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If you stand back to observe, nature and the world as a whole two distinctive,
destructive end to world and humanity reveals.

First danger seems to be coming from the religions of the world. They
are the most powerful institutions. They have a sway on masses
and does influence nations and its leaders. They have separated

humanity in the name of God. Their ego, self, and slavery to material
world are the root of deterioration of our society. The society is
reflection of their inner reality. Their ego is so powerful that their eyes
cannot be opened easily. They lead the world into destructive path.
With nations, hoarding weapons of mass destruction, these people
and their ego has very good possibility of leading the world to Great
War and destruction in the name of God. If we fail to awaken to Truth
of God and come out of slavery to religions, we are poised for selfdestruction in the name of Life giving God.

The second danger unfolds when we began to analyze the scientific

world, which seeks Truth, but has failed to know Truth that exists next
to their skin. These New Temples emerged with hope of reinventing
Truth and God and liberating humanity from the clutches of religions.
However, they have failed to come out with Truth. They have ended
giving means and method to exploit material world recklessly to evil
minds ruling us. Consequence is there before us in the form of Mother
Earth that is going fragile and violently peaking and falling in energy
leading to huge climate and natural catastrophes. It is evident from
society that is becoming increasingly unstable and biosphere that is
World has awakened to global warming and climate change. Scientist
understands the cause as increasing CO2. Though it is true, the real
cause exist in heat or energy of the environment. Mother Earth has
Design and functions to sustain certain temperature. We seem to be
ignorant of the simple design by which Mother Earth sustains its
temperature. It is common sense that system that is heated
unilaterally, disorder and destruction will increase and at some point, it
will begin to collapse. Since industrial era, we have been unilaterally
and exponentially increasing the heat of the environment and as a
consequence the climatic change is accelerating and our biosphere is
collapsing. Our system would have collapsed if not for the Design. The
system has two parts. When in one-part heats peaks, the other acts as
a heat sink. This helps maintain the temperature of the system within a
limit for life to survive. Just as life, Mother Earth and even the whole
cosmos is designed to sustain a back-ground temperature. Lack of this
Truth of Nature and her functioning in simplicity appears to be
another great impediment to live in peace with oneself and with

Thus, reviewing and knowing Truth of God and Nature from point of
freedom of all schools has become the biggest necessity to survive the end
to which humanity is fast reaching.

The Principle and Design on which Nature works

The cause for Global Warming and Climate Change
Universe is energetic as well as material. The motion that we
witness is reflection of motion in energetic world. The motion in
energetic world happens to balance the system. In short, it
happens to sustain the temperature of the system. This is evident
in Life, this is evident with Mother Earth, so also Cosmos
Mother Earths Design and functioning reflects a struggle to balance the ratio
of energy to matter within a limit. Mother Earth that inhabits life and we
humans, take an off-centered central position in the cosmos. Mother Earth
seems to function much like a heart of a living system. Heart is a double
pump that works constantly to maintain life. It plays a crucial role in
sustaining the temperature of the system. Mother Earth similarly has a
parallel and dual pump design and works to sustain the Temperature of
Mother Earth within a limit. Mother Earth seems to have double Torus Design
[See Fig-18].

When one part of Mother Earth awakens to Sunlight, heats up and unwinds
[energizing Cycle], simultaneously another part goes into darkness, cools
down and winds [materializing cycle] to balance the system. As the heating
peaks to a limit, it gives way to darkness and simultaneously in opposite
part, darkness peaks and it gives way to Light. This design means the
system like life, is conscious and instantaneously communicated. The phase
transitions leads to a quantum pulse of the system that creates the spin and
motion of the system in cyclic manner. The pulse is then communicated

through the whole system in time. Thus, two forms of communication

exist in life and in nature.
Mother Earths pulse and motion manifests as day and night cycle in which
we live. This 12 hour cycle, is embedded in bigger cycles with a peak of heat
and cooling in 12 months. This manifests as Climatic Cycles. We have still
bigger cycles of 12 years and so on to form one great cycle where energy
peaks and falls violently and possibly changing the direction of the flow in
the system. Here, we see a time direction, where everything can possibly be
destroyed by violent fluctuation of energy. From linear point, the end
situation is Mother Earth splitting and turning inside out to
reorganize. From non-linear point, it leads great disorder and
We can understand it from yet another outlook. Mother Earth has many Grid
points, through which the change occurs. As heat of the system increases
unilaterally and disorder increases. The grid points and resistance dissolve
and in parallel there is increase in the energy of the system [See Fig below].
The flow and change is now accelerated such that temperature can
maintained. The accelerated change begins to wind and expand the system
in a violent way. Recall the heart beat of a system that is nearing the death.
This means we will have dual fold destruction from heating the cooling
cycles. Which place peaks in heat, and which place falls as a sink for heat, is
unpredictable and fallows quantum mechanical reality? However, the
tendency of the system is predictable. The present situation was
thus foreseen and predicted.

Some of the consequences Predicted are

1] When seasons enter heating cycle, it leads to increased forest fire and
wind bound destruction. This then could lead to increased fire accidents. It
could mean much of our inflammable industries are at risk. Increasing heat
of the environment could lead to non-linear type of explosions that can go
out of hands of the most well equipped nations.
2] When season enter the cooling cycle [Earth cycle], it leads to Increased
flash floods/snows, Mother Earthquake and volcanic eruptions. This could
increase mudslides, sink holes and increased collapse of fragile structures.
3] The heated up or energized environment could lead to increased
lightening and associated disasters.
4] Since Mother Earths protective covering is breaking down and showing
violent fluctuations, it can open holes in it attracting extraterrestrial objects.
Note My quest to know source of Gravity, has led me to visualize, non-equilibrium as
measure of gravity. This means we are increasing the Gravity of Mother Earth, and the
same time breaking its shield. It is creating a two way traffic inward and out wards. The
out ward traffic is spiritual and actually resisting the fall. In other words, the system is in
controlled and is unfolding in a determinable manner. Each grid points here has to be
visualized as four cubes existing and functioning as one. Two creating force up ward
and the other two creating force down. This is explored in the link at the end.

