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List of Documents for Stage I processed through


1. Duly filled up ACS Pasa Form 1.0 (General)

2. Duly filled ACS Project Report form (not required for IT
degree holder)
3. Birth Certificate
4. Certified copies of Professional Courses Certificates if any
5. Certified copies of Appointment letter and confirmation,
relieving letters, salary slips from employers stating that he
has worked as a IT Professional
6. Certified copies of current dated detailed employer reference
letter (Giving details of duties performed by you) from
Present and Previous Employers on company letter head
7. Certified copy of passport pages
8. If current dated employer reference letter is not possible
then Statutory Declaration on Rs.10 Stamp paper from the
team Leader or a Manager whom he is / was reporting
9. Certified copies of educational starting from Secondary
including mark sheets of all the semesters along with
degree/ certificates
Certified copy of form 16 and Income Tax Returns for
the last three years
Softcopy of the detailed resume
Application fee of AUD 550 by credit card and AUD500
for IT degree holder