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Samples from Essays and Letters, Level 1 (Grades 3 and 4)

All About Me (1)
My name is Muna Jha. I am six years old. I live in Basundhara, Kathmandu. I
study in Kids School.
I am a good student. I love going to school and learning new things every
day. My favourite book is The Jungle Book.
I have many friends in my school. My best friends name is Salman Khan.
I love playing with my friends but I dont like to play when it is too hot
I love to read storybooks and watch cartoons in my free time. I also like to
visit new places.

The Zoo
A zoo is a place where wild animals are kept. When we visit the zoo, we can
see different wild animals like monkeys, deer, tigers, bears and elephants.
There are cages with many different birds. There are crocodiles and fish as
Many schools take children to the zoo to help them learn more about
animals. Children like us can watch and learn how wild animals look and
behave. In Nepal, we have only one zoo located at Jawalakhel, in Lalitpur.
The zoo in Nepal has elephant rides, mini trains, boating and other fun things
for kids. It also has a restaurant and a park where people can have tasty
snacks and soft drinks. Lots of families visit the zoo on Saturdays.
I like visiting the zoo but I feel sorry for the animals. They dont look happy

My Hero (2)
My class teacher is a very nice person. Her name is Sharmila Sharma. She is
tall, smart and pretty. She is married and has a baby daughter.
When I was promoted to class 4 in the beginning of this year, I was afraid of
meeting my new teacher. I did not know what kind of person she was. But
once I joined her class, I realized that I was getting scared for no reason.
Ms. Sharma is a wonderful teacher. She teaches us English and History. She
knows so much about everything. Her classes are very interesting and I have
learned so much. Last year I used to cry every morning because I was scared
of going to school. But now I enjoy going to school. My parents are surprised
to see this change in me. Earlier, I hated school and I would have to be
dragged to the school bus each day.
Now, nothing will keep me away from school. I used to be very shy before
but my class teacher has helped me get over my shyness. She encourages
me and guides me and helps me all the time. I have never seen her get
angry or impatient with anyone.
I am no longer the quiet girl I used to be. I am much friendlier and because of
this change in me, I have many friends today. I enjoy my lessons and prepare
for all my tests. My grades have improved and my parents are so proud of
Everyone praises me for the changes that they have noticed. But I know that
my class teacher is the person responsible for bringing this change in me.
She is my role model my hero.

A Birthday Party (2)
I went to my friend Shyams birthday party. It was at Shyams house.
We played games in the garden. Then we had some delicious food. His mom had
prepared the food for us. We ate momo with sauce. We also drank some lemonade.
Shyams mom lit six candles on the cake. Shyam blew out the candles. We sang
Happy birthday. After we ate the cake, we gave him his presents. He was really
happy to get the presents. He also thanked all of us for coming.
Shyams birthday party was really good. I had a lot of fun.

The Earthquake
It was Saturday. I was at home watching TV with my father. My mother was reading
a book and my sister was studying.
Suddenly the TV began to move. I thought it was because of the big vehicle outside
the house. Daddy suddenly stood up and said Is it an earthquake? I didnt know
what to do so I followed my father and we ran to the ground. The ground was not a
safe place because there were many houses around us.
Everybody was screaming. There were people running on the street. They were
searching for an open space to stay safe. The ground was still shaking. Mommy
came to me and caught my hand and daddy caught my sisters hand. We stayed in
the garden because the street was narrow and dangerous.
After sometime, it stopped. An aunty I knew came to us and asked Have you seen
my daughter?
No we said, and she went to search for her.
We also went towards an open space where people were terrified. Some people
were crying and everyone looked scared.
We listened to the radio from daddys phone and found out that it was a very big
earthquake of 7.8 on the Richter scale. We also heard that it had originated in
Gorkha and a lot of people had died. Many houses were also destroyed.

Leave application
Pragati Tole
Patan, Lalitpur
10 May, 2016

The Principal
Vidya Mandir School
Patan, Lalitpur

Dear Madam,

I am very sorry that I cannot come to school to attend the book fair today. I have a fever and a
bad sore throat. I visited the doctor today and have started taking medicines. I hope to be better
soon and attend my classes.
Please grant me leave for today.
Your loving student,
Anwesh Rai

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