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GA Studies 1st Semester Review

Georgias Geography:
SS8G1 The student will describe Georgia with regard to physical
features and location.
List the five regions of Georgia and briefly describe each:
1. Piedmont most populated region, we live in it, rolling hills, land
supports cotton
2. Coastal Plain flat with low and slow moving rivers, sandy soil
3. Blue Ridge high elevation, part of Blue Ridge Mountains, has the
Brasstown Bald
4. Ridge and Valley long, parallel ridges with wide valley floors,
long growing season
5. Appalachian Plateau - high elevation with flat tops, coal
6. Describe Georgias climate: Georgias climate is mild and warm,
which contributes to a long growing season.
7. What are the five states that border Georgia? North Carolina,
South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida
8. What hemisphere is Georgia located? Northern
9. Look at this map of Georgias regions. What number corresponds to the
most populated region in Georgia?

a) 1
b) 2

c) 3
d) 4

10. In which geographic region would a rich red soil MOST LIKELY be
A Blue Ridge Mountains
C Piedmont
B Coastal Plain
D Appalachian Plateau

11. Which of the following physical features made it difficult to

travel by river?
A The Okefenokee Swamp
C The Appalachian Mountains
B The Fall Line
D The Barrier Islands
12. Which statement is true based on the phrases below?
*The climate makes Georgia a fun vacation spot
*The climate is good for farming
*Georgias climate is different in the mountains and at the coast
A Climate can affect the
C Winter in the Appalachians is the
same as in the Coastal Plain
B Climate is not important to
D The cold winter temperatures
people looking for a place to live
make most people visit in the
Prehistoric Cultures:
SS8H1 The student will evaluate the development of Native
American cultures and the impact of European exploration and
settlement on the Native American cultures in Georgia.
13. What was the purpose of the mounds used by Woodland and
Mississippian Indians? They were used for religious and burial
14. What technological breakthrough did the Woodland Indians use?
What did this allow them to do? Bow and arrow they could settle in
permanent areas.
15. The first inhabitants of Georgia who lived between 10,000 and
13,000 years ago were known as what? Paleo Indians
Early Exploration/Colonization:
SS8H2 The student will analyze the colonial period of Georgias
James Oglethorpe founded a colony in America to
a. mine gold and other valuable resources
b. b. provide a refuge for persecuted religious groups
c. help the poor of England get a fresh start
d. d. increase slavery in the colonies
Why were the early Georgia colonists urged to plant
mulberry trees? (SS8H2B)
a. To establish a silk industry in Georgia
b. To enhance the landscape beauty of the early homes
c. To provide mulberries as a needed source of fruit
d. To provide badly needed lumber for building homes

How did Hernando De Sotos travels throughout Georgia
and other southern states NEGATIVELY IMPACT the native
Americans living there? (SS8H1B)
a. The native Americans adopted many European customs
b. The native Americans joined De Sotos quest for gold
c. The Spanish soldiers brought death and disease (by
interacting with natives)
d. The soldiers living among the native Americans in peace.
Which of the following correctly describes the role of
Tomochichi in the creation of Georgia?(SS8H2A)
a. Tomochichi translated for Oglethorpe
b. Tomochichi operated a trading post nearby
c. Tomochichi was the leader of the Yamacraw Indians and
allowed Oglethorpe to settle at Yamacraw Bluff
d. Tomochichi was the leader of the Creeks Indians and allowed
Oglethrope to settle at New Echota.
Mary Musgrove, James Oglethorpe, and the Salzburgers
are all associated with what time period? (SS8H2A)
a. European Exploration
b. Creation of Georgia
c. English Colonization of New England
d. Pre-historic native Americans
Which of the following is NOT a European country who
explored in North America? (SS8H1C)
a. Germany
b. England
c. France
d. Spain
Which of the following reasons for the creation of
Georgia is NOT listed in the Charter of 1732? (SS8H2A)
A. Charity
B. Economics (Trade)
C. Religion
D. Defense
The American Revolution:
SS8H3 The student will analyze the role of Georgia in the American
Revolution. SS8H4 The student will describe the impact of events
that led to the ratification of the United States Constitution and the
Bill of Rights.
What were some causes of the American Revolution? Colonists
were angry about the taxes placed on certain items (no taxation
without representation); they felt they had no voice in

