A Statement from Ground Zero ("http://tinyurl.

by Bhaskar, Cirsmrta, Manohar, Mayatiita and Niila Keshava Only lately we find ourselves in a situation where we are grappling with the question, "How could we Ananda Margiis get into such a mess?". Our diagnosis: As a matter of fact, Ananda Marga is no longer able to create an internal spiritual coherence world-wide. Underlying the well-known organizational conflicts, we made out that its ideology is maladjusted to the pace of society, thereby losing its function as a background for collective identification. In reaction to this traumatic experience we see a lapse into religious fundamentalism, which is, in turn, bound to worsen the crisis we're suffering collectively. Were this to continue, we foresee becoming nearly irrelevant to everyone except ourselves. Our mission: We strongly believe in multi-level communication. This means that we prefer to keep meaningful processes on-going and refrain from resolving dichotomies between opposites, thereby maintaining the respective fields of tension. It also means that all matters should be negotiated and re-negotiated not on just one, but on many levels of relevance, thereby using different methodologies, according to the subjects of discussion. In doing so we hope to proceed from a static to a more dynamic understanding of ideology, where the process of collective opinion making becomes the essence of an ever increasing improvement in the function of our mission. Also worth mentioning is that this process would dispense with the need for breakaways from Ananda Marga, rather it would open possibilities for it to survive as an organization that moves through time, space and personalities, as it struggles for the greater mission of building a true civilization. Our work: We moderate a website for general Margiis deeply concerned about the future of Ananda Marga as a whole. In doing so we expect to acquire expertise in mediation and reconciliation, not merely in a technical sense, but rather in the sense of developing aptitude for producing synthetic results, where others can see only contradictions. Above all we would strive for building competency in the fields of tolerance to difference at large, or inter-cultural dialogue and trans-religious understanding in particular, trusting that being Margiis for so many years should enable us to know more about the differences between eastern, southern and western mind-sets. Our principles: They are laid down in the legacy of late Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, particularly in HIS books about Neo-Humanism; but we prefer to interpret these scriptures in the light of the latest contemporary social sciences. In doing so, we get multidimensional perspectives on HIS assertions, which are less tinged by personal and collective prejudices. Generally speaking, we see an urgent need for an expansion of our ways of coming to conclusions. This involves the usage of advanced logics and dialectics, as well as on-going considerations on the

classical and the contemporary points of view, as expressed in HIS and the latest scientific publications respectively. Our vision: The future is bright, and the future is open; but the proposed process doesn't have an aim, its inborn dynamics never come to an end. Rather it's going to produce more and more levels of communication, more and more methods of dealing with the different issues, more and more ideological varieties, corresponding to the needs of Práńa Dharma*, thereby exploring the full potentiality of HIS legacy. And although, due to the indicated differences, we might ignore each other for some time, we might compete with each other for a while, but we will also come together and celebrate our diversity as a gift from above, as a blessing of the Sublime. * http://www.scribd.com/doc/31798858/Prana-Dharma

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