yamuna COLOUR: Light orange, becomes dark red wh
en exhausted TEMPERATURE: Warm (not hot), becomes hot when exhausted Treatments:
Sit in the moonlight, right hand towards the photo, left hand in cold water. Ra
ise the left and lower the right. Ask: Shri Mataji, are You Mahakali? 1. Stop inst
ructing others. 2. Ask God for forgiveness. 3. Use green pepperoni or chilli. 4.
Use all that is cooling.
Ida Nadi: Also: Moon Channel DEITIES: Shri Mahakali, Shri Bhairava (Archangel Mi
chael), Shri Chandra (Moon). COLOUR: Light blue, becomes black when exhausted TE
MPERATURE: Cool (not cold), becomes frozen when exhausted Treatments: Sit in the
sunlight, also use lemons and candle. 1. For back Agnya, have morning sunlight
on your back Agnya. 2. Use all the techniques to warm up the left side. * * * *
* * *
Candle Treatment 1. Use a burning candle in front of the photograph. 2. Use a bu
rning candle, by moving it up and down on your left side, using the mantras of t
he left side. 3. With a burning candle give bandhans clockwise to the affected C
hakras on the left side. 4. Left hand towards the photo, keep a burning candle i
n front of your left hand, the right hand is to be pressed on Mother Earth, whic
h sucks in all the negativity. 5. Use a candle behind your left Swadhisthana whi
le meditating. 6. For Agnya Chakra look through the flame at the Bindi on Mother
s forehead. Light element clears out all the negativity. 7. To find out most aff
ected Chakras on your left side use the flame of a candle, moving it below your
downwards turned palm of your left hand, rotating it clockwise with the flame to
uching your left palm, and you will find the damaged Chakra being black (with so
ot). With this method one can watch the clearing of the Chakra also. (ONLY LEFT
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Footsoak Burn a candle in front of the photograph, burn incense and make 7 bandh
an around the photograph, and also over place where you will sit. After Namaskar
put yourself in bandhan, raise your Kundalini, give to the saltwater in a bucke
t or bowl a bandhan, water should reach your ankles, put your feet in the salt w
ater. Take Shri Ganesha Mantra and humbly ask Shri Ganesha to remove all obstacl
es within and without. Sit about 10 to 15 minutes with feet in the water, rinse
and dry the feet and throw the water in the toilet, wash your hands and sit anot
her 5 to 10 minutes in meditation. For right side use cold or even ice water . F
or left side use very hot water. For centre use lukewarm water. One can also use
double footsoak, for the left hot and at the same time on the right cold water,
for severe cases. Element water rinses away, salt representing element earth is
sucking negativity. Also bathing the feet in a river or a lake is very useful.
Standing barefoot on Mother Earth, pouring water over your feet, using the mantr
a Jhala Tatwa (Water Principle) and Bhoomi Devi (Earth Principle) will clear out
negativities. Walking barefoot in the morning thaw. Matka treatment Seven lemon
s and chillis have to be put in front of the photograph over night to be vibrate
d. In a clay pot put a plastic bag, take the lemons and cut a little of the skin
, where the stem was. Put the lemons and the chillis in the plastic bag inside t
he clay pot. Add little vibrated water and close the bag and keep the pot in fro
nt of Shri Matajis photo. The clay will load up with vibrations. Before going to
bed open the bag and place the pot near your head. Now the vibrated lemons and c
hillis will absorb the negativity and the clay will not give you the vibrations.
In the morning close the bag, without looking inside and put it in front of the
photo to be loaded up again. Repeat for 7 nights. When treatment is finished of
fer the whole pot to the river, or bury it. Treatment specially for spirits poss
essions. Paper burning Write the problem or the name on a piece of paper, draw a
bandhan seven times around the name without interruption. On the toilet give yo
urself a bandhan and burn the paper without looking directly at it. After flush
it. Another version is, to take a string, knot seven knots while taking the mant
ras of the left side, fixing the string on the paper you write the name or the p
roblem on the paper, draw seven bandhans around the name. Work it out as above.
