Approximately June.

26th,2009 at 4:22 on the 1400 block of 11th avenue east, at the corner alley west of Woodland St in front of 1452 East 11th ave. residents. I witnessed coming out of my friends apartment, my friend Ben Yankson was being harassed by an older male in his 50's. At the scene were the two of the neighbors Gisela Shultz and Ceone of the 1452 residents that my friend lives in. Addressing that my friend had done nothing wrong and that it was the gentleman who pursued false action towards my friend Ben who was waiting for me. The two ladies were trying to help Ben and asked the gentleman who he was and that my friend was talking to an old-man in compassionate terms. This old-man that Ben was talking too, had introduced himself to me and Ben 20 minutes earlier before we arrived at our destination. This gentlemen conversed with us while we walked in the same direction towards my friends residents 1452 on the 1400 block of 11th avenue, back alley west of Woodland St. I went into my friends place while Ben and the old-man carried their conversation on in a compassionate manner, I noticed Gisela and Ceone sitting at the front steps while I made my way around the side of the house to visit my friend. When I came out of my friends residents after about 10 minutes, I witnessed the situation between the man who was in his 50's wearing a grey sweater,glasses,and graying brown hair. He was on the phone at that moment calling the Police about my friend Ben, were he stated falsely that my friend had robbed an old man in the alley. Ceone and Gisela said for me and Ben to leave and not to worry about the situation they will vouch for my friend Ben and state that he was there peacefully and had done nothing wrong while waiting for me if and when the Police arrive. We both choose to head east on 11th avenue and head towards Commercial drive. We continued down the next block after Woodland St. and noticed that the gentleman who was profiling Ben falsely had followed us pursuing an uncomfortable vibe with the both us. He was still on his phone, about half way down the block, around 4:28 an undercover Police car pulls up beside us. The Officer on the passenger side waved us over, I walked towards the Police vehicle noticing my friend Ben ahead of me willingly approaching in excitement to explain the situation to the officer,as I was behind voicing to the officer's that the man behind us was harassing my friend Ben. At that very moment the passenger side officer had stood out of the car, grabbing Ben's right arm and asked him to stop resisting. My friend in shock was asking the officer to stop and let him talk, the officer's at that time did not address us who they were and did not explain the situation they

were called in for. As I watched the officer restrain ben on the right-side of the trunk, they used force, in the frustration between the apprehension the passenger side officer had laid in a knee to the right thigh of Ben's leg, smashing Ben's head into the back trunk of the car to get him to cooperate. The officers asked me to wait at the sidewalk. They went through and did their standard procedure checking Bens backpack and wallet as he waited on the trunk of the car. I quickly phoned my friend to get his two neighbors to come up the street to help as witnesses for the falsified action the gentlemen that called in the robbery into the Police and assist me with the two officers in statement to witnessing what had really happened to my friend Ben. During the phone call I noticed the officers went to the gentlemen for his statement and let him go on his way. The officer's then approached me and explained the scenario that they were called in for a robbery and noticed that it wasn't, they also explained that is the precautions they had to take in defense, due to my friend rushing the car he explained in his point of view of the situation. They asked for my info as well, shortly after during them checking my info. I noticed Ben laying down against the car, to my notification of the view I had I could only see his legs due to the car blocking my view, not noticing Ben being unconscious . The officer said he was only responding to the call and the drastic measures had to be enforced for there safety. The two neighbors, Gisela and Ceone had walked up as we all noticed that Ben was unconscious laying on the ground. The officer noticed Ben's unconsciousness and immediately addressed Ben and checked his breath and pulse and asked if he has ceasures or any medical condition's. I responded no and that the only time of that situation was from malnourishment. The driver side officer placed his two fingers at the pressure point area of the left trap muscle. Ben's only reaction to it was his eyes rolling backwards. In and out of consciousness from the concussion he took. The officer's had already called in for paramedics and the fire truck. They had arrived and assessed Ben, I noticed him waking up and asking if the paramedics had apprehended the guy who beat him up, his state of shock was very noticeable. Startled behind the whole situation Ben was disoriented with in need of help, I had approached the circle of paramedics and grabbed ben out of the street onto the boulevard. The officer told Ben that he had to make a choice wether to let the paramedics help him or let them go. Ben had agreed and requested no medical attention. The officers

stayed behind to talk to Ben and were explaining to him that they were called in for a robbery and had pursued him in that action because they thought he was coming up to attack them. They assured us that it happens and that we can take an incident report due to Ben's prior request during the conversation. Ben had also asked for there names and badge numbers for the incident report he was going to file, the numbers they gave were #2448 and #2496. The officers also mentioned that charges were not being laid and statements were not needed from any of us, and were they had left. In shock of the whole situation to my understanding that my friend had been racially profiled by this man who had called in about a robbery which never happened. I found it odd when my friend Ben who appears healthy,well dressed,well mannered to be judged upon something so harsh that a person(man who harassed Ben) assumes something he did not know,causing a concussion and injuries in the effect of that person's paranoia of a robbery. When only friend did was talk to a man in good conversation. Were the real criminal was the man who called a false crime on the phone to the Police. Shortly after we had gone back to the apartment of 1452 East 11th ave. Were Gisela and Ceone had hosted us to help Ben with the statements for the incident. Ben seemed very disoriented and vertigo was probably part of it, he would keep asking us about the date,time,etc. I was able to get a lift to take Ben to the (VGH) hospital to get checked up on. Ashley Carr 1835 Prestwick dr. Vancouver, BC V5P 2E8

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