Creative Writing – Physical Journey’s A small town resides near the north of the Utah border, away from

the bustling civilizations of society. The tranquility of it forest reflects on the way of life that these people lead, simple and an enclosed small community, which over the years have gotten to know each other but one individual who lives alone. Overlooking the small town is a house built up of solid lumber blocks. An old styled house that suited the area, as old as it seemed it had withstood all the elements over the many years and is still intact due to all the constant repairs made by the owner. Lloyd was the man’s name, living alone with his furry white wolf. He is a middle aged man in his forties who had been in the army serving as a military engineer during the Korean conflict, then later worked as a ranger in forested area before finally settling down in this area a few years back. A quiet individual who would preferred to be left to himself and so this being the reason for him living a distance from the rest of the town. Over the relatively short time he has been here compared to the other townsfolk, he’s well suited to the environment and seems to know it well. Every few days he might go out to do some hunting wild animals or birds in the area. He would set out early in the morning, making his way thought the thick forested area with his wolf and go for miles before he would actually start hunting, to not disturb the locals. One morning he woke up a few minutes early of the alarm, and so decided to sleep in for a while for the alarm to wake him. By the time he woke up it was already seven ‘o’clock, two hours later than usual, he quickly got up since he had to go hunting today, he had been lazy for the week and was starting to run out of meat. Lloyd quickly changed feeling the cold that had slipped into his cabin overnight, he made a hot coffee and quickly drank it which burnt his throat. Going for his gun cabinet, he decided to opt for his military rifle today instead of his usual hunting rifle he had gotten from the gun store down at the town. It was a highly modified rifle with lightened frame, butt stock and high powered scope that’s considered illegal in most of the states including Utah, he ran the risk of being caught and charged as well as losing his weapon. As he walked out onto the veranda of the house, he whistled, and out came his wolf already well awake from the usual time of five ‘o’clock. Clutching his rifle in one hand, he used his other hand to play with the dog, before finally setting off into the wilderness. An hour later he decided that this was far enough and the right area to start hunting, upholstered his rifle from his shoulder and slowed down his pace, keeping his senses sharp and keeping a constantly look for prey. His wolf was obedient and stayed by his side keeping quiet waiting for his master command. He walked slowly for a long while before a movement at the side of his eye caught his attention and he scoped in to that location, a clear image of a deer was seen in the distance grazing on the grass and shrubs in the area. He stood up straight and kept his fingers tip close on the trigger waiting for the right moment, slowing down his breaths for the perfect shot so he would not cause too much agony on the poor creature. He scoped in on the creature and was second from pulling the trigger when suddenly, a heavy shot rang out from somewhere in the forest claiming his prize. Bang……echoes then followed that single shot, it was unmistakable sound of a high powered hunting rifle from another hunter. Lloyd was angered at first by

this but then after looking around saw the other hunter who was approaching the deer. He jogged up to the deer and the other hunter who was standing over the deer, as he approached them he heard from the hunter “I thought you were quicker than this back in the day”, quickly recognizing that voice he replies “I’m sure there are other deer’s out there to hunt, rather you choose to steal mine”. The hunter turns around to introduce himself as Sean another soldier who served in the same corps as Lloyd did back during the war. “I know who you are, I’m more interested in why you stole my deer”, Sean offer the animal if Lloyd wanted it so badly then glanced down at the rifle he had in his grip. “That’s an illegal weapon”, Lloyd the ignores him and starts to tie up the small deer. Throw the deer over his shoulder and walks off with it. Sean follows him closely “I know we weren’t the best of friend or anything”, “Friends?”, “Okay, not friends really, can we settle our differences, I’m sorry for some of the things I did back then, we were young okay”. After no response for a few minutes he then continues “I have a business proposition, well more of a favor to ask you on behalf of the sheriff in the surrounding towns”, Lloyd glances at him, feeling the pinch of living with no actual job and living with few luxuries, he gives it serious thought and after a while replies “I still don’t like you, but this is just business, so long as I get paid well, I’m in”. When Lloyd finished dropping off his equipment and stock as well as his wolf at his house, he’s told by Sean that he’ll need a weapon just in case and they were going to see the sheriff at this town for a short briefing. He chooses to carry his military rifle in a small carrying bag hiding it at the bottom, he goes for a second weapon just in case, tucking in the pistol into his pistol holster located at his back. They use Sean’s new pick up truck to drive down to the town where they meet the sheriff in his office at the police station. “Morning Gentlemen, I’ve met you Sean yesterday and briefed you, Lloyd long time no see, always hiding up there, anyways, i don’t have any spare sheriff in the area and it seem I needed to call on some people who know what they’re doing, you two have served in the army and you Lloyd know your way around these areas well”. The sheriff then shuffles his papers on his table and pushes a few item off from the center of the table revealing a detailed map of the local area. “The job is, a few days ago a train passed this town, but it never reached the next town, and so I want you guys to travel up the tracks and find what happened, rescue survivors and get the train to a town where this matter can be properly resolved”. Both were quiet and asked few questions before accepting the job and half the payment for now, as they walked out and hopped into the pick up truck, Sean motioned to him “The pay isn’t that good, but you’ll get a loading on top off that once we get to the train”, “What do you mean, five hundred for a simple task, probably half a days work, it’s good”, Sean drove off heading for the track “You’ll see soon enough”. Driving along the rocky pathway next to the railway, they eventually saw the small outline of a train on the rail tracks ahead. As they drew closer there were people on the train and they were unhurt in anyway, it was a long and large luggage train used for transporting cargo over vast distances. Lloyd immediately reached for his rifle as he realized that the guys around the train were armed, “Calm down, its okay”. Lloyd held his gun in his lap and got out with it in his hands, Sean looked over and signaled to his people that it was all okay. Sean explained “There is no missing train, we took it and are going to take the load south, cross the Colorado River, through Arizona and on to Mexico

were they’re willing to buy the munitions onboard high above market value because of the troubles they’re having”. Lloyd thinks over it and decides to go along with it, this is worth much more than the reward offered by the sheriff, plus they needed him to make the route that they were going to take. It was a rough ride, it was going to be a long one, he sat on a crate looking out as the train started to move slowly, clutching his rifle and thinking what he was doing. After the train had got up to speed, Sean came down and said he knew Lloyd was the man for the job. After they had some lunch, they other two guards separated, one went to look over the hostages and the other walked around, Sean was at the controls of the train. Everything Lloyd had learnt in the army, being a ranger, his whole life told him what he was doing was wrong, everything was against ethical and moral codes. Selling arms to rebels and him being in this for money, it just wasn’t him, nor could he just back down from it. Sean would find him, Sean knew him. As dark approached, he finally cleared his thoughts and decided to not get involved in this trade, he wanted to live peacefully, he knew exactly where the train was heading since he plotted the route for them. If he was right, there should be a town just before they cross the Colorado river, the bridge there was fragile and so trains that passed there would have to go slowly. His chance was there, once the train actually slowed down and the brakes slowly grinded against the wheels as it slowed the huge momentum caused by the weight of the cargo. Lloyd walked up to grab a knife and gave it to the hostages to cut themselves free of the ropes, he then walked up to the second carriage right behind the control room and hopped out of the train. He rolled once as he hit the dirt and held onto his rifle tightly as he ran into the woods on the side of the train, as the train began to cross the frail bridge. Luckily under the cover of darkness neither Sean or the two guards saw him as he ran across open grounds, he got into the wooded area where dense foliage would cover him. Quickly checking his rifle, he then raised it so he could see through the scope as he had done with the deer hunting back in the forest a while ago, once he saw the image of Sean’s head he kept it there, held his breath and pulled the trigger with the tip of his index finger. The high pitched shot rang out across the forest scattering birds off in every direction, the bullet whizzed into the cabin shattering the glass and hit Sean. Lloyd checked the cabin with his scope, seeing no movement he stuffed the rifle back into the bag and ran off into the woods without looking back, as the two guard ran about seeing what had happened and who fired that shot. It was not until dawn that Lloyd made it to the closest town, stealing a car was easy, he had to find his way back to his house, that would mean driving for many miles north again. This was not the most rightful thing to do, but he had no choice, he couldn’t say no to what he didn’t know, Sean tricked him into believing he had become a decent person. Making the journey north he finally arrived home with minimal stop for fuel and food. He ran inside to grab his belongings and his wolf before pacing everything onto his own rusty pick up truck. He then phoned up the police down at Mexico to intercept the train, if it ever made it and left. It seemed he couldn’t stay anywhere for long, trouble would always find him, and the authority would always be looking for him.

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