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Codice Fiscale e Partita IVA 10046680152
C.C.I.A.A. 1338844 - Trib. 305043/7682/43
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Certificato N 091768A

High Temperature Flare Landfill Biogas Unit

Our technology applied at landfill site consist in the extraction of biogas continuously produced by the digestion of municipal
solid waste deposited. This biogas is manifested for many years even after the completion and subsequent closure of the
landfill. If not extracted and controlled tends to seek ways out of the surface of the landfill or search other preferential
pathways in the subsoil, in the case of landfills not perfectly sealed. These two phenomena cause, the first manifestations
of unpleasant odors, and
second, danger
situations for
settlements surrounding the
the ECOGAS SRL is active in this area, always with new technologies, creating turnkey systems that avoid these faults.
There are various types of installations according to the characteristics of the landfill and specific needs.
The Ecogas srl HTF-LU unit is specifically designed for the extraction and combustion of biogas from landfill. The unit is
supplied completely pre-assembled with all necessary components as to minimize the operations of assembly on site.
All components in contact with the biogas and the flare are made of stainless steel so as to eliminate any phenomenon of
internal corrosion. Even the blower is made with specially treated materials and suitable for biogas.
ECOGAS - HTF-LU unit is equipped with ECOGAS GECO high temperature flares, internally coated with refractory
insulation, and are equipped with main burner for biogas and pilot ignition burner with high energy electrical ignitor and UV
flame detection system.
This type of flare is designed in order to obtain an high combustion efficiency and consequently CO and NOx very low
emission values, considerably beneath the limits required by all the current European laws. The combustion temperature up
to 1200 degree C, the constant monitoring and automatic regulation of the temperature ensures the optimum flare working in
any conditions. The methane amount in biogas can range from 20% to 70% (in volume) and the regulation range of the flow
from 5 to 1; it is possible to work even with higher ranges but to detriment of the combustion efficiency. The flares are
equipped with Low Nox gas burner whose geometry ensures an excellent mixing of biogas and combustion air. An electrical
command panel board automatically manages all the controls necessary for a correct HTF-LU unit working.
Data Sheet HFT-LU rev. 2

Via Calabria, 8 20017 Rho MI

Tel. +39 02 93506232 +39 02 93506242
Telefax 02-93509269
Sito web
Codice Fiscale e Partita IVA 10046680152
C.C.I.A.A. 1338844 - Trib. 305043/7682/43
Capitale Sociale 10.400,00


Certificato N 091768A



Automatic ignition
Ignition pilot burner
High energy ignition
Turn down 1:5
Automatic temperature controller
Arrestor filter
Combustion temperature 1000-1200C
Residence time 0.3 sec.
High combustion efficiency
Low sound pressure level
Combustion range 25-60%
Electrical protection IP 65
Power supply: 3x400/230/N/PE 50 Hz
Condensate separation tank included
Construction inox

UV control flame
Flame arrestor
Shut off valves
Ex execution
Thermal control for motor
Continuous control of combustion temperature



Complete range size from 50 to 3000 Nmc/h

PLC controller
Ex execution according EN 60079
Standard blower p 150-300 mBar
IP 65 protection for control panel with double door

Silenced and ventilated containerized extraction unit

CH4-O2-CO2-H2S Biogas Analysis System
Automatic control of the suction pressure
Gas flow rate measurements
Energy recovery connection
Skid mounted execution

QUALITY - Certification BS/EN/ISO 9001:2000.


Easy installation
Automatic operation
Minimal operator intervention
Low investment

The brand ECOGAS, known and appreciated throughout the

world, ensures quality at the highest level and is certified in all
areas of production according to the standard ISO 9001:2000.
Ecogas certified its quality system according to ISO 9001 in
March 2000 and subsequently to EN ISO 9001:2008 in December
The QSM Certificate N 091768A is issued by ACM Limited for the
following activities:
Design, construction, installation, marketing systems for
combustion, for the treatment of water, the reclamation of
landfills, and chemical and petrochemical plants.
SOA Certification
In December 2011, the company Bentley SOA has released
PUBLIC WORKS for categories OG9 and OG12.

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Data Sheet HFT-LU rev. 2