Start the burning of the string. Use paper as above, instead of burning it can a
lso be buried. Shoebeating Is a technique created by Mohammed Sahib. Under free
sky sit on Mother Earth, put yourself in bandhan and raise Kundalini. With both
hands on Mother Earth take Shri Adibhoomidevi Mantra and humbly request Mother E
arth to remove all your negativities. To begin with draw with your right index f
inger your name, with right hand give 7 bandhans to the writing. VERY important,
press your attention on the Sahasrara and keep it there, attention should not b
e on the problem. With open eyes look whether on Mother Earth, in the green or i
n the sky. Take your left shoe and with right hand beat the problem with the hee
l of your shoe, 108 times. After ending the beating rub the heel of the shoe on
the earth, put it aside, give seven bandhans to the written and to the heel and
with both hands pick up the negativity and with your attention on the Spirit, bl
ow over your hands. It is possible that 108 times is not enough, so keep on beat
ing, with your attention on the Spirit, until vibrations start flowing on your S
ahasrara. Never allow this technique to be a technique only. Remember always be
humble and do it with all your heart and desire. It is also possible to shoebeat
on a wall, an open window board or balcony. After finishing put yourself in ban
dhan and wash your hands. When shoebeating takes place, photo of Shri Mataji sho
uld NOT be present. Combination: Write problem on paper, shoebeat, and burn the
paper after.
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String knotting A special method for clearing the Swadisthana Chakra. Take some
cottonwool, spin it like a thread, knot seven knots, each time taking the mantra
s of the left chakras. Then soak it in mustard oil. Use two pair of tweezers, bu
rn the lower end of the string, look at the flame and repeat Shuddha Ichha Mantra
until the last bit of string has been burnt. When false guru bothers you, do as
above. Use the Mantra Shri Ekadesha Rudra or Rakshasagni. Bandhan Is the protection
of love and the divine. 1. Whenever you start or end a meditation put yourself i
n bandhan. 2. Whenever you leave the house, do the same. 3. Put bandhans over yo
ur Chakras. 4. Write problems in your left palm with indexfinger, give bandhan c
lockwise. Pray that: Mother, your will be done! by fully accepting Mothers will. 5
. Also when questions are asked, do the above, fully accepting the will of Shri
Mataji. 6. Whenever you do something and it does not work out write in your left
hand, and with respect and humble love take Shri Hanumana Mantra. You will see if
you do it in the right way, with whole desire e v e r y t h i n g will work out
miraculously. 7. With your attention in the clouds or on any other place humbly
ask Shri Mataji to vibrate them. 8. Also do so with crowded places and ask our
Shri Mataji to raise the Kundalini of the atmosphere. 9. Now the bandhan has not
to be one with your hands. If you are outside it can be done with your attentio
n only. * * * * * * *
For any treatment whatsoever remember that the most important fact remains that
everything depends on your ICHHA or DESIRE SHAKTI. So for Ida Nadi is important
that you must have desire and it must be the right desire. No wrong desires, bec
ause eventually everything goes back to the desire. If you have wrong desires an
d you do action then everything becomes mechanical and hypocritical. The right d
esire is only to achieve your growth. This is the SHUDHA-ICHHA. If you have a gr
oss desire, like I MUST HAVE A SON, A HOUSE, etc., you will have it too, but the
n you will want something else also. Meaning that you are now becoming a hypocri
te. In pure desire you get everything in a bundle. It is from genuine desire tha
t you grow. This whole concept is your attitude towards your ICHHASHAKTI. Now ta
ke the Action energy or Kriya-Shakti. This has two aspects, namely Physical and
Mental. Physically you must sit down and meditate to become thoughtless. Mentall
y you must see that your mind does not go towards all the nonsensical things in
gross forms. All you must say: Mother, YOU are doing everything, and I do nothing
at all. THIS IS THE CONTROL ON YOU. For both left and right sided persons it is
important to first cleanse yourself and then do Meditation. When you move to you
r left side raise your Kundalini and it just comes out. You must raise your Kund
alini before Meditation. Do never be mechanical when sitting in Meditation or do
Puja. Your desire must be genuine to grow. Right sided people must use Bhakti,
Bhajans, seat me in their hearts, move towards the left side. Cleansing must be
done only by use of Mantras on the Central Chakras. Shri Mahakali and Shri Mahas
araswati, both act on the centre from both sides and are chanted only for the pu
rpose of raising the Kundalini. There is no use of attention here. Treatment of
left side through chanting of Mantra for raising Kundalini is only to improve up
on you Desire energy. Another way is to raise and lower it by hand. In addition
activate your right side by Mantras of Shri Brahmadeva and of Shri Gayatri. But
up to a certain point.
