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The following text is for questions 26 and 27.

My family and i are going to spend our coming holiday in kaliurang on the slope
mount merapi, yogyakarta. My father has made a room reservaticn
at Griya
PersadaHotel for tree days.
We decide to stay in Griya Persada Hotel because its pretty close to Mount
merapi. The weather is cool and fresh. Tourist resorts, such as merapi museum, are
also reachable from the hotel. Besides, it has a cleand n beautiful environment. The
Hotel provides and playground and a flower garden where some orchid plants grow
beautifully.there is also nice swimming pool. Morevere, we can enjoy a magnificent
view of the top of Mount merapi clearly from this hotel.
Talking about the room, it is spacious, clean and comfortable. The restaurant
provides various menus of local and internasional dishes. The most important thing is
that the hotel staff are friendly.
26.What is the text about ?
a. Mount Merapi.
b. Griya Persa Hotel
c. Kaliurang tourist resort
d. The merapi museum
e. The writers holiday
Here are the reasons why the writer and his/her family decide to stay
Griya Persada Hotel, EXCEPT ........
a. The hotel has a clean beautiful environment.
b. It will take much time to reach the Merapi Museum from the hotel.
c. The guests can enjoy swimming during their stay in the hotel
d. Each room is large, clean and comfortable
e. The hotel staff are friendly.
The following text is for questions 28 to 30.
REPLUBIKA.CO.ID.,JAKARTA-Saman dance of gayo lues and surrounding areas in
aceh province was officially recognized and included in the list of intangible cultural
heritage which requires urgent protection of UNESCO. Head of information and public
communication kemparekraf I Gusti Ngurah Putra during a press conference in jakarta
on Thursday said UNESCOS recognition of cultural arts towards saman dance was
carried out and characterized on the sixth session of the intergovernmental committee
for the protection of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.
TROUGH the trial, the art cultureof gayo I ues saman dance and surrounding
areas in aceh province is formally included into the list of intangible cultural heritage
requiring urgent protection of UNESCO ,he added.
The annual grand session which was attended by more than 500 delegates from
69 countries, international NGOS. Cultural expertrs and the media took place at the
Bali International
convertion centre from 22nd to 29th November 2011.
Indonesia is trusted by 137 countries in 2003 UNESCO Convention for the
Protection intangible cultural heritage to be the host and lead such a prestigious
Previously, files nomination Saman carefully prepared and submitted to UNESCO
in March 2010 by the Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare, with full support from

the Central Government, Provincial Government of Aceh, Gayo Lues Regent, Ibn
Hashim, and society.
Welfare warned Saman conservation efforts do not end with acceptance of the
charter signed by the Director-General of UNESCO, but this is the beginning of the
implementation of the Action Plan to protect and develop cultural heritage Saman by
all stakeholders.
As per 2003 UNESCO Convention, Article 2, Paragraph 1 states that intangible
cultural heritage includes all the practices, representations, expressions, knowledge,
skills and tools, objects (natural), artefacts and cultural spaces associated with it that
is recognized by a variety of community, groups, and in certain individuals as part of
their cultural heritage.
Intangible cultural heritage known to be more familiar as the "living heritage".
Parallels are natural sites and cultural sites, known as heritage objects.
Organization of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural
Organization (UNESCO) has adopted the Convention on the Protection intangible
cultural heritage at the 32nd Session of its General Conference in Paris, on October 17,
Convention in 2003 started its operation since April 2006 which aims to increase
visibility or public awareness, encourage respect for and protection diverse intangible
cultural heritage or culture of life through cooperation between governments and
communities at national, sub-regional, regional and international levels. To date, the
Convention has been ratified by 137 states parties.
Indonesia became the 83rd State Party Convention in 2003 on January 15, 2008,
through No. Presidential Regulation 78 July 2007.
Since then, Indonesia participated actively even made a member of the
Intergovernmental Committee of 24 member countries, with a term of four years, the
General Assembly of States Parties in Paris, June 2010.
Bali will go down in history as host of the latest in a series of ordinary and
extraordinary session of the Intergovernmental Committee of the Convention of 2003,
starting from Algiers (2006), Chengdu (2007), Tokyo (2007), Sofia (2008), UNESCO,
Paris (2008) , Istanbul (2008), Abu Dhabi (2009) and Nairobi (2010).
This year's meeting will take place with full sessions for 7 days, and is the
longest in the history of the Convention, with 27 eyes of the agenda to be debated and
decided.Gayo original
While Saman dance itself is a cultural heritage of indigenous Gayo tribe since
the 13th century, in Gayo Lues and surrounding areas in the province of Aceh which
was then developed by Sheikh Saman for the delivery of religious messages.
Saman players are male, generally young, and the numbers are always odd to
sit cross-legged or kneel in a line meeting.
Players wearing traditional dress embroidered with Gayo traditional motifs
which the full symbolism of nature and noble values.
Coach in the middle of leading players sing the verses contains a message of
development, religious, advice, custom, satire, humor, and even romantic.

Players clap their hands, chest, thighs and ground / floor, snapped fingers,
wiggle the left-right body, front and back, shaking and rotating the head on the bottom
left and right, move the hand, bowed in sync according to the rhythm, sometimes
slow, sometimes fast and energetic, sometimes simultaneously, sometimes alternating
intervals between players with the position of odd and even positions in a row. Saman
describes the motion of nature, environment, and daily life of a Gayo society.
Saman contested when one village invites another village in order to establish
friendship ties between villages.
Saman used to entertain guests and to enliven the national and religious
holidays. Saman also children's games of Gayo tribe in the village. Saman is generally
transmitted informally to a small child in the village.
Saman staging frequency and transmission to future generations to decline at
this time, although the people and the Government has tried to preserve it, so that
conservation efforts are needed urgently.

the text is about.....

a. Saman dance
b. Saman dance and UNESCO
c. Saman dances declaration as intangible cultural herritage.
d. 2003 UNESCO convention held in Bali
e. The list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO
29.Where was Saman dance officially included in the list of intangible cultural
heritage of
a. In 2003 UNESCO convention.
b. In New York
c. In Jakarta
d. In Bali
e. In Aceh province
30.Who opened the sixth session of the intergovernmental committee for the
protection of
UNESCO intangible cultural heritage ?
a. Agung Laksono
b. I Gusti Ngurah Putra
c. Madame Irine Bokova
d. Mohammad Nuh
e. Francesco Bandarin
The following text is for questions 31.
To all student of grade X and XI. The student of grade XII will tryout on
Monday and , 2nd and 3nd April 2012. They do need quite atmosphere in order
to get the best mark. So, student of grade X and XI are requested to study at
home. Please prepare yourself for semester test.
For student of grade XII, please prepare for the final examination. Dont
forget to pray and keep your body fit and healthy. This examination
determines your future. Always do your best. We wish you good luck.
Mr Ramadani
Vice - principal
31. What is being informed in the announcement ?
a. All student of grade X and XI will have a semester test.

b. All student of grade X and XI should pray for students of grade XII.
c. Thr sident of grade should prepare themselves for the semester test
d. The student of grade XII will hold tryout on Monday and Tuesday,2 nd and
3nd April 2012.
e. The student of grade XII will do the final examination on Moday and
Tuesday, 2nd and 3nd April 2012.
The following text is for questions 32 to 34
Cigarette smokers are said to have chance of getting various fatal diseases. But I think
that other peoples tobacco smoke seems to increase the chances of non-smokers
getting a wide range of cancers. First , although passive smokers inhale less tobacco
smoke, the researchers point out that the smoke they breathe in is richer in many
toxic chemicals. There is an example, three times as much as benzo-apyrene, six
times as much loluene and more than 50 times as much dimenthyl nitrosamine. Of
course these substances will harm our body in the long run. Second , the recent
research reported that the risk of getting cancers not normally associated with
smoking also rose among passive smokers. The risk of leukaemia rose 6 8 times and
the risk of cervical cancer increased 3 4 times. Third , past studies have found that
by product of cigarette smoke such as coinine and thiocynate, turn up in the blood,
urine and saliva of non smoking adults, children and fetuses that have been exposed
to smokers. These substances are the main causes of various cancers. In short , the
effects of exposure to the cigarette smoking of others are greater than has been
previously suspected. That is why passive smokers have more chances of contracting
cancer than people with no such expose.

The text is about ....

The danger of becoming passive smokers.
The danger of becoming active smokers.
Various types of diseases caused by cigarette smoke.
What people can do to avoid cigarette smoke.
Some product of tobacco.

32. According to the text, what diseases is most frequently caused by

cigarette smoke ?
a. Tuberculosis
b. Cancer
c. Headache
d. Pneumonia
e. Dehydration

The writer purpose in writing the text is ....

To ask people to ban smoking In public.
To persuade readers that there Is a case
To convince readers that smoking cause various fatal diseases
To persuade reader by presenting one side of an argument.
To provoke young man to stop smoking.

The following text is for questions 35 to 37

Multiculturalism has had a major effect on Australian society. Since Australian
opened her doors to other nationalities apart from the British, she has matured and
grown in many different areas. These areas include dress, languages, religions,
festivals, cuisine, architecture, sports and recreation.
Australia has adopted many ideas from immigrants, the lifestyle is more relaxed
and the way Australian people dress is more comfortable in the way they can choose
to wear.

The traditional English originally, spoken has broadened to include words from
others countries. Australian people now have terms in their language such as
cappuccino, boulevard, cal de sac and cuisine.
Australian now has representatives off all major religions and can proudly say
that each person is free to follow their chosen religion whit out persecution.
The immigrants brought with them festivals and celebrations and are happy to
share them with all Australians. These include Chinese New Year, Oktoberfest and
some other festivals.
The biggest part of traditional Australian life to be changed has been the
introduction of a varied style and foods. Australians enjoy eating and cooking the
foods of the French, Chinese, Italian, Viennese, Japanese, creation and Greek to name
a few.
Architecture in Australia has changed to a more open, relaxed continental way
of thinking. This is seen in the shopping malls and the adaptation of styles in housing,
for example, the Spanish style house and the open pians used today.
New sport, such as soccer and baseball, are challenging the interest in the more
traditional sports codes of league and cricket.
Multiculturalism has really benefitted Australia as a whole and, if it continues as
successfully and as peacefully as it at present, Australia will continue to grow and
34. These include Chinese New Year, Oktoberfest
festivals.( Paragraph 5) The word these refers to ....
a. Lifestyles
b. Representatives
c. Ideas from immigrant
d. Festivals and celebrations
e. Words from other countries.




35.What does paragraph 7 talk about ?

a. What multiculturalism is.
b. The change of fashion styles.
c. The change of architecture.
d. New kinds of sport.
e. The broadened of traditional English spoken by Australian
36.Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the text ?
a. Multiculturalism doesnt change Australia
b. Australian lifestyle is more relaxed
c. A varied style of foods affected Australian food.
d. The words cappuccino is not originates from Australian word.
e. Australia is made up of people who come from around the word.
The following text is for questions 38 to 40.
Every day we experience traffic congestion, especially in big cities. The streets are filled with old
and new vehicles. Many of the new-cars owners use subsidized fuel. Do you agree with this stance?
Some people who agree with the attitude say that the fuel is subsidized by the government for all the
Indonesian people. So, everyone is entitled to use it. They also argue that new vehicles taxes are very high.
These vehicles taxes can be uses to reduce the burden of the government in providing fuel subsidies. That
means balanced, the government subsidizes fuel and new car owners pay high taxes.
On the other hand, there are many people who disagree with that attitude. They argue that the percentage of
new-vehicles owners are much higher than that of the old cars. The new-vehicles owners are also considered
better off financially compared to that of the old car owners. That means subsidized fuel is more widely used

by new cars though the new cars owners are wealthy enough to buy not-subsidized fuel. Thus, the
government fuel subsidies are misplaced. Subsidized fuel should only be for old cars owners who are less
well off financially.
In conclusion, lets see what the government will do in addressing this condition. Will the ban on the use of
subsidized fuel for cars really be implemented next year?
37.Which of the following statement is NOT TRUE according to the text ?
a. New cars still use subsidized fuel.
b. The government will never provide new cars with subsidized fuel next
c. Old cars are the ones which have a right to use subsidized fuel.
d. The government may ban the use of subsidized fuel for new car owners.
e. The use of subsidized fuel will disturb the convenience of driving new
38.Some people agree that car owners can use subsidized fuel because ....
a. They pay high for subsidized fuel
b. They pay high taxes for their cars
c. Old car owners pay lower taxes for their cars than they do
d. Subsidized fuel has no relation to the governments financial burden
e. Using high-octane fuel for new cars may disturb the driving
39. so, everyone is entitled to use it. ( paragraph 2 ) The word it refers to ....
a. A high tax
b. A new car
c. Driving convenience
d. The government
e. Subsidized fuel.
The following text is for questions 41 to 43.
The following text is for questions 41 to 43.
Karl Landsteiner was born in Vienna on 14th June 1868.His father, Leopold Landsteiner, a doctor of law,
was a well-known journalist and newspaper publisher. He died when Karl was six years old. Karl was
brought up by his mother, Fanny Hess, to whom he was so devoted that a death mask of her hung on his
wall until he died. After leaving school, Karl studied medicine at the University of Vienna, graduating in
1891. Even while he was a student, he had begun to do biochemical research and in 1891 he published
a paper on the influnce of diet on the composition of blood ash. To gain further knowledge of chemistry he
spent the next five years in the laboratories of Hantzsch
at Zurich, Emil Fischer at Wurzburg and
E.Bamberger at Munich.
Karl made numerous contributions to pathological anatomy, histology and immunology, all of which
showed not only his meticulous care in observation and description, but also his his biological understanding.
But his name will no doubt always be honnoured for his discovery in 1901 of, and outstanding work on, the
blood groups, for which he was given the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1930.
In 1901-1903 Karl Pointed out that a similiar reaction may occur when the blood of one human
individual is transfused, not with the blood of another animal, but with that of another human being, and that
this might be the cause of shock, jaundice and haemoglobinuria that had followed some earlier attempts at
blood transfusions.
His suggestions, however, received little attention until, in 1909, he classifified the bloods of human
beings into the now well-known A, B, AB and O groups.

Adopted from: laureates/1930/landsteiner-bio.html (12th

November 2011)
41. What is the text about?
a. The biography of Leopold Landsteiner.

The biography of Karl Landsteiner.


The invention of diet on the composition of blood ash.


Karl Landsteiners educational background.

e. The invention of blood types of human beings.

42. Why did he receive the Nobel Prize for Physiology

or Medicine in 1930?
a. He spent his life in some laboratories for five years.
b. He made advence progress in biochemical research.
c. He contributed to pathological anatomy, histology and immunology.
d. He pointed out that blood transfusion may cause shock.
e. He discovered the blood proups.
43. To gain further knowledge of chemistry he spent the next five years in the laboratories of
Hantzsch at Zurich, . . . . (Paragraph 1)
The word to gain can be best replaced by . . .

to discover


to require


to honour


to get


to hit

The following text is for questions 44 to 46.

Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan Film
Type of Film : Drama/Family

: Sarjono Sutrisno


: Skylar Picture


: 100 minutes

The story was based on a true story and from the novel having the same title. The film tells us about Gita
Sesa Wanda Cantika or Keke (Dinda Hauw),
a 13-year-old girl who was quite fortunate, since she
had a wealthy family. She had two elder brothers and parents who loved and cared about her. In addition,
Keke also had six loyal friends who always accompained her. Her life was even more complete with the
presence of a lover, named Andy (Esa Sigit), who was also very fond of her.
Everything seemed so perfect. Until then cancer attacked her. Keke suffered from Rhabdomyosarcoma
(cancer which attacks soft tissue), and she was the first Indonesian person who was attacked by the cancer.
This beautiful girl, then, turned into amonster and she was forced to undergo a series of chemotherapy and
radiation for almost a year. Consequently, Kekes hair began to fall out, her skin became dry and often nausea.
Kekes and her familys patient paid off. She was declared cured and could do her activities as usual.
Unfortunately, a year later the cancer returned. This was even more severe and lethal. Keke understood
that it was impossible for her to survive, but she didnt give up and go down. Her passion to continue to be
the best was not even weakened. She was just like the star of Sirius which was still shining brightly despite
the clouds covered the sky.
Adopted from: mengenal wanita dalam buku
sarinah mengula s- ide-dan-pemikiran-cemerlang-dr-ir-soekarno/ (7th November 2011)

44. Why was Keke fortunate?


She had only a few friends.


She could hardly get anything she wanted.


She had two elder sisters who always ccompanied her.


She suffered from deathly cancer.


She had a family and friends who lover her.

45. Which of the statements is NOT TRUEaccording

to the text?

Keke came from a rich family.


Keke had six good friends and a caring lover.


Kekes brothers and parents loved her very much

d. At last, Keke was successfully cured from deadly cancer.


Keke was the first Indonesian person who suffered from Rhabdomyosarcoma.

46. What made Kekes hair begin to fall out, her skin
become dry and often nausea?

She had to take medicines for almost a year.


She had to stay at the hospital for medication for a year.


She had to cut her hair to prevent the deadly cancer from spreading.


She had to undergo a series of chemotherapy and radiation for more than a year.


She had to undergo a series of chemotherapy and radiation for almost a year.

47. The best arrangement of the following sentences

is . . . .
(1) In short, the king recovered since he drank water from the boiled leaves of the plant.
(2) The royal healers tried to cure him. But it was no avail.
(3) Long ago there was a wise and good king.
(4) One night, the king had a dream that he could recover as long as he drank water from the boiled
leaves of a plant.
(5) People always respected and loved him.
(6) That was the beginning people drank tea.
(7) Since then many people started to drink the water just like what their king did.
(8) One day, the king was ill.
(9) Without waiting for command, the prince with his men immediately set out to find the leaves.










For questions 48 to 50, complete the text with the suitable words.
One day, father and I went swimming in a swimming pool. We arrived there at 6 in the morning. There
were only a few people who were ready to swim. The water was . . . (48) and fresh.
After doing a warming up, we were ready to swim.
We were about to jump when suddenly we saw two hands up and down in the pool. We . . . (49) someone
was drowning. There was no one paying attention to those signals. Immediately, my father jumped and swam
toward the kid. I called the emergency officers. Father put his arm around the kids body and dragged him to
the pool side. The kid was fainted. Soon, father laid the kid on the floor and gave him the first aid. The kid
regained his . . . (50) when the emergency officers arrived. Then, they took the kid to the clinic nearby.
48. a. dirty
b. bright

d. clear
e. warm

c. shallow
49. a. think

d. are thinking

b. thought

e. havethought

c. thinks
50. a. caution
b. carelessness
c. strenght

d. consciousness
e. foolishness