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HPC Newsletter
Knowing Christ and the future He has in mind for us

I have been wondering about how them. A normal reaction would have gether. This can be taken in many
to begin this column when St. been to shy away from further wit- ways, but what we mean is this:
Paul’s words to the Philippians nessing, however they gathered in being intentional about seeking
came to mind. “But whatever was prayer and continued to speak and God’s will, about discerning God’s
to my profit I now consider loss for teach in the name of Christ: “Now, future for us, about serving God
the sake of Christ. What is more, I Lord, consider their threats and en- and following Christ in our context.
consider everything a loss com- able your servants to speak your Our current mission statement and
pared to the surpassing greatness of word with great boldness. Stretch out vision dates back quite a few years
knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for your hand to heal and perform mi- and is hardly functional anymore in
whose sake I have lost all things. I raculous signs and wonders through pulling us together and giving us a
consider them rubbish, that I may the name of your holy servant Je- shared gospel purpose. Can you
gain Christ and be found in him … I sus.” (Acts 4:23-31) recall off hand what our mission
want to know Christ and the power statement and vision is? We find
of his resurrection and the fellow- All of them were following Christ therefore that a lot of things happen
ship of sharing in his sufferings, whose life was dedicated to one pur- in church, but that our ministry to-
becoming like him in his death, and pose: Seeking the glory of his Father gether lacks coherence and a clear
so, somehow, to attain to the resur- by speaking what the Father has direction.
rection from the dead … I press on commanded him to say and by doing
what the Father has given him to do. The place to start was to hold a
to take hold of that for which Christ
I’m thinking of the boy Jesus in the Session retreat. On Saturday May
Jesus took hold of me … one thing I
do: Forgetting what is behind and temple when his parents were anx- 24, the Session gathered therefore
straining towards what is ahead, I iously looking for him, “Did you not for a day of worshipping, prayer
press on towards the goal to win the know that I must be in my Father’s and discernment. Let me share with
prize for which God has called me house?” (Luke 2:49); his prayer for you what we did before I say some-
his disciples (John 17); and his thing about the outcome.
heavenwards in Christ Jesus”(Phil
prayer in Gethsemane, “not my will,
3:7-14). What a great example of The day started with an hour and a
intentional spiritual practice. but yours be done” (Luke 22:42). I
half of worshipping and Bible
remember the risen Christ saying to
This is what Jesus talked about the disciples, “As the Father has sent study. Often when we do planning,
when he said to Martha, who was me, I am sending you” (John 20:21); we put our thinking caps on while
distracted by all the preparations and to Peter, “Take care of my we put our theology aside. We look
needed to serve him, that she is con- sheep” (John 21:15-17). Before his
cerned about “many things” ascension, he left the church with the
whereas only one thing is needed, Great Commission: “Go therefore
namely “listening to what he said.” and make disciples of all nations,
11858 - 216th St.
(Luke 10:38-42). baptizing them in the name of the
Maple Ridge, BC
Father and of the Son and of the V2X 5H8
This same intentionality, seeking Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe
first God’s kingdom, is seen in the all that I have commanded you. And Phone: 604-467-1715
early church. Peter and John were behold, I am with you always, to the Fax: 604-463 -1730
seized by the Sanhedrin, ques- end of the age” (Matthew 28:19-20).
tioned, told not to speak or teach in E-mail:
Which brings me to the next point.
the name of Jesus, threatened and
reluctantly released. On their re- The Session has prayerfully dis- Website:
lease, they returned to the believers cerned the need for us to become
and reported what had been said to more intentional in our ministry to-
P AGE 2 HPC Newsletter

Knowing Christ and the future He has in mind for us (Continued)

