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The food was damaged if there has been the changes that are not part of the nature of it.
The damage can occur due to damage the physical, chemical or enzymatic. The food products
caused by a variety of factors in which one of them is the growth of bacteria, leavened or mildew
on food that can damage proteins that led to the bad smell, and can also form the mucus, gas,
foam, acid or toxins.
Nowadays a lot of food products that have already been damaged remain outstanding in
the community a result of traders to be don't want to experience losses, so that they preserve in a
variety of ways, such as the addition of additives for food. So consumers still believe that food
products is still safe for consumption as seen from the packaging you'll be fine.
Based on the issues above, the idea of S-CAP (Smart Cap) is the perfect solution for
problems consumers. smart cap this will be beneficial to all food products, with smart cap this
will help to detect food is already not worth it to be consumed or foods containing additives in
food are dangerous with marked the S-CAP will change color if the product has been damaged.
With this idea, necessary to follow up that if it is run later, it will be beneficial as desired.