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My Name

The City, USA • • 123-456-7890
Community College, The City, USA 2010-2014
Associate of Science, General Education, May 2014
• Dean’s Honor Roll 2010-2014
State University School(non-research based), A Different City, USA 2014-2016
Bachelor of Science, Management Information Systems, Summer 2016
• Information Systems Student Association 2015-2016



• Working of TCP/IP, OSI layers, subnetting, packet analysis, routing, switching,
• Projects: Plan out Network implementation for small business (two subnets, DMZ,
with multiple
routers and switches researched and then created in Visio). Use Wireshark to analyze
packets and
their protocols such as HTTP, FTP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, SMTP, FTP.

Information Systems Analysis and Design


• Proficient in Microsoft Office tools(Excel, Word, Access, Powerpoint, Visio, and Project)
• Troubleshooting common computer/network errors (printers, firewalls, network error,

• Capstone Project: Created a sales system function for a delivery app service.
Prepared an
Gantt Chart, ERD, Decomposition Diagram, DFD, outputs, inputs, implementation and

SQL/Oracle 11g/Access/ Databases

• Relational data modeling, entity relationship diagram, Structured Query Language
data extraction, DDL, and DML using Oracle Database 11g
• Projects: Using SQL to create scripts for an order entry screen, various reports and
selecting, updating, adding, and deleting records in a table.

• Application and cross-platform Mobile App development work (using Kivy
• Projects: Creating simple calculator app with add, subtract, multiply and divide.
Created counter
app increasing a number on screen when clicking on + button and subtracting when
hitting –
button. Reset all variables button which reset all counters on screen to 0.


• Understanding of policies, procedures, CIA triad risks, threats, vulnerabilities,
penetration testing,
common types of attacks (SQL injection, cross-site scripting, phishing, DDoS, known
etc), disaster recovery and business continuity plans, IPS and IDS, firewalls,
encryption, access
controls, segmentation, logging, monitoring, incident response and digital forensics.
• Projects: Use Wireshark analyze packets for vulnerabilities. Used Nmap to scan
network to map
their hosts and services used on the network.

button. Reset all variables button which reset all counters on screen to 0.

Professional Business Communications
• Received a Certification of Excellence for scoring an 80% or higher on the Grammar
and Essential Mechanics exam.

• CSX Cybersecurity Fundamentals – ISACA - Certification Number: 2016-996243 - CSXF

Professional Organizations
• ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association)

General Work Experience
xxxxx – PT Aide – July 2010 - January 2013
• Provide assistance to patients through exercises prescribed by the therapist.
xxxx – Sales Associate – August 2013 - December 2014
• Provide customer service to customers. Use end user database to find
missing UPC number.
xxxx– Student Server – August 2015 – Present
• Serve and wait on hungry students. Bus and wipe down dirty tables.