for ideas and recipes, things that are regards to fellowship? Do members of Sabbath means taking time to pray
quick and easy to do and could give the church care for one another and and to listen to what God is saying.
our ministry a boost. Or we take newcomers in a way that truly repre- Sabbath is therefore a gift and a de-
ourselves, our emotions, our hopes sents the compassion of Christ? And light. It is given to replenish us so
and aspirations, and our past ex- finally, how is our service to others? that we can see what God is doing.
periences as reference point, simply Do we have energy for those outside We are asking each of you, and
thinking along the lines of what we the fellowship of the church? In each every group to do that.
like and dislike, what we are tired of these areas, certain aspects of our
of and what we would like to see ministry were flagged for more atten- Keeping Sabbath is a sign of trust.
happen. Or, alternatively, we look tion. We put our trust in God’s abundant
at our neighbours, see what they do grace and in his providence. Sabbath
well and try to duplicate that. Ap- Putting all of this together, a number means that we don’t act as if the sur-
proaches like this don’t go very far. of things started to crystallize. How- vival of the church depends on us.
We are different. St. John calls us ever, much more praying, discerning We put our trust in God, that he will
the “beloved of God, freed by the and talking are needed. provide generously in all our needs.
blood of Christ, and made to be a We dare to do less and to leave open
The result? We are engaging in a new spaces in our calendars. We discern
kingdom and priests to serve God” visioning process to seek God’s will
(Revelation 1:5-6). It is most im- what is essential in seeking God’s
for us at this stage of the journey. The kingdom before making decisions
portant for us, the body of Christ, Session is devoting special time every about programs. I recently read this
to think theologically about the month for the next 7 months (more if
church, about ministry in our con- comment in a newsletter: “It is easy
needed) for prayer, discernment, to rest when our work is finished,
text, and about the future. We study, and discussion about God’s
therefore began with worship and but the command to rest is a com-
future for us. We plan to involve other mand to rest even when things are
Bible study from Revelations 1, to individuals and groups in the discus- not finished” (Dave Abels).
get a clear vision of who Christ is sion. One option that we are looking at
in relation to the church. is to have discernment gatherings on Sabbath means seeking opportunities
relevant topics where we could share to rejoice in the good gifts of God.
We followed this with two hour
long discussions about the norms information and listen to the congrega- We celebrate together in worship.
we live by. Norms are those unwrit- tion. Another step is to set aside times
for prayer in the church calendar. We Sabbath means taking time to culti-
ten rules that govern any commu- vate relationships.
nity. Every church has them. Pat- are also committed to keeping you
terns of doing things and commu- informed with announcements and These are the things we ask of each
special notices. of you and every group as we follow
nal values develop over time. These
are largely unconscious most of the But most importantly this: We are Jesus into the future.
time, although all of us live by calling the whole congregation to take Shalom
these rules. They have a tremen- a sabbatical in the fall. What does that
dous influence in the way we do mean? Gerard
things and the direction we take.
We therefore sought to come to a Sabbath is time that we set aside to
conscious understanding of our pay attention to what God is doing.
norms in order to know ourselves.
The next step was to take a bigger
look at our ministry and to ask how
we are doing. How are we doing in
terms of proclamation? Is this a
good news place? How are we do-
ing in the area of instruction? Do
we have quality ways of passing on
the teachings of scripture and the
church? How are we doing with

My Mother’s Hand
A Prayer for the Future Today for others to see
I went to the hospital This hand had soothed my hurts
Disturb us, Lord, when we are My mother is there quieted my fears
too well pleased with ourselves, patted down
The place was cold my Sunday morning cowlick
when our dreams have come true sterile and felt my forehead
impersonal when I was ill
because we have dreamed too little, and inhuman
when we arrive safely because This was what my mother was
I smiled when I saw her warm
we have sailed too close to the shore. but I didn’t feel strong
Disturb us, Lord, when happy when I said hello
I held her fingers
with the abundance of things we pos- She looked so tired in mine
sess, we have lost our thirst and quiet I held her hand close
The room felt grey around to me
for the waters of life; her and knew
what a beautiful women
having fallen in love with life, I smelled the disinfectant my mother was
we have ceased to dream of eternity; in the air
and my shoes squeaked on This hand had raised me
and in our efforts to build a new earth, the guided me
we have allowed our vision hard and shown me her love
of the new Heaven to dim. floor We looked at each other
Disturb us, Lord, and smiled
She smiled up a me the hospital now far away
to dare more boldly, glad to see her boy We smiled and we both
felt better
to venture on wider seas We asked each other how we she because was there
where storms will show your mastery; were and I
and we’re mutually reas- because I held my mother’s
where losing sight of land, sured hand
we shall find the stars. I was not convinced
Tim Vandergrift
We ask you to push back She closed her eyes
while we talked
the horizons of our hopes; and her voice was
and to push into the future so quiet This poem was written by Tim
so tired Vandergrift, son of Gladys and
in strength, courage, hope, and love. Floyd Vandergrift. Tim was 16
I took her hand years old. He want to Sunday
it was warm School at H.P.C. in the 70’s. He
Sir Frances Drake was often asked to do the Bible
Quoted in OC Missionary I looked at her hand and readings for Rev. Knute. H.P.C.
remembered was on 7th Ave then, now
Prayer Letter of Jeanie Curryer, This hand had bathed me known as 223rd Street.
loved me
September, 1997 held me to her breast
and held me out in pride
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Haney Men’s Group

