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Function 4 b

Refer compresseor overlaod reason?

Boiler hydraulic testing
Boiler accumulation test
What if chhief engineer makes u set boiler safey valve at 5 bar and wp is 10 bar what will happen ?
Stresses on propeler shaft and cranshaft difference.
Differ nce betweeen axial flow h/q curve and centrifugal pump h/q curve.
Weird questions. Never prepared for such questions.
Wanted prwctical answers no regulations nothin
function mitra
1.draw card,if exhaust pr high how it will show in draw card and explain what is the cause for that
2.if liner wear in aft and fwrd what is the cause for that and how u will shortout
3.all about 2 ram st gear,regulation,100% torque regulation
4.why screw pump not use for main engine LO pump .which type pump use and why
5.condition monitoring system for turbocharger, how it is measure.Ans vibration.what is cause for that
6.all about chain slackness how it is measure
7.all about tortional vibration damper for main engine
result pass.last 2 qustn asked by RAO
04/07/2016 Internal Sinha & External Das & Sarkar Fn 4b :1. Intercooler & Aftercooler purpose in MAC, PV diagram and cross questions of same.
2. Piston and crosshead Lubrication, full detail in both MAN & Sulzer.
3. Fittings on boiler line after feed pump, complete details.
4. Turbocharger bearing types, which bearing in which type, what takes axial thrust in turbocharger, if shaft elongates what
provision is given to accommodate the elongation.
Fun 4b Sarkar n das(mect)
1)Draw stuffing box...explain ?
2)Safety valve settings...initial compression will u know... compression ring...where valve lifting
3)Cascade control?
4)Refrigeration system y compressor is used...if a blower is used den wat will happen?What should be compression pressure?
5)Crosshead bearing lubrication?(das wanna listen elasto hydrostatic)
FUNC:4 2 nd engineer which engine MAN OR SULZER u prefer to installed on ask u and WHY?
2.sulzer reversing inRTA
3cyl .lubrication in RTA eng,Position of quill
How quantity of lo metered in cylinder
4. Piston overhauling checks
All piston ring clearances what values
And how to take
5.pressure regulating valve working.and all....

Mukopadhay..30.06.16, Fun 4
1. Thurst bearing survey.
2. Piston overhauling and checks.
3. Scav air press, exhaust temp, different pressure during cycle of combustion. T/ch inlet pressure .
4. Superlong stroke, adv.
5. How load is taken in purifier? many bearings are there? Type of bearing? Difference between ball brng and rollar
Decider by sinha
1. What type t/ch u have? How lubrication takes place? What is happening inside sleeve bearing?
Bhoumik fn4
1. Pulse lubrication. Details etc how many quills how many working at any time
2. Vane type steering how reversing done. Material of vanes.
3. Stern tube seal ...part names .Iike garter spring, rubber seals etc etc..I'm not sure of he was happy
4. Zero setting of fuel done and why
5.bore cooling in liners. How why. Wars the name of the concept. Which engines

Func 4
How exhaust valve works
Special property of refer lub oil
Alfa lubricator working and load dependent mode
How to do bedding of crankpin bearing.
Accumulation pr testing

