Organization Structure of the GFC Fans

The management of GFC Fans can be classified into three main heads; 1) Top management 2) Middle management 3) Lower management

As the name signifies that the management of the GFC Fans which is involved in the policy working and decision making at the highest level of the organization hierarchy is called as top management .The top management of the GFC Fans consists of one. a) Chief executive 2) MIDDLE


The middle level management includes those people who are responsible to implement the policies framed by the top management. The implementation is no doubt done with the help of lower lever management, but middle management has to look at the things and make it sure that the tasks are performed within frame work if policies and attached goals .In fact, it bridge the gap between the top and the lower level management. The middle management of GFC Fans includes Director Finance, Director Technical, Manager Sale Marketing, Manager Export import, Manager Quality Control, General Forman production, Foreman Maintenance. 3) LOWER


The lower management in any organization plays an important role just like a wheel in car. Without the help of lower management the objectives can’t be achieved fully. The lower management of GFC Fans includes Incharge admin, Incharge Die Making, Manager Finance, Manager Store, Manager Sale & Marketing W .M, Forman W. Machine,Incharge Income Material, Forman Ceiling Fan, Forman Pedestal fan, Forman plastic fan,Incharge Winding. Forman Copper Wire plant, Quality Inspector, Incharge Electric Section.

For example GFC Fans need to launch a New Fan...
Top Management gives the idea to Middle Management and Middle Management lead that idea or makes it possible and made a plane or through Lower Management Control or develops that product(new fan).

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