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When we accept that: Shri Mataji, YOU are the best Doctor of the whole universe a
nd YOUR WILL I accept fully. Desire and surrender with the whole heart, never do
anything mechanical, then you will feel the blessings of Shri Adi Shakti immedia
tely, flowing over your whole being. * * * * * * *
are caused due to lethargy, and originate from subconscious, low bloodpressure,
cancer, tumor, epilepsy, schizophrenia, virus, multiple sclerosis, meningitis, P
arkinson disease, arthritis, rheumatism, slip disc, spondylosis, TB, asthma, (le
ft heart) anaemia, sciatica, polio and osteomyelitis, muscular and skeleton dias
trophy, (lethargic heart), childlessness (left Swadhisthana), infections, neuros
is, depressions, moscito bites. and their causes Too much superego, being too muc
h indulged in subconscious and the past. Lethargic temperament causes clots in t
he blood. False Gurus, hypnosis, alcohol, drugs (heroin, opium, hashish, marihua
na), black and white magic, spiritism, occultism, sex magic, homosexuality, rebi
rthing, perversion, tantrism, masochism, psychoanalysis (Freud), cult of the dea
d (Tibetan book of the dead), meditation techniques of bagwan, false sai baba, m
aharaj, jehovas, etc mental disturbance Slyness, frightened, not talking, nervous,
no self confidence, shy of public, miserliness, too much past thinking, going t
oo deep in the subconscious.
are caused due to overactivity. Fever, heartproblems, heartinfarct, palpitation,
asthma, constipation, liverproblems (hot liver), lungs, unhealthy skin, tension
, cirrhosis of liver, headache, diabetes, leucaemia, kidney, high bloodpressure,
childlessness (flirting type and thinking that one is too much beautiful), inso
mnia, lack of memory, spondylosis, jaundice, malaria, hysterectomie, heavy perio
d, dyhoria, excessive urination, lumbago, muscular lumbago, etc and their causes O
ver development of Ego causes a very bad heart. Quarrelsome and aggressive natur
e, PSI, psychocinesis, telepathy, drugs (LSD, cocaine, mushroom), hitler, overna
tural powers, sadism, over ascetic life, forced sex abstinence, all extremes lik
e sporting, working suggestions, materialism, fashion, greed for power, antropos
ophy, steiner, TM, chinmoy, shamanism, fanaticism, scientology, etc. mental distur
bance Idiotic ideas survive, hot temper, obnoxious, cruelty, troublesome nature
(may not look mentally upset). In old age very talkative, accusing nature, domin
ating, asceticism, martyrdom. * * * * * * *
ANGINA PECTORIS Comes due to lethargic heart. These people take to all kinds of
mantras which are spoiling the left Vishuddhi. They also take cigarettes and tob
acco which is also spoiling the left Vishuddhi. This makes the pumping of the he
art difficult and so it becomes tired, because it cannot pump. Due to extreme le
ft Vishuddhi the lethargic heart gives you angina. Take the affirmation: Mother,
you are my beej (seed) mantra, You are the Mantrika, also I am NOT guilty at all, a
nd say I forgive everyone, Lord. Use light and fire to clear the left side.
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ARTICARIA Is also psychosomatic. When your liver is lethargic, it becomes vulner

able. Use gheru, rub it on some stone, take with honey. For old people is also g
ood, it consists soluble calcium. Use it for application and cover with somethin
g black. Source is left Nabhi, then when liver is lethargic left Nabhi becomes l
ethargic, too. The person is not using much of his energies. Cover the body with
something black, so that the heat is given to it. Allergies are caused due to q
uick changes from cold to hot. Take a hot drink or food immediately take cold wa
ter or even ice. This sudden change the system cannot adjust to. In the left Nab
hi area is the spleen and the spleen is the speedometer and an adjuster. Sauna c
auses the same. This is also the root of bloodcancer with people who are hectic.
