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Organization Performance:

From my viewpoint, to the best of my knowledge and ability, I found the

performance of the organization above satisfactory level measured on
Since, the financial data and information were not accessible; I am unable to
the actual financial performance of the organization. However, looking at the
rush of
work and the nature of the services all round the year, there is no doubt that
the organization has sound financial performance.

Learning and growth:

During my internship period , what I found is that the organization has very
energetic and motivated employees. There are very few senior experts
while most of the employees are trainees . I found good learning and
sharing attitude not only in the young employees but also in the senior
experts. I got good opportunity
of learning as during the work, the senior employees take time to teach their
about what is being done and why it is being done. I feel privileged for such
kind of
opportunity I obtained. Senior employees not only teach the juniors but also
things from juniors and they dont feel shy or shamed to learn new things
that they
were previously unaware of.
There is great opportunity in growth and promotion of employees. Employees
are not so highly satisfied with

their jobs but they are not dissatisfied as well. I found high employee
turnover ratio in
the organization because most of the trainees tend to opt for other
alternatives after they become qualified .

Wherever I was assigned to work, I found the customers there; mostly give
priority to
the quick delivery of the required services and reporting rather than the
quality of
work and reports. I must say that the delivery performance of the
organization is
better as they do not cross the estimated time period and most often the
work and reporting is completed before the prescheduled deadline.
Moreover, the quality of work not only depends upon the employees work
performance but also depends upon the role played by the customers.
Because of the
quality of the work, delivery process and period, and the degree of
provided as per the need of the customers, I found high degree of customer
Based on the customer retention rate and the delivery performance, I came
conclusion that the customers are fairly satisfied with the services they

Internal business processes:

Since the organization provides solutions and services in the field of
information technology, it requires high degree of customer interaction and
customization, internal business processes cannot be automated and the

mass production cannot be achieved. The quality and speed of work not only
depends upon the employees work performance but also depends upon the
role played by the customers. Since there are no different departments, there
is no duplication of activities across departments and there arises no
questioning on process alignment.