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AADvance Industrial Control System

9401 Isolated Digital Input Module
field input side is isolated from the
system components.

signal load termination and fuse

protection on each input channel

Technical Overview

Using the optional termination assemblies with the relevant number

of input modules provides you with
a flexible and scalable I/O capability.

Each field input signal is routed via

a termination assembly and the I/O
backplane to the input measurement devices on the input module.
The incoming data is transferred as
data packets in a serial data stream
to each 9000 Series processor
module via a dedicated I/O module
response bus. This data is analyzed
to determine the input point state
and channel condition.
Signal and power isolation circuits
separate each input channel from
the rest of the system, protecting
the system from field faults.
An independent watchdog arrangement monitors the module
operation and provides additional
fault containment by a shutdown
mechanism should a fault occur.
If a fault occurs in dual or triple configurations during normal operation,
a module can be removed and replaced without disrupting a live system.

The 9401 Isolated Digital Input
Module has an adaptable and failsafe design; it interfaces 8 field input channels.
By employing one and up to three
input modules in a simplex, dual or
triple arrangement, the input module can easily be configured for
simplex SIL2 applications, or fault
tolerant SIL3 safety related applications.
Each input channel is galvanically
isolated from the others and the

Issue 01: Aug 2008

Internal module power is derived

from the protected and dual redundant 24V system power supply.
Supply voltage monitoring initiates a
warning signal and power off protection mode when a power failure
is detected.
The 9000 series processor module
monitors the status of the input data
path, using built in I/O module diagnostic circuitry to detect faults within
each input channel.
A visual indication of the module
Healthy status and individual
channel status is provided by an
array of front panel LEDs
Termination Assemblies that only
mate with these input modules can
accommodate from one to three
modules. They perform passive


Flexible modular construction for user

configurable system

8 direct field Connections

Analogue input voltage data is provided

for line monitoring
and field fault detection.

Fail-safe design and


Suitable for simplex,

and fault tolerant applications

Independent galvanically isolated input


Built in diagnostic
testing and independent Watchdog

Module removal and

replacement on-line
without system interruption in duplex or
triplex configurations

AADvance Industrial Control System
9401 Isolated Digital Input Module
Electrical Specification
Number of inputs:
8 Channels
Channel Isolation:
(channel to channel and channel
to chassis):
Sustained Working:
Maximum Withstanding:
1.5KV dc
Input Voltage:
+24V dc nominal.
Voltage Accuracy:
Channel Termination Resistance:
Power consumption:
< 1.5W (from system 24V)
Sample Update Interval (no filter):
1 ms
Self- Test Interval:
1 application scan period
Sequence of Events
Event Resolution: 1 ms
Time-stamp Accuracy: 5 ms
For extreme overload only, see
TA data sheet.
Intrinsic Safety:
External barrier.
Circuit Type:
1oo1D, 1oo2D and 2oo3D

Mechanical Specification
Dimensions (H x W x D):
166mm x 42mm x 118mm
6 in x 1 in x 4in
Plastic Non-flammable

Environmental Specification
Operating Temperature:
-20C to 70C.
-4F to 158F.
Storage and Transport (in original packaging): -40C to 70C
-40F to 158F
Operating Humidity
10% to 95%

Issue 01: Aug 2008

Storage and Transport (in original packaging): 10% to 95%

Functional Stress: 5Hz to 9Hz
Continuous: 1.7mm amplitude
Occasional: 3.5mm amplitude
Withstand: 10Hz to 150Hz
Acceleration: 0.1g
Endurance: 10Hz to 150 Hz
Acceleration: 0.5g
15g peak, 11ms duration, sine
Operating: Up to 2000m
Up to 6,600ft
Transport: Up to 3000m
Up to 10,000ft
EMI (IEC 801):
Conforms to European Standards:

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