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Rare Treasures Workshop

Getting up close with rare migratory shorebirds found on the Gold Coast

Whats it all about


This workshop will provide practical

information about the identification, values,
threats and conservation status of threatened
shorebirds found on the Gold Coast, and build
a basis for understanding the habitat
requirements of these unique species.

Bob Westerman has a lifetime of

experience in ornithology, and has a
passion for the restoration and
conservation of migratory shorebirds.

The morning will be spent observing migratory

shorebirds on Curlew Island (water taxi
provided). This will be followed by lunch and a
presentation at the Labrador Community and
Youth Centre (57 Billington Street, Labrador).


Who should attend

Free (includes lunch)

Anyone with an interest in understanding more

about shorebirds found on the Gold Coast.
Images from left - Whimbrels, birds in flight, Bartailed Godwits, Eastern Curlew
and Beach Stone Curlew (Bob Westerman).

Date and time

8.30am to 3pm on 30th October
Meet Labrador Boat Ramp
Marine Parade

Please call - 07 5581 6984
For more information contact Paul
Donatiu on 0437 910 685.

This workshop is supported by Healthy Waterways and Catchments through funding

from the Australian Governments National Landcare Programme and by the City of
Gold Coasts Naturally GC Program.
A new era for the management of South East Queenslands land and waterways has
begun, with the official formation of Healthy Waterways and Catchments. This new
organisation combines leading not-for-profit organisations Healthy Waterways and SEQ
Catchments, whose members voted in the change on 28 June 2016. Healthy Waterways and SEQ Catchments will continue to operate under their existing brands while
we work through the transition. Find out more.