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Western Civilization II HY 102-02

Instructor: Rebecca Duke, ABD
Office hours by appointment

MW 3:30 p.m. 5:00 p.m.

Classroom: Stone Center, Rm 330
Fall 2016

Course Overview:
The course is a broad study of western civilization from the beginning of the modern era to the
present. Throughout the semester, we will be concerned with learning about the basic events and
concepts that have shaped the modern history of the West. At the same time, we will seek to
understand how historians develop these events and concepts into an interpretation of history in
short, how historians write a history from a series of facts.
Required Texts:
Clifford R. Backman. Cultures of the West A History, Volume Two: Since 1350, Second Edition
(Oxford University Press), ISBN-13: 978-0190240479
Additional primary source material as assigned.
Course Website:
You will find a copy of this syllabus at the Blackboard course website (, in
case you should lose this one. From time to time, I will also post additional materials (images
that we discuss in class, maps, texts that I discuss in lectures which are not in the textbooks, etc.)
If there are any changes to the syllabus, I will announce these in class and then post them on the
website. I will also use the electronic roster to send e-mails to all students, if there are
announcements to be made.
Electronics in the Classroom:
In order to provide a distraction free learning environment for all students, laptops/tablets may
only be used for taking notes or accessing assigned readings in class. Cell phones should be
placed on silent. Inappropriate use of a cell phone (repeatedly forgetting to silence it, texting in
class, etc) or laptop will result in you being asked to leave the classroom.
Statement on Plagiarism/Cheating:
Academic misconduct such as cheating and plagiarism is NOT permitted. Suspected cases of
academic misconduct or dishonesty will be reported to the appropriate administration and will
result in the student receiving a failing grade for the course.

Western Civilization 102 - Duke

Students with Disabilities:

Jacksonville State University makes reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities.
Students should notify the office of Disability Support Services located in 139 Daugette Hall and
their instructor of any disability related needs. For more information, see Any student eligible for and needing academic adjustments or
accommodations because of a disability is requested to speak with the professor.
Make-up Policy:
Students are expected to attend this course regularly beginning with the first day of class.
Students are responsible for keeping up with their own absences. Excessive tardiness, either
arriving late to class or leaving before the instructor dismisses class will accumulate as absences.
Three tardies constitute one absence. Late assignments are subject to grade reduction as
determined by the instructor, and may not be accepted after a period of one week (seven calendar
days) following the due date. Make-up work for in-class activities are at the discretion of the
Schedule of Topics and Readings:
This is a tentative list of assignments and readings. Dates may change all changes will be
announced in class and on the course Blackboard page.
Week 1:
August 24 Introduction to course
Week 2:
August 29 Chapter 13 Worlds Old & New, 1450-1700
Week 3:
September 5 Labor Day No Class
September 7 - Chapter 14 War of All Against All, 1540-1648
Week 4:
September 14 Chapter 15 - From Westphalia to Paris, 1648-1750
Week 5:
September 21 Chapter 16 The Enlightened, 1690-1789
Week 6:
September 28 Chapter 17 The French Revolution & Napoleon, 1789-1815
Western Civilization 102 - Duke

Western Civilization 102 - Duke