Function 4
1. Man b&w latest exhaust valve modification for fast closing is exhaust valve at low laod to reduce the wire drawing effect.
2. Types of steel their carbon percentage and example of each.
3. All boiler alarms and trips.
4.fresh water generator vaccum loss reasons.
5. Purifier automatically desluges by own...without giving any water supply.
Func.4..Internal serveyor rao....1.what type of heater use in framo hydraualic pump
2..what type of pump use as hydraulic pump in framo system.3.why lemda controler is called lemda why not gama,
beta......4..what is function of lamda controler in A/E.....den external bnd asked
5.what is caustic imbrittlement, pitting, and galvanic corrosion in boiler and which part of boiler and why ?
1. Diagram of bore cooling of piston and liner
2. Why materials tend to corrode more under stress
3. What are secondary functions of lubricating oil ( not properties like retaining properties at lower temperature or other
properties functions )
4.what is boundary lubrication diagram
5.why compression ratios tend to go higher in medium stroke engine over the years in manufacturing which is not possible on
large stroke engines why
7 -4-2016 Skm, Fn4
1. Lcv hcv significance ...y two value.
2. Work hardening
3. Critical speed
4. why a frame is replacing by box type...he told me d ans is in reeds vol12.
5. Hyd dynamic lub 5 factor
Function 4
1. What are the defects we can find in exhaust valve
2. In exhaust valve what is bleed valve puncture valve nd 1 more I forgot
3. What is palkanity talkanity tds nd calkanity
4. ME engines fully how cylinder lubrication done in it
5. Couldn't remember
10-03-2016, V.rai & k chakrborty, Fun 4
1)Diffrence b/w relative humidity & absolute humidity
2)firing mechanism in 4 s engine
3)In sleeve type t/c how axial thrust is taken.
4)boiler water test in detail widh chemical name
5)cylinder lube oil property
Fun 4 chakravarty
1.crank pin ovality
2.underslung bearing
3.vol eff of compressor
4.piston material
Lots of cross q.
30-11-2015, Int- sinha, ext- chakraborty,Fun: 4b
1. Which typ of engine u frgt
2. Purpose of cc door...relif pr and primary sec xplosion.
3.types of corrosion in liner nd piston ring with values lik vd: na ratio.
4.hw f.o. Burner of boiler cutting in and out takes air admiited during dis period and when.wat happens if steam cons

Chakraborty Fn 4 and 6,Fn 4

Criteria for deciding firing order of engine
How boiler expansion is accommodated when steam pressure is raised from cold
What is the function of fuel booster pump in fuel injection system
Sarkar ,15/03/16
Cascade control?
Green house effect? Odp?
Use of dam ring in purifier?
Vit, super vit. With diagram explanation.
Vkrc fn 4
1. Microbialdegradation of fuel oil.
2. Boiler safety vlv ascertained.
3. Platetype h/e advantages and disadvantages.
4. Compression ratio effect on spontaneous combustion.
Bkrc 14.3.16
1. What will happen if lub oil pressure drops to zero when me running?
2. What are the precautions for running main engine with low sulphur fuel oil.
3. What are the advantages of thin shell bearing
4. F.O contains high qt of catfines, how will you use this fuel.
5. Easing gear in boiler safety valve where is it fitted, what is its function, under what conditions is it operated.
Mitra fn4
1)arrange 6 unit engine exh with 2 T/c according to pulse turbocharging.
2)engine with only 1 tc N dat is damaged, hw to proceed.
3)variable turbine nozzle
4)100% and 50% capability of steering gear
5)how to improve main air compressor efficiency as per seemp
08.3.16,Bhowmik sir,,Fn4
1- bore cooling in liner,advantage?
2- 100 percent redundancy, criteria.
3-boiler combustion system safety
4-stern tube sealing arrangement
5. Alpha lubrication, details,advantage
08.03.16,Bhowmik,Fun 4
1. Provision for thermal expansion in main engine exhaust valve.
2. MC-C Cylinder lubrication, timing, position of quills, frequency of injection, etc
3. How bridge signal is transmitted to S/Gear.
4. Provision for expansion of tube in water n smoke tube boiler.
5. Sterntube sealing arrangement.
Banerjee 26.02.16, Fun 4
1. 3 essential properties of ref lube oil
2. Material of Piston rings and coatings
3. Ship side fittings.. How to check
4. Phosphate treatment
5. What info in load diagram of main engine
6. Difference in me and ae governor.. Limits in me governor
funcn 4,skm
pr red valv diagram description
circular vs I is secn of c/s of con rod
safety vv spring rectangular section vs cyl head relf vv spring circular why?
compression ratio of 2s is low why?
c/s fos?
V rai and chk fn 4b
1. Piston rings aux clearance increase or reduce wat effect wil b there