The second Saturday morning of be held garage sales. We are most Men regarding items which do not
each month is an important time grateful for the support of the con- sell and therefore which we will no
on the church calendar of Haney gregation in donating items for longer accept.
Presbyterian as that is when the our sales. These events are our
In addition to large items
Men’s Group meets for breakfast. It major source of income
such as: chesterfields,
truly is the best three dollar break- which is used for a variety of
appliances and
fast in town—but it is much more projects around our church
than that. It is a time for fellow- and beyond—such as sup-
we can no longer
ship, reflections on our faith and port of Camp Douglas.
support for one another.
At our April sale over $900 was computers,
All men of the congregation are raised and sometimes we wonder exercise equipment,
welcome! where it came from! It is amazing microwaves and
what sells and what doesn’t sell! TV’s.
We also discuss some business
each month and twice a year this Via this newsletter we want to Thank you for your support!
includes discussion on the soon to share with you a decision of the
Dick Lyster

The Shack—William P. Young

African background, I had a When the imagination of a writer
very difficult time finishing and the passion of a theologian
the first three chapters, with cross-fertilize the result is a novel
too many flashbacks of horrific on the order of The Shack. This
crimes. But after that, I could book has the potential to do for
not put it down. I have since our generation what John Bun-
bought about twenty copies, yan’s Pilgrim’s Progress did for
which I have sent to family his. It’s that good!
and friends both back home
and in Penetanguishene. There are numerous reviews
and information online, as
It will take too long and will well as the book’s own web-
One night arriving at church take up too much space to say site:
the Book Club people were just what I thought about the
leaving. They put a book in my book, so just this:
hand and said I just have to DO READ IT!
read it.
There is a copy in our church The Shack
I actually had a few other library and many others in the A book Discussion with
things I wanted to read first. congregation also have copies. Author William P. Young and
However, feeling guilty about it This might also be a book you Regent Faculty
sitting on the table (I get very want to have yourself. Tuesday 3 June 8 - 9:30 pm
annoyed when people do not
Eugene Peterson, Professor Regent Chapel
return books I’ve lend them) I
Emeritus Of Spiritual Theol- UBC Campus
started reading.
ogy, Regent College, Vancou-
Probably because of my South ver, wrote:
H PC Ne wsl ett er Page 5

The HPC Bazaar

Summer is coming and that’s a  Remember theme basket down will not come as a sur-
good time to think about the items prise but as the wonderfully
Christmas Bazaar. “What?” you  silent auction items anticipated event that brings
shout. “But of course”, we say.  small gifts for men, women, our church and our community
What better time to boys and girls for the balloon together.
(a) sit back and do some crafts table Circle Saturday, November
or woodwork, knit up some  good used toys, books, CD’s 15 on your calendar today. It’s
toques and scarves or sew and movies closer than you think
some cute p.j.’s for kids;
 jams and preserves
(b) make some jams or other
 artificial greenery and
Christmas florals for table
(c) sort out the stuff collecting center pieces
in the garage or the closet
 treasures for the Boutique
that will be perfect for the
and good used items for the
“Treasures” tables or the
“Treasure Tables” .
The wonderful thing about our
So put a box in the bottom of a
bazaar is that everyone is in-
closet and start filling it with
volved; keep it fun; get things
goodies that everyone will love.
ready now so that the count-

