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Fourth Departmental Test in Mathematics IV

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DIRECTIONS: Choose the correct answer and write the letter of your best response on the blank before
each item.
_____1. What is the value of g(u+2) if g(x)= _7_ ?
A. u_
B. 7_
C. _7_
D. 7_
_____2. In a given linear function f(x)= 5x+3, what is the value of x where the graph crosses the x-axis?
A. 3
B. -3
C. 2/5
D. -3/5
_____3. Find the standard form of the equation that passes through (-2, 5) and (3, 1)
A. 4x+5y=17
B. 5x+4y=17
C. 4/5-3y=4/5
D. -4/5+3y=-4/5
_____4. Find the value of k in the equation 4x-ky=7 if the ordered pair (4,3) is a solution of the equation.
A. 3
B. 5
C. 7
D. 9
_____5. Write an equation in standard form for the line that passes through (4, 6) and is perpendicular
to the line whose equation is y=2/3 x+5.
A. 3x-2y=24
B. 3x+2y=24
C. 2x-3y=24
D. 2x+3y=24
_____6. What could be the equation of a line that passes through (0, 5) and is parallel to the graph of
A. y=4x+5
B. y=-4x+5
C. y=1/4 x+5
D. y=1/4 x-5
_____7. If the general form of the equation is 5x+3y=15, what could be the y-intercept?
A. (0, 5)
B. (5, 0)
C. (3, 0)
D. (0, -3)
_____8. What could be the roots of the function f(x)=x2-2x-15?
A. 3 and -5
B. 5 and -3
C. 1/5 and 3
D. 1/5 and 1/3
_____9. What is the composition of function f and g, denoted by (f g)(x) if f(x)=3x-5 and g(x)=2x2+5x?
A. 6x2+15x-5B. 18x2-45x+25
C. 6x3+5x2-25x
D. -2x2-2x-5
_____10. At 10AM Eric travelled 195 miles across the plains states on his way to California. At 2PM he had
travelled 455 miles. Use slope to calculate his rate of travel?
A. 65 mph
B. 75 mph
C. 85 mph
D. 95 mph
_____11. What is the quadratic form of f(x)=(x+2)2-6?
A. x2+4x-2
B. x2+4x+8
C. (x+2)2-6
D. x2+4x+2
_____12. Find the quadratic equation having 8 and -7 as roots.
A. x2-x-56
B. x2-8x-56
C. x2+7x-56
D. 4x2-8x+56
_____13. What could be the equation of the parabola in y=a(x-h) +k form with vertex at (4,-1) and (3,2)
as one of the points in the graph?
A. y=4(x-3)2+1
B. y=3(x-4)2-1
C. y=2(x+3)2-3
D. y=1(x+3)2-2
_____14. What should be the axis of symmetry of the quadratic function f(x)=5x2-6?
A. x=5
B. x=-5
C. x=0
D. x=6
_____15. What is the vertex of the quadratic function f(x)=3(x-2) -4?
A. (2, 4)
B. (4, -2)
C. (-4, 2)
D. (2, -4)
_____16. Marc has 120 ft of fencing material to make a rectangular kennel for his dogs. If the house is to
be used as one side of the kennel, what should be the length and width for maximum area?
A. 40 ft by 40 ft
B. 50 ft by 20 ft
C. 60 ft by 30 ft
D. 45 ft by 15 ft
_____17. In the given polynomial f(x)=x3-x2-10x-8, which is a factor of f(x)?
A. x-2
B. x+2
C. x
D. x-3
_____18. What could be the points of x-axis that the graph of f(x)=x 3-2x2-5x+6 crosses?
A. -3 and -1
B. 3, 1, and -2
C. 2 and -1
D. -3 and -2
_____19.What could be the remaining factors of 16x5-32x4-81x+162 if x-2 is one of them?
A. 2x-3, 2x+3
B. x-3, x+2
C. 2x+1, 2x-1
D. 3x+2, 3x-2
_____20. The clothes store adds a 75% mark up to the wholesale price of merchandise to determine the
selling price. If a jacket that costs $100 wholesale is on sale for 20% off, what could a customer
pay for it?
A. $180
B. $140
C. $130
D. $120
_____21. Compare the graphs of y=4x and y =(1/4)x. What do you notice?
A. inverses with respect to y=axis
C. covers quadrant I
B. inverses with respect to x-axis
D. occupies quadrant II
_____22. Solve the equation 4x-1=8x.
A. 4
B. 2
C. -2
D. -4
_____23. Which of the following ordered pairs is not a point on the graph of y=3 x?
A. (0, 1)
B. (-2, 1/9)
C. (3, 27)
D. (-1, -1/3)
_____24. Which of the following sets of exponential functions has the graph which is closest to the y-axis?
A. y=2x
B. y=3x
C. y=4x
D. y=7x
_____25. Express the exponential function f(x)=4 in non-negative exponent form.
A. f(x)=1/4x
B. f(x)=1x/4
C. f(x)=(1/4)x
D. f(x)=x1/4
_____26. Solve for log928 if log97=0.8856 and log94=0.6309?
A. 1.5165
B. 15.165
C. 151.65
D. 1516.5