ASTHMA Is mostly a left sided psychosomatic disease, where the lungs become let
hargic. It sometimes can be right sided, when persons are too dry and always hav
e tried to dominate others. The dryness of the peritoneum is too much. For those
whose father is dead, or that you are unhappy about your own self. It can also
be a combination of any of the above. Establish your security. Put icebag on the
liver. If it is a possession, tell your relative that you are a realised soul a
nd that you are perfectly well. Please go and take your rebirth, because Shri Ma
taji, the Adi Shakti is alive now, and you also will have your Selfrealisation.
Intake: For left side no fat intake at all. Thin peole can eat fat (fat is not s
tored). Fat peoples fat is stored and not available. Oil massage on the head is
very good. BACTERIAL DISEASES Are caused due to baddha or certain use of food, s
uch as mushrooms, fungus, old paneer, etc. Use matka treatment, candle treatment
and the whole treatments of the left side. BLOODCANCER Due to lethargic left Na
bhi Chakra, see ARTICARIA. CANCER (see EPILEPSY) Originates from the total exhau
stion of a Chakra, when it breaks down like a battery. Then the organs which are
being watched by the Chakra are left without control and in this case, cells ar
e growing wildly, without the connection with the whole. Also Ekadesha Rudra lik
e breastcancer comes due to insecurity. In the moment where the lost energy is b
rought back to the Chakra, it takes over the guarding duty, the growth of the ce
lls is drawn back to its normal, one with the whole. Also sometimes a spirit pos
session is the cause of cancer, then matka treatment, footsoak, shoebeating, etc,
all the treatments of the left side have to be done. As long as there is life i
n the organ it can be treated. CHILDLESSNESS Has two causes, from the left it is
due to a left Swadhisthana catch, or on the right side it comes due to being to
dry, and also I am so very much beautiful and also having a flirtive behaviour. C
IRRHOSIS OF LIVER If you are overplanning and thinking. The liver gets hot and c
an not fullfill its duty. See HOT LIVER. COMMON COLD Left Vishuddhi nose is bloc
ked. Use ghee with camphor, several times a day, take left Vishuddhi Mantra. Rig
ht Vishuddhi nose is running. Use ajwan dhuni (ajwan seed on charcoal, inhale it
). Drink decoction of tulsi, ajwan and ginger. Have rest in bed. Use cool bath i
n the morning, in summer, lukewarm bath in winter and dont go out in the cold one
and a half hour after the bath. CONSTIPATION Caused by dry right side. Use carb
ohydrate diet (not macrobiotic, it makes it worse). Put dry figs in hot water, l
eave it over night, drink the juice.
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DEPRESSION Whole left side is affected, one goes too much in the subconscious. P
ut your attention towards activity, stop all these lethargic attitudes and use t
he treatment of the left side (matka treatment, shoebeating, candle/camphor trea
tment). DIABETES Is the action by the right side, affected by the left side. Rig
ht side being vulnerable. Firstly when you think too much (uncontrolled thinking
), pay no attention and remain to your habits, then a fear element adds to your
vulnerability. All the fat cells are used for the brain. The right Swadhisthana
goes into action and neglects its left counterpart. The left side gets drained.
