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Hilo Intermediate School

Course Syllabus

2016 - 2017
7th Grade Math

Contact Information
Teacher: Ms. Pola Taitano
Room: A-211
Phone: (808) 974 4955
(Phone will not be answered during class)
(best contact option)
Course Overview
This course is designed to provide students with opportunities to strengthen and extend their background in math
and includes the real number system, and simple concepts of Algebra and Geometry.

Quarter 1
Module 1: Adding and
Subtracting Integers
Module 2: Multiplying
and Dividing Integers
Module 3: Rational
Module 4: Rates and

Quarter 2
Module 5: Proportions
and Percent
Module 6: Expressions
and Equations
Module 7: Inequalities

Quarter 3
Module 8: Modeling
Geometric Figures
Module 9:
Circumference, Area
and Volume
Module 10: Random
Samples and
Module 11: Analyzing
and Comparing Data

Quarter 4
Module 12:
Experimental Probability
Module 13: Theoretical

Hilo Intermediate will be using Houghton Mifflin Harcourts GO Math Curriculum for 7th and 8th grade. For more
information regarding this curriculum please visit:
For more information about the Common Core State Standards please visit:

Hilo Intermediate School

Course Syllabus

2016 - 2017

Supplies Needed
Bring at the beginning of the year. To
be left in the classroom.
Composition Tablets (2x)
Pocket Folder for Classwork (1x)
Pack of Pencils (optional)

Bring to class each day.

School Provided HSN Planner
Binder Paper
3 - Ring Binder
Pencils, Pens and Erasers
A 4-function or scientific calculator

Classroom Expectations
We believe that all students have the ability to be successful in my class and to behave in a respectful and
productive manner. To ensure that each student has the opportunity to learn in a safe & positive classroom
environment & to facilitate his/her academic growth, the following classroom discipline plan along with ALL school
rules will be in effect at all times.

Be positive and do your best every day.
All electronics devices are NOT to be out on
Gum and Candy are NOT allowed.
Abide by the dress standards.
Use appropriate language at all times.
Follow all classroom rituals and routines for
beginning, during and ending class.

1. Warning
2. Refocus sheet
3. Detention
4. Call home
5. Referral
If student does not complete a homework assignment an
incomplete will be noted in the planner and the student will
need to come in next recess to make up the work.
If a student is failing, the teacher will fill out a Student
Academic Behavior Probation Contract. The contract will
be sent home for parent signature and the student is
required to attend the lunch time Work Study program for
one full week.
Severe behaviors will be handled by administration.

Hilo Intermediate School

Course Syllabus

2016 - 2017

Evaluations and Grades

The final grade in this class will be determined by a total point accumulation average based on:

Module Quiz

Projects/ Classwork

A short quiz will be given after each module.
Projects will be given throughout the course.
Daily Do Now will be given at the start of every class period.
Some daily assignments will also be graded.


Homework will be assigned periodically throughout the course. When there is no

formal homework assignment, student is expected to study class notes from
previous lessons that he/she do not know completely.

Extra Credit

Class notebooks will be graded at the end of each quarter. Students can earn up to
10pt extra credit if all sections are complete.
Quizzes and projects may also contain extra credit problems.

Make Up/ Retakes: It is the students responsibility to communicate with the teacher for make-up work. Missing
assignments must be made up in accordance with Team Aalii handbook; the student must complete and turn in
work within a reasonable time. If an assignment is not made up students will not receive points for that
assignment, which can dramatically lower their grade.
Infinite Campus Grade Access: You will be given the opportunity to check your math grades online (parents and
students). A form will be sent home that describes the process.

The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.
- S. Gudder