2. Accumulation of pressure in safety valve

3. Binding wire purpose in t/c and how blades are connected and y
4. Material composition of steel for elevated temperature.
5. What is Green house gas?
28.1.2016,Mr. Subimal Chakraborty & Mr. Vikrant Rai.,Fn 4:
1. Draw diagram for Sulzer cross head bearing saddle.
2. Boundary lubrication in detail.
3. Boiler phosphate and TDS significance.
4. What are the drawbacks of using low sulphur fuel and measures to counter this.
5. Superheater for boiler: Where is the safety valve placed? Inlet or outlet?.
Function 4
1.But clearence in figures
2.Common rail fuel injection system and provision to avoid pulsations
3.chemical and physical properties of lo values and significance
4. Thrust bearing survey steps and ckerence measurement
5. Location of quills in cylinder distance in figures
Chakraborty, Fn 4
Power to weight ration whose higher 2/s or 4/s?? Why.. explain..
Draw liner heavy weardown in power card.
Acc in boiler..
Compression ratio..
Accumulation of pressure test, why steam pressure rises after safety valve lift??
Fn 4 poison,s ratio, its significance on ship,
diff between rel humidity nd absolute humidity, units of absolute humidity,
function of diffuser in centrifugal pump,
how lines from header tank are connected to brgs of t/c,
Skm, fun4
liner bending where
a frame development why fully casted
scr quantity regulation
med speed engines more benefitted from t/c why? vs high and slow speed
sucn and d/c loss in compressor
Bnd 22.12.2015, Fun 4
1.Which engine u did....ME ENGINE
Which components of main engine control system controls following :
A. Aux blowers B. Cyl lubrication C. Fuel injec D. Trnsfr of control from bridge to ECR E. Governor
2. Trips, Alarms, Pressure, safeties associated with attached hydraulic oil supply pumps
3. Mention the use of following purifier parts.
A. Nozzles B. Solenoid Valve C. Pairing Disc D. Pilot Valve E. Main Sealing Ring
4. Boiler alkaline.. Non alkaline salts..types of scales and hardness
5. 100% renundancy in steering gear
Chakraborty , Fn 4
Criteria for deciding firing order of engine
How boiler expansion is accommodated when steam pressure is raised from cold
What is the function of fuel booster pump in fuel injection system
Fun 4, Mukopaduya v rai
1. All about me engine
2.minimum number of cylinders required for automatic starting of a engine
3. What is ignition delay,vit and super hit difference and adjustment
4.what type of lubrication takes place in crosshead
5.alpha lubricatir full details
Func 4 Biswas

1. Working of sulzer vit

2.Oros piston
3.Boiler gases present nd how to eleminate
4.Case hardening
Functtion 4... 1.working nd construction of dp cell..
2. Chemical nd physical properties of steel..
3. Draw card diagram..
4.exhaust valve full working with material used to cast d exhuast valve...
4May 2016, surveryor- chakravarty , func 4
cross section of gear pump nd flow direction
what s compression ratio
boundary lubrication
hydrostatic lubrication
In boiler if load increases what will be the changes in combustion system
Fn 4b, BKRC and MURTY in PO cabin..
1. Super long stroke advantage..
2. Why zero sac volume used and diagram of injector.. And how to ensure all holes are clear..
3. Thrust bearing survey.. And What you do if one pad is worn out and u r at sea.. I told v will put the astern pads in ahead coz
our engine is running most of the time in ahead direction..
4. While engine is running How v come to know the chain has elongated..
Last question by MURTY
5. What does the accumulator do Alfa lubrication.. And what will you do if the accumulator pressure is low when engine is
I told him that since the accumulator is filled with nitrogen and if its pressure becomes low that means it has leaked v will first stop engine then rectify the leak and then charge with nitrogen..
Then he told to wait outside..
After that BKRC said that there is no limit for knowledge.. Hence try to gain more and more knowledge.. Go u r pass..
External: A. Banerjee
1.types of pyrotechnics in details. (Specifically he wants to here about LTA).
2.How will you carry out investigation of an engine room fire and report to C/E.
3.inspection of E/R after grounding.
4.certificates in annexe 5 of marpol. boat engine not starting. Checks to carry out.
6.why free fall life boat is stowed aft.
7.Name of the 6 degrees of motion of the ship and which one is most dangerous.
11th june, Rkd Nd Rao , Fn 4
1. Why nowadays 3 injecters are used in ME
2. What is millers theory?
3. What is burst effect?
4. Oil pan heater in refer compressor
Fun4b- 1.sulzer RTA cyl lub oil control according to load...from where it gets signal or many pumps in total in pulse
2.boiler burner fluttering
3.Generator c/case inspection details..he asked do u take main brg clearance..i said i never took it yet.only deflection
4.sulzer rta bridge manouevering..u accept telegrah in ecr then what happens
5.i cnt remember this one
fn 4, chakaraborty and rao
1.what are the defects in exhaust valve.
3.tappet clearance
4.garbage management plan
5.phosphate reserve
6.self priming centrifugal pump
7.submerged welding.

