August 10,1992

Issue Number 2

AIDS Politics-The Politics of AIDS
Salvaging The VIII international AIDS Conference
From the perspective of "thinking globally and acting locally," the VIII International Conference on AIDS / HI STD World Congress was quite an eyeopener. The structure of the Conference was fairly comprehensive. There were four tracks, labeled Basic Science, Clinical Science and Care, Epidemiology and Social Impact and Response. Lunch time Poster Discussions were held along with evening Minicourses and Satellite Meetings. Additionally, there were "Global Meetings," which resembled open plenaries, held on two evenings of the Conference. Sandwiched in wherever possible were all manner of press conferences, drug company receptions, and other interest group meetings. ACT UP sponsored many of these smaller meetings, not to mention daily, someconlinuedonpage2

ACT UP/lntematioiial frequently disrupted the Conference to bring attention to discrimination against HIV-positive people and pharmaceutical company profiteering. (Photograph by Kiyoshi Kuromiya)

International AIDS Conference Slams U.S.
Hundreds of AIDS activists marched through the streets of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, at the opening of the Eighth International AIDS ConferenceJuly 19. They denounced repressive immigration and travel restrictions in the U.S. Demonstrators carried 40 coffins, each inscribed with the names of people who have died of AIDS and with information about countries that have immigration and travel restrictions against people with HIV and AIDS. Chanting "Open all borders!" protesters passed by the consulates of several of these countries. Most of the anger was directed toward the
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'AIDS Politics-The Politics of AIDS,' continued from page 1

times hourly actions and zaps. Imagine all of the above crunched into a four day period in "sin city," Amsterdam. Researchers, doctors, activists, health and service providers, PWA's, PHIV's, funders, drug company lackeys, Elizabeth Taylor, and the Press were there in droves. It all added up to five days of sheer madness. In retrospect, it seems that many people at the conference were looking for "the answer," when maybe all we should or really could have gained from it were a few more clues. "Great expectations, great disappoin tments," as a friend once said. It's interesting how so many of the news reports that came out of this conference were about the "old news" being discussed and how there were "no new substantive breakthroughs." What did people expect when the role ofHIV-1 andHIV-2 as the sole causes of AIDS was thrown in doubt by one of the biggest stories of the Conference? It was revealed that there are about 30 documented cases of amysteriousnon-HIV immunodeficiency disease! The most disturbing thing about the VIII International AIDS Conference was the domination of American and, to some extent, European agendas. If we consider that more than 8.5 million of the 10 million people infected with HIV globally are from Africa, Asia, and South America (6.5 million, 1 million +, and 1 million +, respectively), we must wonder why more than half of those at the conference were from North America and Western Europe. Just how international was this conference? Not enough! Why was the conference so dominated by people from the Northern and Western hemispheres? Economics is the answer! We have the money and they don't! We have the largest research facilities, the drug companies, the overall medical infrastructure and vast resources that flow disproportionately in our direction. You've gotta pay to play "International" AIDS Conference! How are health providers from Africa going to utilize various treatment protocols when a relacont'mued on page 4

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Amsterdam Rumorz
or A Tall Faerie Tale Once upon a time, there was an Eighth International AIDS Conference and many Queers were there. One of the Fabulous Fountain Gang was waltzing Mathilde and schmoozing Liz about his constituency......yeah, right. A pansexual, using a press pass bearing the name of the cute and sexy cub reporter back home was seen climbing the gate of the American Embassy with a coffin balanced on his head. Our Most Lovely Drag Queen was honored by. the Mayor of Amsterdam with the dual tides of Archbishop and Duchess. During the ceremony, many were reminiscing about the live sex shows with audience participation. Counterfeit passes to all the events were being manufactured and distributed by that Famous Communications Terrorist. The Luscious Young Lezzies took in tulip nurseries and girl bars. The Outreach Workers Were seen taking a romantic cruise up the canals, though one of them had recently had a bad experience with a raisin. The second of the Fabulous Fountain Gang was hardly ever seen. Some speculated that he was taking in the plazas, canals, and men's rooms. Partying 'til late...rising early...NOT! And a good time was had by all.
—submitted by Lady Loose Labiae—

'InternationalAIDS Conference Slams U.S..'continuedhorn page!

United States. Tomas Fabregas, a Spaniard who emigrated to the U.S. in 1978, addressed the protesters. Since U.S. immigration laws prohibit people with HTV from entering the country, the govemmentmaypreventhim from returning to San Francisco after the conference. "I have lived in the U.S. all my adult life," Fabregas said. "I contracted HIV there. I pay taxes and have a lover there. I demand the right to stay." Fabregas said most immigrants with HIV are afraid of deportation and thus do not seek testing and treatment. He said HTV-based restrictions on immigration and travel "drive vast numbers of people underground, make them unreachable by education or medical support, and thereby foster the spread of HTV." Scientists, activists share views The AIDS conference was originally scheduled to be held in Boston under the sponsorship of Harvard University. However, at last year's conference in Florence, Italy, protests about U.S. immigration policy forced organizers to move this year's conference to another country. For the past two years, the International AIDS Conference has passed declarations opposing the U.S. immigration ban and travel restrictions against people with HTV. And ever since AIDS activists took the stage at the opening ceremony of the 1989 conference in Montreal, organizers have included activists in the meeting program. The inclusion is often an appendage to the conference more than an integral part of it. At the request ofACT UP, this year the conference held its first global meeting for scientists, activists, health-care workers, policy makers, and people with AIDS to exchange ideas. About 1,000 people attended this meeting on July 19, including scientists from Africa, Latin America and Asia. Both Dr. Maria Eugenia Fernandes of Brazil and Dr. Ruth Nduati of Kenya linked the burgeoning epidemic in their countries to the effects of neocolonialism.

