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Pratama,Yoga Indrawan. 2016. The Relation Between Prevalence of Intestinal Worm

Infection with Parents Knowledge Level and House Sanitation Level of Primary
School Students in Kedungkandang Subdistrict Malang City 2014. Final Project,
Medical Doctor, Faculty of Medicine Brawijaya University. Supervisor : (1) Prof. DR.
dr. Teguh Wahyu Sardjono, DTM&H. M.Sc. Sp.Park. (2) dr. Arief Alamsyah, MARS.

Intestinal worm infection is a health problem with high prevalence in Indonesia.

Intestinal worm infection occur the most in primary school students age with a prevalence of
60-80% in Indonesia. Parents knowledge is factor that influence in students behaviour.
Besides, the house sanitation is factor that ease the intestinal worm infection. The purpose
of this study is to identify the relation between prevalence of intestinal worm infection with
parents knowledge level and house sanitation level of primary school students. The
population of this study is primary school student of 3th, 4th, and 5th grade of 12 primary
school selected in Kedungkandang Subdistrict Malang City. The sample of this study are 757
samples. Feces examination use Kato Thick smear and the data was collected through
questionnaire. Statistical analysis was carried out by using Pearsons correlation test. This
study reveals that the prevalence rate of intestinal worm infection among elementary school
students in Kedungkandang Subdistrict is 4,6%. The most common infective worm is Ascaris
lumbricoides (80%). The analysis results showed that there is no significant correlation
between parents knowledge and intestinal worm infection (p=0,543), and there is a
significant correlation between house sanitation and intestinal worm infection (p=0,011). In
order to decrease the prevalence of intestinal worm infection we can make some activities to
educate students and their parents to keep their environment clean and healthy and we can
educate them to live in healthy life style.

Keywords intestinal worm infection, parents knowledge, house sanitation