Mathematics IV (page 2)
_____27. Solve for the expression log3x log34 = log312.
A. 28
B. 48
C. 32
D. 56
_____28. What is the simplified form of 1/x3y2?
A. (x2y3)
B. (2x y3)
C. (x-3y-2)
D. (x2y2)
_____29. Write the equation log61/36= -2 in exponential form.
A. (1/36)-2=6B. 61/36= -2
C. 6-2 = 1/36
D. (36)-2 =6
_____30. How long will it take money to double if it is invested at 18% interest compounded
A. 2.5 yrs
B. 3.85 yrs
C. 4.75 yrs
D. 5.25 yrs
_____31. The numbers on the face of a clock divide the circular face into twelve congruent sectors. What
is the radian measure of the angle between any two consecutive numbers on a clock?
A. radians
B. /2 radians
C. /3 radians
D. /6 radians
_____32. What is the radian equivalent of 225?
A. 5/12
B. 17/12
C. 19/12
D. 21/12
_____33. Which of the following angles are quadrantal angles?
A. 75
B. 125
C. 335
D. 270
_____34. Convert 540 to radian measure.
B. 2
C. 3
D. 3/2
_____35. Find the degree equivalent of 26/3.
A. 1560
B. 27
C. 1440
D. 1650
_____36. A circle has a radius of 30cm. Find the length of the arc which subtends an angle whose radius
measure is /10.( Let 3.14)
A. 0.314 cm
B. 6.28 cm
C. 18 cm
D. 9.42 cm
_____37. What is the smallest positive angle co-terminal with -700?
A. 20
B. 10
C. 45
D. 60
_____38. Find the reference angle for an angle whose measure is 860?
A. 130
B. 50
C. 40
D. 60
_____39. Which of the following illustrates an angle in standard position?

_____40. If the unit circle is divided into 24 equal arcs, then each arc measures how many degrees?
A. 30
B. 15
C. 7.5
D. 45
_____41. In which quadrant be the terminal point P() located when =20/3.
A. I
_____42. Give the coordinates of the point of intersection of the terminal side of a 570angle on the unit
A. (3/2, )
B. (-3/2, )
C. (-3/2, -1/2)
D. (3/2, -1/2)
_____43. Express 11/6 radians in degree measure.
A. 660
B. 330
C. 180/
D. (11/6)(/180)
_____44. What is the radian measure of 3600?
B. 2
C. 20
D. 36
_____45. In which quadrant does the terminal point, P() lies when arc length =3/4?
A. I
_____46. Determine the coordinates of the terminal point P() if the arc length is 5.
A. (1, 0)
B. (0, 1)
C. (-1, 0)
D. (0, -1)
_____47. Determine the coordinates of the terminal point, P() with arc length 43/3.
A. (1, 0)
B. (3/2, )
C. (1/2, 3/2)
D. (-1, 0)
_____48. Find the coordinates of the point of intersection of the terminal side of a 300 angle in standard
position on the unit circle.
A. (1/2, -3/2)
B. (-1/2, 3/2)
C. (-2/2, 2/2)
D. (2/2, -2/2)
***For numbers 49-50, please refer to the figure.
_____49. The points A, P, Q, R, S, T divide the circle with a radius of 1 unit into six equal parts.
How long is each arc?
A. /6
B. /5
C. /4
D. /3
_____50. At what point will the ant be if it covered a length of -2/3
starting from A?
A. Q
B. S
C. T
D. R