At this stage, if some fear comes in and you also start feeling guilty, diabetes
develops. Correction is use Hasrat Alis name as mantra. Source is Swadhistana a
nd Nabhi on the left. Nabhi gets first affected, by having fear of wife, or worr
ies of any of the family members. Clear it by clearing your Agnya Chakra. Forgiv
e with your whole heart, do not think too much. Go in thoughtless awareness. Put
left to right. Take more salt so that it neutralises the action of the sugar ex
cerption, because it has got water of crystallisation. Use ice on right Swadhist
hana and Nabhi. Avoid sugar, take proper tests if necessary. DIARRHOEA Too much
stimulation of the parasympathetic in the sacral region causes Diarrhoea. Use Ga
yatri Mantra initially. Must also be backed by medicines. Give ajwan dhuni (even
for surgery patients). DIASTROPHY OF MUSCLES Troubles come from a disturbed Shr
i Ganesha. Establish your innocence and give treatment to your Mooladhara Chakra
. EPILEPSY Is caused by the extreme movement of the attention to the extreme lef
t. Collective subconscious is the state into which you go. This happens when you
develop some fear or fright, being a weak person on the left side. Also when yo
u happen to be involved into an accident or sudden fight or jerk. Cure: Bring at
tention to the centre. To do this first bring it to the right, by saying Gayatri
Mantra. Then to the centre by taking Shri Brahmadeva Saraswati Mantra. On movin
g to the right you start feeling vibrations. Stop at this point. Do not say any
more Gayatri Mantra because you must not go too much on the right. Too much on t
he right means the frequency of vibrations starts decreasing. It needs proper ad
justment from one side to the other. It is important that you must get the vibra
tions. If not then repeatedly raise the Kundalini till you feel vibrations. Anot
her best way is to put the left hand towards the photograph and the right hand i
s to be pressed on Mother Earth. Take Shri Mahakali Mantra, so that the vibratio
ns start flowing. Use candle, from the back on the left. Candle treatment, shoeb
eating, matka treatment and footsoak. FEVER Comes usually through the left side,
specially bacterial fever. See BACTERIAL DISEASE. HEADACHE Mostly is caused due
to the right overactivity, too much ego. Also caused through Vishuddhi problem,
or also when right Swadhisthana gives you pain on its region on the head. Balan
ce yourself and try to be thoughtlessly aware. Ask: Mother, please come in my hea
d and Mother, please I humbly request you to forgive me. HEARTINFARCT (COLLAPS) Res
ults from overactivity on the right side, too much ego, domination and I-ness. The
n the attention is not on the Spirit, the Spirit is neglected. This and the pres
sure of the ego on left heart will lead to heartinfarct. The heart can collapse
when the attention is too much outside. Then the Atma departs. The Atma gets no
attention due to overmaterialistic nature. It can also come from too much worrie
s for family members and thinking too much of the future. Then the heart overwor
ks itself, it gets tired.
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Cure: Put ice on the stomach and heart on the right side. Move left towards the
right. Sit in water. Use no light at all. Use affirmation of left heart. HIGH BL
OODPRESSURE Is right sided problem and caused due to overactivity of right side.
Treatment is very easy, raise left and lower the right and it will work out ver
y quickly. HOT LIVER Caused due to much thinking and planning, living in the fut
ure, overwork the liver, then it becomes hot. As the liver represents the attent
ion, our attention becomes weak, we cannot keep it within. The symptoms are like
JAUNDICE, we have to cool down the liver by using liverdiet (see LIVERDIET). Le
ft to right 108 times, use with left hand on the liver the mantra: Mother, please
purify my attention and Shri Chandrama. Give icepack to the Swadhisthana and massa
ge also the liver with ice. With your left hand on the liver use the affirmation
: Mother, verily You are my guru. INFECTION Are left sided diseases and caused by
bacterias or viruses. Treatment of the left side and the affected chakras. Use v
ibrated water and vibrated soap. Vibrated ghee is also very good. INSOMNIA Overa
ctive right side. Put left to right. Mantra: Ya devi sarva bhuteshu, nidra rupena
samstitha, namastasye, namastasye, namastasye, namoh namah. JAUNDICE Right Nabhi
and right Swadhisthana are affected. Put left to right 108 times. Footsoak in l
ukewarm water. Use affirmation: Mother, verily You are my guru. Strictest liverdie
