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May 5, 2016

Dean Nilo T. Divina

Faculty of Civil Law
University of Santo Tomas
Attention: Atty. Arthur Capili
Faculty Secretary

Dear Dean Divina:

Greetings in the name of the Holy Spirit and of St. Thomas Aquinas!
I am currently enrolled as an irregular third year student in the Faculty of Civil Law.
I have already cleared all second year first semester subjects, as well as most of the
third year subjects offered by the Faculty during the first semester. As it is my intention
and goal to graduate next academic year, 2016 2017, I plan to overload the third
year subjects I have not yet taken in this academic year, in my fourth year. In line with
this, may I respectfully ask for your permission to allow me to have my internship
before the next academic year starts.
Thank you.
Lara Nicole T. Gonzales