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Job Focus

Responsible for providing strategic guidance, operational support and overall coordination of
business activities for Pakistan as outlined below:
Provide overall management and guidance for strategic projects
Plan, coordinate and provide project management for selected initiatives
Provide communications, meeting and event planning
Oversee ad hoc special projects with high level of strategic content.
Process owner for leadership meetings and agendas
Lead Strategic Planning process for region
Working with enabling and platform function leads, ensure goal alignment with regional and
Country goals
Coordinate and draft major regional-level briefings/ presentations (e.g. operating plans)

As a member of the CMF (Country Manager Forum) and the Commercial Leadership Team, to
operate as an operations liaison and thought partner on a variety of strategic initiatives for all
Business Units, on-going internal deliverables and special projects - working with other
members of the Leadership Team as well as Enabling and Platform functions.
Create an environment that encourages and rewards the required cultural mindset of quick
decision making, empowerment, flexibility, cost reduction, well-conceived risk taking, revenue
generation and execution and accountability
Ensure reliable, efficient and effective service delivery of the agreed scope of services the
Business Operations function delivers to the commercial team, all Business Units, and the
Contribute within the Leadership Team through management of cross functional projects and
initiatives and identifying and implementing improvement
Provides operational and communications support to the Country Manager and the Leadership
Team to enhance goal clarity, engagement, and organizational efficiency; ensuring alignment of
activities as appropriate
Identifies and implements best practices. Ensures consistency in over-arching processes and
systems, where needed
Manages and tracks commitments made by the Country Manager: executes follow-up activities
as appropriate and ensures Leadership Team follow up and implementation
Deliver overall management, organizational planning and guidance on business operations to
the leadership team, in view of set directions from the region/ global office
Makes practical and effective recommendations to prioritize issues and opportunities, brings
appropriate resources, best practices and expertise to the leadership team
Substantial contribution in business planning and analysis, process improvement, financial
reporting, structuring, and planning & forecasting
Lead the Strategic and Operating Planning process by partnering with Finance, making sure
environmental, commercial, strategic, functional and financial inputs are addressed
Design and lead corporate strategic change initiatives across the organization
Lead all Business Reviews with regional and global teams managing all follow-ups with

stakeholders, and representing Pakistan market in the best possible manner

Provide periodic business analytics, insights to the leadership team and Country Manager, to
have a birds-eye view on areas to penetrate in, and to gauge our presence
Partner with Finance for critical monthly reporting tools to the Region/Global teams; by acting
as a close liaison with the commercial team this includes all Sales Performance/ Financial/
Inventory reports, along with progress on all strategic projects to the region on a monthly basis
Contribute in all Business Transforming/ Restructuring exercises, leading towards development
of future strategies
Provides insights and support for all territory realignment and deployment exercises for the FF
Evaluate complex challenges regarding resource management, make practical and effective
recommendations to prioritize issues and opportunities, and bring solutions to the leadership
Lead the planning and execution of all high-level meetings leadership, functional, or
commercial, which requires substantial contribution from an operations stand-point, ensuring
alignment, consistency, and act as a strong liaison between the Leadership and the organizing
teams (e.g. Regional Visits, Annual Sales Conferences, etc.)
In view of the organizations values and current/future programs within the pharmaceutical
industry, participate/ engage with relevant forums, events, and conferences

Three to five years of experience in related capacity
Bachelors degree in General Management. Masters degree will have an advantage.