In his book: Celebration of Disci- recommendations:
pline, Richard Foster discusses sev- 1. Buy things for their useful- 5. Learn to enjoy things without
eral disciplines that foster spiritual ness rather than their owning them.
growth. He describes “Inward Dis- status. 6. Develop a deeper appre-
ciplines” such as Meditation, ciation for the creation.
Prayer, Fasting and Study, and 2. Reject anything that is
“Outward Disciplines” such as Soli- producing an addiction 7. Look with a healthy skepti-
tude, Submission and Service. Sim- in you (coffee, tea, cism at all “buy now, pay
plicity is both, namely an inward chocolate, TV…) later” schemes.
attitude that results in an outward 3. Develop a habit of giving 8. Obey Jesus’ instructions
life-style. things away - especially about plain honest speech.
The inward attitude is to receive when you find you be- 9. 9. Reject anything that
what we have as a gift of God. come too attached to an breeds the oppression of
Although simplicity is the opposite item. others.
of materialism, it does not mean 4. Refuse to be propagan- 10. Shun anything that distracts
that we should not have things dized by the custodians you from the kingdom of
and should not enjoy them. Rather of modern gadgetry. God.
that we receive what we have as
a gift of God. In fact, it is often
when we does not have money MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES
that we can be the most material- Unfortunately the Barry’s are moving
istic, with all our focus on what we and thus We are looking for:
need and how to get that, rather A Librarian
than focusing on God and His pur- And
pose for our lives.
Someone to do the
In terms of simplicity as an outward weekly updates on the Website
lifestyle, Foster makes the following

Monday Crafters
Monday craf- sewing table. And Dorothy donated Often people have done crafts in the
ters have been wool for knitting machines. If anyone past and have stuff laying about the
meeting since has a knitting machine and would like house that is no longer of interest to
February in to make some simple projects—the them. Please don’t throw those things
the library. We are always welcoming assortment is great! out—we can probably make use of at
drop-ins as well as regulars. For the We also have a lot of miscellaneous least some of those items.
women who can’t make Mondays, we beads, brooch pins, earring hooks and We will be “shutting down” July and
often put “help-wanted” ads in our Sun- beading thread if anyone would like to August but if anything in this article
day bulletin citing the projects or the craft some jewelry or have other ideas interests you and you wish to have
materials that are available for home for making beaded projects. more information please speak to
projects. Right now we have a small Marilyn Ingham, Flora Thain, Julie Lee,
number of bags, tea cozies and gift Liz and Hans donated a sack of raw
bees wax last fall. That has now been Marg Walczak, Janne Van Noort or
wrap “stations” that require sewing. Karin Breuer—or better yet, drop in on
They are cut and ready to go. melted and cleaned and shaped into
blocks. If anyone who has done wood Monday and fellowship with us.
Anka donated a lot of wool and we or soap-stone carving would like to try
have been looking for knitters and their hand at carving beeswax, we
crotchetiers who would like to use it for thought we could create a new line of
making projects for the knitting and candles for the bazaar.

Swaziland Update:
Feeding Program Ezulwini Valley Primary
The school year started in February and During the month of April the school
2 large food deliveries have been made. was closed for holidays. Another delivery If you have any questions, please do not
HPC transferred $750 which allows for was made in May.
hesitate to contact me.
3 large deliveries. Each delivery consists
I spoke personally with the Headmaster
of the following: Many thanks for your continued sup-
Mr. Dube and he was extremely appre- port and the difference you are making
3 x 50 Kg Samp
ciative and thanked the church for the in the lives of the 843 children at the
3 x 50 Kg Maize Meal Ligugu
help. He promised to get a few photo- school.
1 x 10 Kg Salt
graphs sent to us.
1 x 5 kg Pepper
20 packets of Peanut powder It is the start of winter so we will keep a Elaine Ryans (604-476-2577).
20 Packets of Oxtail soup powder. close eye on their food need.

HPC people continue showing and hard-working visitors to our
their faith through action support- community. The need is ongoing
ing the many Mexican migrant and will only expand as scores
workers: just in the past two more arrive for the harvest season.
weeks: 16 suitcases, an abundance
of suitable clothing, 3 good bicy- THANK YOU for your concern
cles and several offers of transpor- and generosity.
tation help. Much has been put to
good use already and. As always, Roger Page (604 - 467 8287)
much appreciated by these needy