t for 2 weeks. Make tea from fresh radish leaves, sweeten with candysugar and ta
ke instead of water for three days. Drink also much glucose water. KIDNEY-PROBLE
MS Right Swadhisthana is affected. Take cool footsoak. Use icepack on right Swad
histhana. Put right hand on right Swadhisthana at the back, taking the mantra: Sh
ri Brahmadeva/Saraswati. After the mantra has finished, brush down three times. R
epeat it six times. Diet without salt, drink much vibrated water, no meat. LACK
OF MEMORY Caused by overactive right side. Put the left to right 108 times and t
ake the mantra: Ya devi sarva bhuteshu, smruti rupena samstitha, namastasye, nama
stasye, namastasye, namoh namah. LEUCAEMIA See BLOODCANCER. LOW BLOODPRESSURE Com
es from left side, treat like left side problem. LUMBAGO You take Ajwan ka pani
(tea of Ajwan). For muscular lumbago use Ajwan for intake and gheru for applicat
ion only. In lumbago the bone gets twisted, therefore use vibrated kerosene-oil
mixed with some other oil. In a few days it gets alright. MALARIA Comes from the
right side, cool down the right side in every way as it is shown in the chapter
of the right side. MENINGITIS Is a left side bacterial disease, see BACTERIAL D
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MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS Is due to a disturbed Shri Ganesha and left sided problem. Es
tablish your innocence, work with flame on your left Mooladhara. Ask for Mooladh
ara cleansing techniques in your ashram. Massage your muscles with vibrated vita
min-oil. The same treatment goes also for MUSCULAR DISORDERS. MOSQUITOBITE Is le
ft sided, see BACTERIAL DISEASES. NEUROSIS Is a left sided disease, see DEPRESSI
ON. OSTEOMYELITIS Due to lethargic left side. PALPITATION Caused due to right si
de. Put left to right 108 times. Balance the right side. PARALYSES Left side aff
ects also the right side. Depends where Paralyses is active, this side you shoul
d give treatment. Ask: Mother, I humbly ask you to forgive me. PARKINSON DISEASE I
s a clear left side disease. Balance the left side. PERIOD HEAVY Due to the over
active right side. In sacrum region is too much stimulation. POLIOMYELITIS Treat
left side and the affected chakras. Further information will come. RHEUMA Cause
d by left side. Person wishes to give. Treat the left side. Use vibrated kerosen
e-oil with some other oil to massage the paining joints. Ask a Sahaja Yogi to pu
t his hand on the paining joints and the other hand on Mother Earth. This Mother
Earth will suck in the pain. SCIATICA Caused due to the left sympathetic. Left
Nabhi and left Swadhisthana. Put right to left, give vibrations to affected chak
ras. Use kerosene with oil massage. SCHIZOPHRENIA Is a left sided disease, cause
d due to a partial possession. See EPILEPSY. SKIN PROBLEMS Can be due to the rig
ht or the left side. Whether liver is too hot or too cold (lethargic). See HOT L
IVER, or ARTICARIA. Correct the imbalance. SLIP DISC Is a left sided disease, se
e LUMBAGO. SPONDYLOSIS Is left or right, overwork or overactive persons regardin
g ones responsibility. Correct the imbalance. Affected parts have to be treated
by using vibrated kerosene-oil and any other oil. Footsoak in lukewarm saltwater
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TENSION Right sided problem. Use treatment of the right side. TUBERCULOSIS Cause
d by malnutrition, lack of protein and left side. Left Nabhi/Swadhisthana and He
art. Raise right to left. Footsoak with right hand towards the floor. Give vibra
tions to affected chakras. TUMOR Left side is affected. Give vibrations to the a
ffected chakras. Use full left side treatment. URINATION EXCESSIVE Due to right
side. Balance the right side. Ice on right Swadhisthana. Correct the right side.
VIRUS Left sympathetic is affected. See BACTERIAL DISEASE. VENERAL DISEASE Left
sympathetic and a disturbed Shri Ganesha. Establish your innocence. Correct the
imbalance of the left. * * * * * * *
Those suffering with liver problems are usually catching on both the Right Swadi
sthan and Right Nabhi chakras, and may experience a feeling of heat (or even pai
n in extreme cases) in the region of the liver itself. They may also experience
a lack of appetite or nausea. H.H. Shri Mataji has said that the liver is the se
at of the Attention, and that a bad liver can therefore result in a fragmentat
ion of the Attention. This can manifest in a lack of focus and concentration of
the Attention, and inevitably this will prevent the sufferer from going deeper.
