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Get Yourself Cognizant with " French Advanced Phrases "


Hi! Allo!
Good morning! Bonjour!
Good afternoon! Bonjour!
Good evening! Bonsoir!
Welcome! (to greet someone) Bienvenue!
Hello my friend! Salut!
How are you? (friendly) Comment a va?
How are you? (polite) Comment allez-vous?
I'm fine, thank you! Bien, merci!
And you? (friendly) Et toi?
And you? (polite) Et vous?
Good Bien
Not so good Pas trs bien
Long time no see Il y a longtemps qu'on s'est vu
I missed you Je me suis ennuy(e)
What's new? Quoi de neuf?
Nothing new Rien
Thank you (very much)! Merci (beaucoup)!
You're welcome! De rien!
My pleasure De rien!
Come in! (or: enter!) "Entre! (friendly) Enrez! (polite)"
Make yourself at home! "Fais comme chez toi (friendly) Faites
comme chez vous (polite)"
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Get Yourself Acquainted with " French Alphabet " In French:

French Alphabet
Aa as in the word ask and never as in the word able
Bb same as in English
Cc like s before "i" or "e" and when it has the cedilla ; otherwise like "k in Creole.
Dd same as in English (many words in French alphabet are the same)
Ee as in elevated
Ff same as in English
Gg like the "s" in the word pleasure before "e" or "i"; otherwise like the "g" in
"God",never pronounced as dj.
Hh silent most of the time.
Ii as in the word ink never as in the word island
Jj as in Job, but without the d pronounced before the J, never as {djob} but {job}
Kk same as in English
Ll same as in English
Mm same as in English
Nn same as in English
Oo same as in English Old never as in Hot which is pronounced somehow like {hat}
Pp same as in English

Qq same as in English
Rr same as in English but slightly like as in gh as in Merci
Ss same as in English
Tt same as in English not as sharp.
Uu as in the ultra, never as in the word up or university
Vv same as in English
Ww as in English although rare (mainly found in borrowed words)
Xx same as in English
Yy same as in English although rare.
Zz same as in English
As you may have noticed, many letters in French alphabet are the same as English, the
pronunciation is a little bit different sometimes, but in general French letters look the
same, and sound the same, so learning them would be a breeze!

Let's get Started. " HAVE YOUR SAY "

Useful everyday words and phrases in French
Yes Oui. (WEE)
No Non. (NOHNG)
Please S'il vous plat. (seell voo PLEH)
Thank you Merci. (mehr-SEE)
You're welcome De rien. (duh RYANG)
Excuse me (getting attention) S'il vous plat (seell voo PLEH)

Excuse me (you're in my way) Pardon. (pahr-DOHNG)

Excuse me (begging pardon) Excusez-moi. (ehks-kuu-zay MWAH)
I'm sorry Dsol(e). (day-zoh-LAY)
I don't understand Je ne comprends pas. (ZHUH nuh kohm-PRAHNG pah)
I can't speak French [well]. Je ne parle pas [bien] franais. (zhuh nuh PAHRL pah
[byahng] frahng-SEH)
Do you speak English? Parlez-vous anglais? (PAHR-lay VOOZ ahng-LEH?)
Is there someone here who speaks English? Est-ce qu'il y a quelqu'un ici qui parle
anglais? (ess keel-ee-AH kel-KUHNG ee-SEE kee PAHRL ahng-LEH?)
Where's the toilet? O sont les toilettes ? (OOH sohng lay twa-LEHT?)
Help! Au secours ! (os-KOOR!)
Look out! (ah-TAHNG-see-ohng)
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