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Guide for
SE Datacenter Associate Exam (PSE: Datacenter A), Version
Version Control: Monday, 2015-08172T16:30

This document is the Study Guide for the Palo Alto Networks Systems Engineer: Datacenter Associate
Accreditation Exam, Version 7.0, abbreviated as PSE: Datacenter - A.

Its expected that you will have passed the Palo Alto Networks Systems Engineer: Platform Associate
Accreditation Exam, Version 7.0, abbreviated as PSE: Platform A.

Exam Format:
The test format is approximately 25 questions, all multiple choice. Its untimed, open book, and you can
retake it as many times as youd like.

How to Take This Exam:

1. Go to the Palo Alto Networks online Learning Center, which can be found at
2. Search for the name of the exam on that site and then Request it.
3. Go to your transcript and you can begin the exam.

Study and Exam Objectives:

Here are the Study and Exam Objectives for this Skill Level and its exam. Each exam item is designed to
test competence on a single Objective.

Objective DA-020: I can explain which licenses or subscriptions are needed to enable particular
Objective DA-030: I can size Palo Alto Networks products to meet the customer's needs.
Objective DA-210: I can explain the features and benefits of the PA-7050.
Objective DA-220: I can explain tags and Dynamic Address Groups.
Objective DA-230: I can explain HA on VM-Series firewalls.
Objective DA-240: I understand the VMware NSX platform and how Palo Alto Networks
products integrate with it.
Objective DA-250: I can explain the differences between physical firewalls and VM-Series
Objective DA-260: I understand which virtualization platforms support VM-Series firewalls.
Objective DA-270: I can explain the differences between the VM-X00 and VM-1000-HV firewalls.

Study Resources:
These are the study resources for this exam. Many exam items are taken verbatim from these resources.
Product Summary Spec Sheet:
PA-7050 Overview Page:
PA-7000 Series Datasheet:
PA-7050 Rollout Campaign:
PA-7050 Hardware Reference Guide:
Virtualized Firewalls:

Virtualized Firewalls Overview Page:
VM-Series Datasheet:
VM-Series Deployment Guide PAN-OS 7.0:
VM-Series on Specific Virtualization Platforms:
Virtualization and Cloud Solution Brief:
VM-Series for Amazon Web Services Datasheet:
VM-Series for Citrix NetScaler SDX Datasheet:
VM-Series for KVM Datasheet: