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DM Compositions Recital


Bhannavichaya Vadhanasiriphongs
3 August 2016, 3-4 PM
Auditorium (MACM), College of Music, Mahidol University

1. Pin Hatai (Thai: )
Flute: Chayapon Kanlayasiri
Clarinet in B-flat: Pornwarin Pheungyam
Guitar: Chinnawat Themkumkwun
Duration: 5:30 minutes
2. Sonata for Unaccompanied Cello
Violoncello: Sarai Arsa
Duration: 8:00 minutes
3. A Bull Shark in Mae-Klong
Soprano Saxophone: Kitsada Chairattanasak
Alto Saxophone: Nalin Sae-Nim
Tenor Saxophone: Chirat Cherdkiatkul
Baritone Saxophone: Kritsana Srithong
Duration: 9:30 minutes

4. Saxophone Quartet
Soprano Saxophone: Kitsada Chairattanasak
Alto Saxophone: Sikarin Leelap
Tenor Saxophone: Chirat Cherdkiatkul
Baritone Saxophone: Kritsana Srithong
Duration: about 17:00 minutes

Program Note
Pin Hatai (Thai: )
Pin Hatai is originally a theme song from Triam Udom
Suksa-School composed for violin, guitar and voice. However, I
thought the adapted-motive may also be suitable for wind instruments.
This piece explores a re-instrumentation of the Pin Hatai.
My compositional focus is on making a groove and structure.
The original theme finds the difficulty on Western-Art music system
because of the non-grooving motive and non-resolved tension. Pin
Hatai is structured in Sonata form more here with motivic varie and
details similar to those found in traditional Western Art Music. The
piece will be presented to Triam Udom Suksa-School after its world
premiere on 3 August at Auditorium, College of Music, Mahidol
University in celebration of my previous school.

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I would like to thank: (people from Triam Udom Suksa School) for inviting
me to present my music and share my most recent compositions.

Sonata for Unaccompanied Cello

The single movement Sonata, showcases contrast between a
leaping motive within the first theme and a stepwise motive in the
second theme. As standard recognized-Sonata, this piece has 2 themes.
The piece was written under the concern of voice leading strictly. At
the transition from development to recapitulation, new-contrasting
motive is presented to vary the piece before returning main materials
and ending the piece softly.

A Bull Shark in Mae-Klong for Saxophone Quartet

A Bull Shark in Mae-Klong was inspired by my interest in
aquatic animals, and is programmatic in nature.
In Thailand, unlike in Australia, South Africa or America, Bull
Sharks are rarely seen in rivers. The capturing of sharks in river
systems is often an exciting and fascinating event.
The piece imagines the life of a young Bull Shark passing
through Mae-Klong River in Ratchaburi Province. The story is close to
Chulalongkorn Bridge (which is across this river at downtown
Ratchaburi). This piece quotes many themes. Starting at the sunrise in
the morning over Mae-Klong river. The story starts from a sunrise
scene in the morning. The William Tell by Gioachino Rossinis theme
is quoted because the theme was often used to describe the sunrise
scene in Warner-Brother cartoons. Then, the scene moves to the river.
Smetanas Moldau is quoted because this piece alludes to a river.
After the scene of nature is presented, the piece mentions the morning
life of the people around Mae-Klong, most of whom are fishermen.

The motive from Sri-Ayudhya is being quoted to show Thai

character. In the rush of morning, traffic in Thailand is very heavy on
the Chulalongkorn Bridge. Greshwins motive from Rhapsody in
Blue, recalls the scene of the rush in a New York subway from the
film Fantasia 2000. Also, the theme Maha-Chulalongkorn is being
In the second section, the piece comes to focus on a dorsal fin
appearing on the waters surface. The Jaws theme by John Williams
strongly shows that a shark is nearby although Jaw and Bull Shark are
different species. This section of music focuses on the shark as a
hunter in the Mae-Klong.
Final section, occurs in the evening, describes a shark trapped
into the seine. The shark fights its best to survive. However, it could
not escape from the seine and slowly dies. The climax from Saint
Seans Danse Macabre is being quoted doing the sharks death. The
scene gently returns to the people nearby, the evening traffic on the
bridge, the river and the sunset. At the end of the piece, a fisherman
found the death Bull Shark caught in their seine.

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Saxophone Quartet
This Saxophone Quartet is composed of 4 movements.
First Movement was written under Sonata form with 2 main
themes as ordinary Sonata form. The themes in this movement are
characters rather than structured motive. First theme plays character of
sustain, immediate leaping down and one stepwise up motive. The
second theme plays on Arp., trills and turns. Then, developed and
return as functional.
Second Movement was written in Sonata (or Sonatina) form.
The 1st theme is focusing on using 3rd-intervals, showing effects rather
than motive as in the first movement. The second themes motive was
developed from the 1st theme in the 1st movement. The movement has
no development. So, it might be considered Sonatina form as possible.
Third Movement is the transition from the second movement to
the finale. It is presented by solo Tenor Saxophone

The Finale was written in seven-parts Rondo (ABACABA). The

first theme (A) was also developed from first theme in the first
movement, in order to connect the entire piece together.

Bhannavichaya Vadhanasiriphongs
Born 1985 in Bangkok, Thailand. I started learning electone at
Siam Music Yamaha, Ladphrao campus when I was in primary school.
Later in primary 4 he went to study private piano lesson with Aj
Somboon Viriyasophon, which I would study with him until I finished
his bachelor in Marketing from Chulalongkorn University in 2009. At
this time I also studied piano at Siam Music Yamaha, but move to
Ratchada campus.
I studied high school at Bodindecha 2 and Triam Udom Suksa
School. At this period, I started studying private composition with Aj
Narongrit Dhamabutra. I entrance into Faculty of Commerce and
Accoutancy at Chulalongkorn University, studying Marketing. At this
time I passed LTCL Diploma in piano recital from Trinity Guildhall.
After my graduation from Chulalongkorn University, I decided
to study master degree in music composition at Rangsit University
(2011-2014). I studied with Aj Boonrut, Aj Jiradej, Aj Narong, Aj
Denny, Aj Zurazak and Aj Wiboon, the instructors at Rangsit
Currently, I am a DM student in music composition at Mahidol
University under advised of Aj Thomas Cha and Aj Julia Bozone.

Composer and Performers contact information (cell-phone

numbers and emails)
Composer: Bhannavichaya Vadhanasiriphongs
Flute: Chayapon Kanlayasiri
Clarinet in B-flat: Pornwarin Phuengyam
Guitar: Chinnawat Themkumkwan
Violoncello: Sarai Arsa
Soprano Saxophone: Kitsada Chairattanasak

Alto Saxophone: Nalin Sae-Nim

Tenor Saxophone: Chirat Cherdkiatkul
Baritone Saxophone: Kritsana Srithong