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Minneapolis Police Statement Regarding

Downtown Political Event

August 22, 2016 (MINNEAPOLIS) 3 reports of criminal activity have been filed with
the Minneapolis Police Department regarding a political rally at the Minneapolis
Convention Center on the evening of Friday, August 19 th. Police are investigating a
robbery of person where a cell phone was taken, an assault where a person had
souvenirs ripped out of their hand, and a damage to property report after
someone spray-painted graffiti on the convention center itself. At this point, no
arrests have been made as the MPD continues to investigate.
The majority of protests were peaceful throughout the evening and minor
disruptions to traffic were handled without incident. Late in the evening, after the
candidate left, Minneapolis Police Officers provided approximately 50 escorts for
those who attended the event. However, we understand there were some attendees
who left without escorts who were the subject of intimidation and abuse. The MPD is
currently looking at video from some of these incidents.
Any rumors or reports that officers were told to stand down are false.
All told, the MPD had dozens officers working at, or near the convention center
throughout the evening, including patrol officers from the 1 st and 5th Precincts,
members of the Bicycle Rapid Response Team and officers in the Mounted Patrol
If there are people who would like to file reports, we encourage them to visit the 1 st
Precinct (19 North 4th Street) and inform officers of crimes that may have been
committed that evening. We also encourage people who may have video of these
actions to provide them to 1st precinct officers for review.