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Lochie Ferrier

97 Bay State Road, Boston, MA - - 1-617-803-1991


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

(Currently studying) Bachelor of Science, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering,
June 2019


Electrical Engineering Intern

Markforged, Inc
May 2016-current
Cambridge, MA
Work on characterizing the extrusion systems of the unique Markforged carbon fiber 3D
printers. Doing science and integrating sensors into platform to create a self-improving
Hardware and Software Lead
HLS Vehicle Modification
February-June 2015
Canberra, Australia
Hacked the Volkswagen Auto Group CAN bus protocol and produced a consumer product to allow others to use the exploits. I designed and built the electronics hardware
prototypes, reverse engineered the CAN bus protocols and wrote content for the website
and Kickstarter campaign.
Hardware Engineer
ANU Space Plasma Power and Propulsion
January-March 2015
Canberra, Australia
Designed and built a pressure regulator for an atmosphere breathing low pressure
electric propulsion system. Commercial pressure regulators were too expensive, so I
made a 50 dollar one out of ballpoint pen springs, bicycle tubes and scrap aluminum.
Satellite Systems Researcher
MIT Space Systems Laboratory
June-August 2014
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Made improvements to and performed maintenance on the ISS SPHERES platform
alongside developing my OASIS technology. Attended classes, seminars and engaged
in other educational activities with 83 other science and engineering students from
around the world as part of the Research Science Institute program.


Ekranoplan (current project): Designing and building a lightweight single seat

ekranoplan using Rutan-style fiberglassing techniques. 210 kg MTOW.
MIT Electric Aircraft Team: Led an effort to build an unmanned supersonic electric jet for the anniversary of Chuck Yeagers flight. Worked through initial designs,
including simulation of supersonic flows, raised funds and did structural design work.
Realized that battery specific power was a limiting factor, and that I was pretty dumb.
Learned a lot about building a team.
Mars Glider: Designed a glider that could travel 35 km over the Martian surface,
gathering data within canyons after being released from a 1U Cube-Sat capsule on an
MSL descent trajectory. Worked remotely with JPL, presented to AIAA.
OASIS: Invented optical autonomous satellite identification system (barcode on steroids)
for identifying space junk.


Software: Python, Obj-C, Visual Basic, LATEX, Solidworks, Upverter, OpenCV, Matlab
Engineering: Composites layup, SMD soldering, digital electronics


Electric aircraft, spaceflight, undersea colonization


Australian citizen on F-1 student visa, able to work in all industries except for national
security and ITAR restricted aerospace.