Fn 4
1. Types of chemicals. Why submersible pump is used in tankers in chemical tanks?
2. How boiler starts automatically when steam pressure is low?
3 Generator piston material. I said cast steel. Why cast steel?
4 Boiler furnace inspection. What all checks?
20.05.16.. Sarkar
1. Cascade control
2. Hot gas defrosting
3. Work hardenning
4. Tempering
5. All indicator diagrame draw and explain
6. Exhaust valve burning reasons and provisions provided to stop
7. Cams retard .. How to correct.
Fn 4 bhattacharya
1. alfa system
2. why no relief v/v in refer compressor crank case
3. roof top boiler adv. and disadv.
4. 2nd stage suction valve leaking effect
5. tbn and sulfur content effect
17th May 2016, Function 4, RKD and V.Roy
1. 1st order moment.
2. Cause of engine vibration due to operation factor.
3. Defrosting types .
4. Turbocharger fouling exhaust side, reasons.
5. Accumulation pressure tests.
Fn.4, 17.05.2016 ,Vikrant rai and rkd
1) what is npsh and why it is important for a centrifugal pump? Characteristic curves of both centrifugal pump and axial flow
pump.. Uses of axial flow pump and advantages and disadvantages of both pumps..
2) three fuel injectors working and fuel system of electronic engines..
3) eedi and eeoi full..
4) refer l.o properties. According to rkd, most important property is pour point.
5) oil separator in refer diagram and working..
6) in boiler safety valve, what is compression nut and what is there to prevent tampering? Diagram of it.
7) why superheater safety valve pressure setting is lesser than boiler safety valve??
Internal v. Rai ,ext bhoumik. Fn4.
1.M/e specification of last ship.
2.working principle of t/c. Materials of t/c blade both turbine and blower side.
3. Factors governing the interface line btw oil and water in a separator.
4. Stern tube lubrication.
5. Why the valves of air compressor are of plate type . Material
6. Wrt to starting and reversing what is the flow path of control air.
Chakraborty - 4-5-16, Fn 4
Compression ratio and significance
Piston ring - function , working diagram and material
Types of boiler test, use of phosphate test and reason
Gear pump cross section view
F4 &6
Exhaust gas recirculation in boiler
Ref room temp going high
Factor influence scavenging
Action taken after grounding
Accumulation test of boiler
Main engine chain slake how to fix

Rkd, F4-alpha lubricator working

-tie rod failure reasons
-cloud point of oil
25.04.16, Fun 4
Superlong stroke
Reflex type gauge glass
Draw c/s deflection curve for 1 unit and give interpretation
Blown thorugh reason
(Give me cls 2 level ans not cls 4)
Engine not turning on air and fuel
Engine rpm less or high
Vit setting
Surveyor:Mukhopadhyay 13.01.2016. Function:4
vit timings exact values of timing ,
pr fluctuation in fuel pipe ,
in reversing of sulzer what happens to the roller , in dual fuel injection what are the problems associated ,
01-04-2016 Function 4 Subminal chkraborty
1) firing order criteria of diesel engine
2) lsfo drawbacks
3) thrust pad lubrication of ME and Ae
Date : 31st March 2016, External :- Sarkar and Vikrant Rai . Fn:4
1. Exhaust valve burning how it occur what to do to prevent it .
2. Defrosting.
3. Safety vv setting , he wants to listen about compression ring specially mention this.
4. Cascade control draw it.
5. How will you analyse crank shaft deflection reading.
Vkrc fn 4
1. Microbialdegradation of fuel oil.
2. Boiler safety vlv ascertained.
3. Platetype h/e advantages and disadvantages.
4. Compression ratio effect on spontaneous combustion..
BiswasFn 4 11.3.16
1. How liner is constructed?? How is the anti wear properties incorporated?
2. How is fuel quantity regulated in a fuel pump?
3. How are the t/c turbine blades attached to the rotor? Cross section drawing of the rotor with blade
4. ALCAP in details
Fun 4b and 6
Surveyor Rkd and vk ray
1. How many injectors are good in 1 l,2 or 3 and why and sequestion of operation at different load.
Then inteligent .full details of each unit working and purpose.
2.hcv lcv
3.all about tie rods.
4.pinching screw where and how fitted.
5.engine type of your last ship.
6.1st and 2nd order vibraion. end vibraion and forced vibration.
8.about MCC engine all detsils.
Many cross q.
Rest not remembered
9.refregeraion knocking
10.back pr valve
11.last ship fo. settling tank capacity.
12.large amout of lube oil mixed in fuel..engine has to run..lots of cross questiin.
13.rudder stock twisted by hitting to jetty tell me angle of twist.