government, they felt they were treated cruelly by their home

country, and wanted to declare independence as their own nation.
Word Bank for 28 33: Loyalists, Patriots, Stamp Act, Declaration
of Independence, Kettle Creek, Elijah Clarke
24. Law that placed taxes on all paper goods and documents Stamp Act
25. Document that stated the colonies were free of British control
Declaration of Independence
26. Led Georgias militia to victory over 800 British soldiers at Kettle Creek.
Elijah Clarke
27. Colonists who wanted independence from the British Patriots
28. Colonists who favored remaining under British control. Loyalists
29. American Revolution battle in GA; victory for Georgia as the militia were
able to defeat and gain supplies from the British Kettle Creek
Westward Expansion:
SS8H5 The student will explain significant factors that affected the
development of Georgia as part of the growth of the United States
between 1789 and 1840.
30.Create a tree map that explains the Yazoo Land Fraud, Land Lottery,
and Headright system.

31.How did white settlers want to civilize Native Americans? White

settlers wanted the Native Americans to dress like them,
convert to Christianity, stop hunting, and learn the English
32. What was the impact of the Dahlonega Gold Rush? It caused
settlers to rush to where the gold was found, forcing Cherokee
off their land.
33. Who was Sequoyah? What was his contribution to the Cherokee?
He was a Cherokee Indian who created the Cherokee alphabet.

The Civil War and Reconstruction:

SS8H6 The student will analyze the impact of the Civil War and
Reconstruction on Georgia.
Northern or Southern state? Write an N for Northern state, or an
S for Southern state.
34. S Believed in the idea of states rights.
35. N Supported abolitionists.
36. S Was angered by the results of the election of 1860.
37. S Opposed tariffs on imported goods.
38. S Favored the Fugitive Slave Act.
39. Georgias position on slavery in the new territories during the
mid-1800s was clearly stated in the
a) Dred Scott decision
c) Atlanta Compromise
b) New South
d) Georgia Platform
40. African-Americans were MOST inspired to fight in the Civil War
a) the South firing on Fort Sumter
c) the passage of the KansasNebraska Act
b) Confederate leaders adopting the d) Lincoln issuing the
Georgia Platform
Emancipation Proclamation
41. Which is a correct statement about the 1857 Supreme Courts
Dred Scott decision of 1857?
a) The decision pleased both the
c) Slaves were classified as
North and South
property without human
b) Abolitionists considered the
d) Expansion of slavery into new
decision a great victory.
territories was declared illegal
42. Which of these statements about sharecropping in the South
after the Civil War is true?
a) Most southern state governments c) Most people who
eventually outlawed
sharecropped remained in a
cycle of poverty.
b) Many people were able to
d) Most southern state governments
purchase their own farms through
offered low-interest loans to
43. One effect of the Union blockade on Georgia during the Civil War
was that
a) Georgia became a British ally.
c) Union forces controlled the
Mississippi River.
b) imported goods were plentiful.
d) harvested cotton remained

The New South:

SS8H7 The student will evaluate key political, social, and economic
changes that occurred in Georgia between 1877 and 1918.
__C_Supported suffrage; wanted
A. Tom
to reform prisons, and was the
first woman US Senator
_A__Populist; created the Rural
B. Alonzo
Free Delivery Act
_D__Popularized the term,
C. Rebecca
Latimer Felton
The New South
_E__Jewish man that was arrested
D. Henry W.
or a crime he didnt commit;
led to revival of the KKK
_B__Created the Atlanta
E. Leo Frank
Mutual Insurance Association
What were the goals of the Bourbon Triumvirate? They
wanted to expand the Souths economy by becoming more like
the north. They also wanted to preserve white supremacy.
What were Georgias contributions to WWI? Created
uniforms, women volunteered for the Red Cross, military
bases/training camps, 3,000 Georgians died in the war, food
was produced