5] Very Important Point - Exponential Increase in burning of fossil fuel,

in addition to increasing heat of the system also is increasing CO2. CO2 in
turn is blocking the back radiation of heat. Increased heat is leading to forest
fire and loss of greenery. Since forest and greenery is the carbon sink and
source of O2, the loos of forest is upsetting the vital ratio O2 to CO2 balance
of Mother Earths atmosphere. This means higher animals and whole
biosphere is at risk. Increased reports of mass death of fish and birds are an
alarming sign. If it goes unchecked many species would get wiped out. Since
Mother Earth struggles to sustain balance, we are still surviving. However, if
it reaches a critical point, it will trigger a non-linear chain reaction
that becomes uncontrollable.
In short, whole Mother Earth is growing fragile and it is breaking
down. If we fail to awaken to Truth of Nature and her
functioning, take action to alleviate the stress on her and evolve
to develop new nature compatible technologies we are doomed.
The ego of people in Temples of Knowledge, both old religious

and modern science is high; they fail to think beyond the

boundary. The violent Mother Earth is bound to break their Ego
and bring them to Light.
This time direction is inevitable. The self-sustaining organism called universe
resists this time direction. Bible tells us that God created Humans in His
image and gave dominion to him to rule but he kept a resistance - not to eat
from the tree at the center. This invariably means humans had all the
knowledge about Mother Earth and its functioning. He had a Golden Period.
He knew how to live in harmony with nature. However, this knowledge
seems to have been lost in time, when minds in institutions that were
supposed to hold light and spread to New Generation, began to become selfcentered and slave to Kings and the Rich. The present state of the world
with increased climate catastrophes and social instability could be traced to
deterioration of Knowledge or Truth that once existed with us. The means the
present state of the world could be directly attributed to spiritual
deterioration of humanity. If I am to put it philosophically, it is lack of Love
and Respect to Father and Mother. We are disconnected form Nature and the
Spirits governing it. We are disconnected from the consciousness and
intelligence within. The system seems to be going through a spiritual and
physical overhaul
Since the present state is critical, let me once again list the physical changes
on Mother Earth endangering humanity and the cause for it.

Exponentially increased heat released to environment since industrial

era is energizing the system and increasing the disorder and making
the biosphere unstable.
The increased intervention into night cycle in which Mother Earth cools
and reorders the system is aggravating the situation
Reckless felling of forest and loss of greenery is further aggravating the
situation. Green plants transform gravity into anti-gravity force, it
transform matter and mass into biological mass that works against
gravity and time directed to collapse. Life we know grows against
The Mother Earth system with plants resists the collapse of the system
into singularity. However, if unchecked it can lead to Anti-gravitational
Collapse. Plant not only opposes the Gravity and time of material
world, but it also absorbs CO2 and releases the O2 thus supporting
higher life, including humans.

The cosmos with plant and animals are is self-organizing. The herbivore
controls plants and carnivore control herbivore. Noble laureate James
Lovelock proved this self-organizing nature to the world, but physicist
fail to take note of it.
The self-organizing picture breaks down, when we include humans with
intelligent mind. It forms the most important biological mass. When
intelligence of humanity is self-centered and is aligned with material
world and its force, time direction begins to take place.

In short, Human mind in the absence of Truth

actually is NEGATIVE and is upsetting two vital
ratios. One is Ratio of Energy to matter and another
O2 to CO2 ratio. Thus he is ignorantly digging his
own grave.
The exponentially increased the heat of the environment of Mother Earth
stressing her to pulsate faster and faster. The flow of energy is accelerated to
sustain the temperature of the biosphere within limit. The grids points
around Mother Earth are collapsing. This is causing both unwinding and
winding stress on Mother Earth to increase. This is leading to all destructions
we witness. All this is stressing the biosphere. The species including human
are becoming restless. Restless human mind is taking self-destructive path.

Unless we awaken, reduce the heat being released

into the environment we are doomed.
This means we need to change the very foundation of knowledge on
which we rest and function. We are also forced to change the
technologies that release much heat and develop New Technologies

The Critical step here is to turn negative human mind

into Positive and shift whole of humanity into a New
Platform. Only Truth Revealed in simplicity can make
it happen. The Good News is that the physical
disorder we are experiencing is monitored by
internal spiritual world and it will lead us to order
when Time Comes. The Spirit of God released by

Christ is leading us back to Golden Age. This is Good

Two dangers that Earth and Humanity is facing is not beyond the comprehension of
Human mind. All the It has to connect to the consciousness and seek it from within.
We need to review the foundation of science and the conceptual developments in it,
in such a way that we can understand it in simplistic manner, incorporating the
spiritual knowledge known to the ancient. I present to in the fallowing article three
decades of introspection by Grace. It also gives hints to possible new technologies
that can save humanity. My writing may not of international standard. However, it
carries the core knowledge that can save humanity help him transcend the Critical
state and evolve to Golden Age
Read the link The key to Golden Age and New Technologies Understanding string
and its dance, wave-particle duality, formation of atom, manifestation of Gravity,
Time and Eternal motion