14.refer compressors unloader.

15.safty head.
16.boiler blow down which u prefer and why. Short duration blow down and long duration blow down.lots of crs q
17.derivative control in governor.
Few more q cant remember 20 question s asked with cross q
4b and 6,surveyor,V roy and bnd
3.safeties of main compressor, and where we r placing bursting disc
4.main bearing clearness and their values
5.Boiler preparation for survey,boiler have steam @7 bar, and wich kind valves are at boler blowdown line, what are uses
6.rudder checks and clearness and their values
7.centrifugal pump survey, where we r taking clearences and their values
8.bolier water tests, and corrosion types, and what is caustic embrittlement and which part is effected in bowlr
9.main engine wet washing importance and procedures, line diagram
28.01.2016 Fn: 4B, Int: Sinha sir & Ext: AK Mitra sir
1. Air comp capacity?
2. Super VIT, range, why not below 40% MCR , and at break point what will happen?
3. 2 ram steering gear, one ram badly leak, how to proceed ?
4. Reversing failure, causes and actions ?
5. How to improve COP of ref system ?
6. Depend on what factors Alpha lubricator inject oil in cylinder ?
7. What is the most important property for Lub Oil ?
Bnd 22.12.2015 Fun 4
1.Which engine u did....ME ENGINE
Which components of main engine control system controls following :
A. Aux blowers B. Cyl lubrication C. Fuel injec D. Trnsfr of control from bridge to ECR E. Governor
2. Trips, Alarms, Pressure, safeties associated with attached hydraulic oil supply pumps
3. Mention the use of following purifier parts.
A. Nozzles B. Solenoid Valve C. Pairing Disc D. Pilot Valve E. Main Sealing Ring
4. Boiler alkaline.. Non alkaline salts..types of scales and hardness
5. 100% renundancy in steering gear
22/12/15 fn4 BND
1 reversing of man b n w engine
2 working of fuel injector
3 alkaline n non alkaline salts in boiler water
4 on off controller n offset.....
5 grey cast iron ,white cast iron and nodular cast iron
08/07/2016, Mitra sir, Fn 4
1. In modern engine cylinder lubrication depends on what factors
2. Boiler water feed pump type. What arrangement is there to take axial thrust.
3. Large pumps, what take radial thrust.
4. Out of 6 one thrust pad is over heating. Actions
Function - 4 Bhowmik, Das and KMRao
1. What kind of engine u worked. Explain the abbreviation 6S50MCC8.1, how you will define ur engine
2. Power card complete explanation, calculation of power of engine, MCR....
3. Stern tube lubrication with diagram
4. Purpose of chrome liner, Defects in chrome liner of stern tube, material of chrome liner
5. In a 2 ram steering gear, location of safety valve and bypass valve. Purpose of both
Crank web slippage... reason.. how to find..and actions to be taken?
2. explain Miller cycle and cross questions about NOx
3. difference between mc and MCC engine , difference between bi and trimetallic bearing
4. What type of turbocharger you had , advantage of air cooled turbocharger over uncooled turbocharger