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Da 70’s Slang Dictionary

Caposhi- means it was really cool. Stylish and sexy. “That dress is so The 1970’s

capsohi!” Menu

Casanova- boys who were unusually smooth operators with the girls

Cats-people- “that cat still owes me some money.” “Bon appetite!”

Shag- to have sex. SIMON PARK, MATT ROBERTS,

Shagadelic- cool; cool person, to be very hot or sexy, very good in bed. SHIRA CHOI, CATHY OAK
Copasetic- cool or very satisfactory

Damn it Jim- a phrase from Star Trek that Captain Spock always says.

Do him a solid- Do him a favor APPETIZERS

Dynomite- DANG Broiled pineapple appetizers

Psychedelic- awesome 3.99

Rip-off- something that was less than the promised value Pineapple yaki tori

Trippin- a term used to describe a deemed insane action or a comment by 4.65

others. Spiced prunes

Veg Out- to relax 3.69

Cash- cool/ boob tube-tv Stuffed celery

Well EXUUUUUUUSE me- another Steve Martinism often heard on 2.89

Saturday night live by people who thought they sounded funny, but they Tuna tempters

really didn’t 2.50

Zetus-Lepuduz- NO way? Are you Serious?

Bouge- Lame, Weird. MAIN COURSE

F’sho- For Sure/ let’s bounce-let’s leave Alfalfa Sprout Salad

Slammin- hot, sexy, good. A deliciously fresh salad that is made from the sprouts of alfalfa. Looks

Hairy eyeball- suspicious looks like your chia pet. Yummy. 5.77

Bitchin- crazy cool

Ghetto Fabulous- Super Cool DRINKS

Jinkies- Oh My Gosh Purple Passion

What it is?- used as a greeting 59 cents

Word- I agree. Milkshake

Skinny – the real deal or the truth Comes in strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate flavor. With whipped

Far Out – Cool Cream and a cherry on top. 1.25

May the Force be with you –most popular phrase of the popular movie Star


To the Max – to the maximum Tiramisu

The is – this is just make in the 1970’s; just stick it in, in the middle of every Creamy mascarpone cheese custard surrounded by lady finger sponge

word. cakes delicately soaked in espresso then powdered with cocoa. 3.89

Audi 5000 – meaning to leave or depart quickly

Dudette – girl

Foxy – good looking

Fuzz – police/ joshing-kidding

Gig- job/ Jing – money

Stella – to talk rudely to a disco chick, one would call her a Stella.
Zen – to be at peace

Weekend Brunch

Grapefruit juice, sausage, bacon, cheese scrambled eggs, herbed tomatoes,

cinnamon crescents, hot fruit compote, coffee. 6.93

Children's Lunch

Nutty pups (grilled hot dogs served with chunky peanut butter), pineapple-

carrot toss, potato chips, pickle relish, popcorn pops, milk 4.96

Club Women's Lunch

Club chicken casserole, tomato slices, carrot sticks, cran-raspberry ring,

fudge ribbon pie 6.81

Music of the 1970’s baby!