God’s Ways By Karin Breuer

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong used to house domestic animals. he came to be chosen for this mission to
stepped out of the Apollo 11 mission Now, thirty-nine years after the Apollo save mankind. Every Christian knows
capsule onto the moon. Television mission only the generation that what has happened to him since that
cameras enabled over 600 million watched the moon landing remem- mission was accomplished.
viewers to participate in this historic bers who Neil Armstrong was and his Very few of us will ever set foot on the
moment and hear the now oft-quoted part in the history of mankind. Few of moon, no matter how much we would
phrase made by Armstrong: “One us know anything about his life or how like to do that; no matter how much we
small step for man; a giant step for he came to be chosen for the mission. learn about the moon or space missions.
mankind.” Very few know what has happened to All of us can set foot in heaven no matter
him since that mission. how little learning we have about the
Over two thousand years ago God Bible or about the church. All we need to
stepped in human form onto the earth; Two thousand years after the birth of
Jesus over 600 million Christians and do is to ask Jesus Christ to be the Lord
Jesus was born. Only a handful of of our lives and to turn our hopes and
shepherds and a few wise men wit- many more non-Christians can tell
you about the historic event in Bethle- desires, our hurts and our pains over to
nessed the event. Only the angels that him. God’s ways are simple and they
heralded the event knew what a giant hem and the part that Jesus played in
the history of mankind. Millions have endure.
step for mankind had taken place in a
small hamlet, in a small cave that was come to know about his life and how

Library Supplement: “The Middle East”

I began to develop an interest in For a few years now I have been historical fic-
the Middle East after our first collecting a number of books that tion books
visit to Israel, Egypt and Greece focus on the events in the Middle that give insight into
in 1985. Having a keen interest East. It is by no means an ex- experiences of those who live in the
in history, I discovered I knew haustive library, but does, I be- Middle East that are at times very
virtually nothing about this sig- lieve offer some valuable insights revealing.
nificant part of the world, which into complex issues that plague
was involved in so much turmoil this part of the world. The collection is far from finished
and I was woefully ignorant and I expect to be adding other
when it came to identifying the For some time I have thought of books as time goes on. On another
causes for the many regional ways of making this small re- note: I usually read with pen in
conflicts. source available to others and hand, so you will find a number of
finally hit upon the idea of plac- passages underlined (that’s okay
Being a firm believer that noth- ing the books in our church li- for me to do, they are my books), so
ing happens in a vacuum, and brary for people to borrow. Margo just ignore those and draw your
well aware that much of our re- has catalogued the books and own conclusions as to what is im-
sponse to world issues is little they are now in place in a special portant. The important thing is
more than an emotional re- section of our library for loan to that they be read by as many as
sponse to a surface event, I be- whoever is interested in learning are interested in learning more
gan to look beneath the surface more. about our world, the world God
and ask questions as to how and brought into being and loves with
why things developed as they There are a few autobiographies, an everlasting love.
did in this, what is to many a first hand accounts by news/war
mysterious part of the world. correspondents, political analysts Shalom
etc. As well there are a number of Dorne

Diaper Duty
Verse hanging above the entrance to the nursery of a church (1 Corinthians 15:51):
"Behold, I tell you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed."
Church Family
8 June 2008

Our Sunday School wind-up Do You know? (If you don’t see if your parents do)
picnic is a chance for everyone
 Name a very short man in the Bible? (Hint: Luke 19: 1 - 10)
in the congregation to enjoy
some fun and fellowship.  How many Psalms are there?
All are welcome ! !  What is the shortest Psalm?
Join us for a potluck lunch  And which one is the longest?
Wonnock Lake  Some people say Psalm 118:8 is the middle of the Bible, look it up
12pm June 8th and see what it says. (Hint the shortest and longest Psalms are the ones before
We will have and after this psalm)
games for everyone,  Which prophet was thrown into the Lion’s
goodie bags for the kids, Den?
watermelon and treats,  What were his friends’ names?
orange pop and coffee ;
 Can you think of other animal stories in the
the rest will be potluck.
Sign up sheets in the Narthex
 What is this picture about?

Sunday School A very special thank you to

teachers and helpers Ricky Newberry and her family for
organizing the Sunday School every
Please Remember our
week and
Appreciation Lunch
Rebecca Simpson for organizing the
Sunday 22 June,
Sunday School Picnic, Appreciation
Immediately after the service
Vacation Bible School Lunch, and Vacation Bible School.
In the upstairs classroom.
18—22 August
9:00am - noon
Take a SKYHIGH adventure
into God’s Word for a faith-
filled week with a Steward-
ship theme that will have kids Kath
taking care of God’s wondrous Ama ne Barr
creation and each other too! nda y
Kait B innie
And l i n Dixo
rew n
Mar New
k-An ber
dré F ry
Rega i
rd B chtel