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Teacher : Stacey Nelson
Room: 083
RTI Time: Tuesday’s Only

Course Description:

This course is designed for students who are interested in understanding the principles of nutrition and

in maintaining a healthy life style. Attention will be given to the selection and preparation of food and personal
health and well-being. Skills test will be given at the end of the semester.
We will cover the following units this semester.
* Kitchen Management * Safety and Sanitation/ServSafe *MyPlate/Nutrition * Carbs *Protein *Dairy *Fat
* Vitamins and Minerals/Fruits and Veggies (Tests are given with each unit)
With each unit we do cooking labs that go along with our learning. On Average we cook 1-2 times a week. All
students are expected to both cook and clean during each foods lab and work well with others in your group.

A small binder only for Foods to keep unit packets.
Dividers (if possible)

LAB FEE - $10 Pay to secretary in main office before/after school with CASH OR CHECK

(due Sept 2 ) Bring payment receipt. I need the receipt to verify your payment.
School-wide Grading:
All teachers will utilize the following school wide grading scale for assignments, projects, tests and finals
grades. See school-wide disclosure for reference. Things to remember about school wide grading policy:

Students are expected to be in the classroom at the bell and in their seats shortly after


Tardies and behavior issues will result in poor citizenship grade. Continual problems will result in further

Students are expected to turn work in on time. Students will be allowed to turn in late work until the week


before the quarter ends. (See handbook for more info on late work)

Students will be given 1 week to make up missed work from absences. (w


Please see “MISSED WORK” area in classroom to get assignments you need. Missed labs will complete a
“Home Cooking Assignment”.

Other Classroom Rules and Guidelines:
- No outside food or drink allowed in class (no eating in class unless part of class)

No running “errands” during class. You may not go see other teachers.


No cell phone or any other electronic devices, unless a part of class.


Rewards will be given to students and classes who are well behaved, on task and making an effort


Students off-task or disrespectful to subs will have to complete an additional assignment. If your name
is written down in the sub report I will give you your extra assignment when I come back.


Students with constant behavior issues will be excused from cooking labs or sewing lab and complete an
alternate assignment.


Students will grades below a C may be excused from cooking labs to get caught up on their work. Most
of the “study guides” we do in class are not individually graded but are a tool for preparing for the test.
By participating in class and completing study guide assignment thoroughly, you will have the tools and
information you need to be successful on your test.


Tests can be made up as many times as needed. You must take a few days to re-study for the test.
Mrs.Nelson will let you know the earliest you can come in to re-take.

MOVIES: (the following movies may be shown in class to supplement our lesson) If you have any issues with
these selections please let me know.
Food Inc.

Iron Chef America

Fed Up


Good Eats

Cupcake Wars

Cake Boss

Cutthroat Kitchen

Foods & Nutrition Course Disclosure – Mrs. Nelson

Please read through disclosure. Sign and return ASAP.
Student’s Name

I have read this disclosure and understand the terms above.
______________________________ _______________________________
student signature

parent/guardian signature

Getting To Know You As A Chef

My favorite thing to cook is

6. What is the hardest thing you have ever

2. I love it when ____________cooks

7. Have you ever made anything from

______________ for me.


3. How often do you cook?

8. What is something healthy you like to eat?

4. What the last thing you made?

9. Do you have any food allergies?

5. What is something you would love to learn to

10. Do you HATE any certain kinds of food

Star all of the things on the list below that you have made yourself:
Scrambled eggs

Sauce from scratch


Soup from scratch



Ice Cream from scratch

Pasta (spaghetti)

Cake from scratch

7 layer Dip with Chips



Full Dinner

French toast

Mashed Potatoes from

Cake from cake mix
Cookies from scratch

Breaded chicken/ fried
Rice krispies
Microwave popcorn

Ground beef