One of the first signs of a problematic liver will probably be difficulties with
the Meditation, too many thoughts. H.H. Shri Mataji has also said that the live
r nourishes the Joy which comes from the Spirit (Atma) that resides in the Heart
, and that if it is damaged it is very difficult for someone to develop this fee
ling of Joy within themselves, or even feel it more than a very short time. Thes
e are among the reasons why H.H. Shri Mataji pays particular attention to this p
hysical problem and has given us a special diet to follow which brings about a v
ery quick recovery. As well as giving us this prescribed diet, H.H. Shri Mataji
has told us that the best thing that one can do for a bad liver is to sit and
take vibrations from Her photograph with the right hand, and pass them to the li
ver by placing the left hand on the liver (i.e. underneath and a little inside t
he rib cage on the right hand side of the body).
- SUGAR: H.H. Shri Mataji has said that sugar is the food of the liver. This is
cane sugar, not beet sugar. Tate & Lyle and Sainsburys sugar is cane sugar, othe
r makes use of beet. There is also a type of sugar known as sugar candy or rock
sugar which is available from most Indian shops - its use is described under Bla
ck Kokum below. - BLACK KOKUM: This is a type of fruit which can be bought from
most Indian stores. We make a drink out of these little fruits (they look like p
runes but are not sweet). The method is simply to pour boiling water over a smal
l handful of Kokum in a jug, together with roughly the same amount of the above
sugar candy. The mixture should then be left overnight and drunk the next day as
normal beverage, in place of tea or coffee.
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- GINGER: Ginger in almost any form is good for the liver. In particular H.H. Sh
ri Mataji has advised us to take some in the morning in a spoon mixed with sugar
and followed by a glass of water! Crystallised Ginger is also very good. This m
ixture should NOT however, be taken in very hot climates or hot temperatures (i.
e. summer) - CHANA: This is known as chick peas, and can be bought dry roasted o
r uncooled for making dhall or soups etc. Chick peas are very good for the who
le Nabhi Chakra. - FRUIT: Generally most fruit is good for the Nabhi Chakra. In
particular grapes are good, and grape juice in its pure form is also very benefi
cial. - VEGETABLES all good in general. Radish, special the leaves boiled as tea
, sweetened with candy sugar, cooled down, drink instead of water for at least 3
days. * * * * * * * VERY HARMFUL: Alcohol, fried foods, fatty or oily food, hea
vy meat, butter or ghee, very spicy or hot food, coffee, cream, chocolate, fish,
white bread. NOT ADVISABLE: Cheese, dairy products, too much milk, too much sal
t, too much tea, any extreme cases at all. ALRIGHT IN SMALL AMOUNTS Chicken, Yog
hurt is very cooling, but not in cold climate or part of year (spring and winter
), raw cucumber (not sour). This diet one can do for months together. * * * * *
* *
Can also be used for a short and effect full liverdiet, 1 to 2 weeks. In the beg
inning, when nausea and vomiting are a major problem it is beneficial to suck on
a piece of lemon. When nausea is finished do not use lemons at all. As recommen
ded in jaundice treatment take radishleaf-tea, cooled and sweetened with candysu
gar for 3 days instead of water. Rice, barley, wheat corn, millet, brown bread,
well cooked boiled vegetable, vegetable soup (soup made out of dried radish is e
specially good), bean soup, sweet fruits: banana, papaya, cantaloupe, sweet lemo
n, cherries, grapes, raisins, figs, cucumber, sweet fruit juice or cold drinks i
ncluding coca cola, water with glucose sugar, honey, hard boiled egg. Food prepa
rations must be only boiled and steamed, not fried or roasted. Also the food mus
t not be eaten very hot. Prohibited Foods: Completely avoid: milk, cheese, butte
r, ghee, cream, ice cream, oil, all sorts of nuts, soyabean products, sesame see
d, greasy food or even greasy preparations, fried roasted or burnt preparations.
Hot or spicy food, hot tea and coffee, acid fruits, meat, chicken, fish are str
ictly prohibited. * * * * * * * Copyright: Life Eternal Trust, 1990
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