Fernandes, of Sao Paolo's state health department, said Brazil's inability to adequately address the AIDS crisis is "deeply linked to our country's existing economic crisis."She pointed out that the government must pay billions of dollars a year on International Monetary Fund loans, leaving Brazil without the funds to care for its 25,000 people with AIDS and 425,000 HIV-positive people. Nduati, a University of Nairobi pediatrician, said AIDS is an integral part of the overall crisis of poverty and hunger that millions face in subSaharan Africa. AIDS treatments are owned by profit-hungry companies in the imperialist countries—like the U-S-'sBurroughs-Wellcome, whose drug Retrovir® (zidovudine/AZT) is far too expensive for most Africans with AIDS. Bill Bahlman of ACT UP/NY told attendees that progress against AIDS will be impossible unless scientists from competing pharmaceutical companies share research information rather than spending millions of dollars to replicate studies. With no breakthrough findings reported at the conference, this call gained new urgency with the news that a new strain of the HTV virus may exist Conference participants said it shows more than ever that it will require a massive army of well-funded researchers to strike down the hydra of AIDS. Onus o n U.S. At the opening session, conference chair Dr. Jonathan Mann of Harvard said there are currendy 13 million people infected with HTV. By the year 2000, some 38 million to 110 million adults, and 10 million children will be infected, and the epidemic is spreading most rapidly among women and children. Dr. Michael H. Merson of the World Health Organization said, "close to half of the one million newly infected adults [since January 1] have been women." Also during the conference, activists announced a U.S. boycott against products manucontinuedonpage4

'AIDS Politics-The Politics ofAIDS,' continued from page 2

tively clean blood supply or clean syringes for the most basic medical procedures are often not available? Treatment of any disease is possible when proper medical facilities are available, but what about when they aren't 5 That's a matter of access to basic health care, which is a human right! Some of the most important things to come out of the Vm International AIDS Conference were the creation of various transnational networks. For PWA's, there is the Global Network for Treatment and Drugs (or something like that), a sort of international buyers club. For those of us concerned about the next international AIDS/STD conference in Berlin, there is the Global AIDS Advocacy Network, which will lobby Conference organizers around issues of planning, content, structure (although the structure of the Amsterdam Conference was far better than that of the Florence conference last year), and, hopefully, international representation and language translation, both of which need serious attention. Back here in Philadelphia, I am going to use my newly acquired knowledge of needle exchanges in Holland to help create an effective needle exchange program here. All those syringes people keep donating—the ones we can't use here—I think I am going get them out through the Global NerworkforTreatmentandDrugstoplaceswhere they are really needed. Perhaps it will be possible to set up a network which does this consistendy. We could include racially appropriate condoms (the majority of penises in the world are not white), syringe cleaning materials, and alcohol prep pads. Perhaps a letter from the People of Color Caucus of ACT UP Philadelphia regarding representation and language translation would be helpful if circulated through the Global AIDS Advocacy Network. Maybe someday there will be health care for all and a cure for AIDS, maybe...
—submitted by Jon Paul Hammond— Jon Paul was just one of the people representing ACT UP/Philadelphia at the July International AIDS Conference. Other participants included Dominic Bash, Norman Baker, Kiyoshi Kuromiya, and Stephen Salek.

Jon Paul Hammond, international coffin construction consultant, preparing one of the 40 symbolic boxes that were delivered to the consulates of many nations in Amsterdam. (Photograph by Kiyoshi Kuromiya) 'International AIDS Conference Slams U.S..' continued from page 3

factured by Astra Pharmaceuticals, a Swiss firm,

to protest the cost of Foscarvir®. The drug is used to treat cytomegalovirus retinitis, which blinds up to 46 percent of people with AIDS. Foscarvir® sells for $25,000 to $30,000 a year. As in past years, many conference participants from the Third World said poverty prevents their countries from mounting the kind of fullscale AIDS prevention and treatment programs necessary. They said it is the responsibility of the imperialist West, which controls vast scientific and financial resources, to commit those resources to combating AIDS worldwide.
—written by Brenda Sandburg— (© Workers World Service)

One of the drag queens who ran the rally against governmental immigration barriers tor people with AIDS and HIV speaks. (Photograph by Kiyoshi Kuromiya)

NX = R for Life
• The National AIDS Commission • The Eighth International AIDS Conference • Jonathan Mann of the Harvard AIDS Institute • Robert Ross, Health Commissioner of Philadelphia • Ed Rendell, Mayor of Philadelphia —All these and many more say that clean needle exchange is an tdea whose time has come.


The ACT UP newsletter working group ! extends its gratitude to dS of the people who provide the articles, photographs, and services that make the pibbcatior) of Street Sheetpossfote, Our writers for this issue are David Acosta, Jon Paul Hammond, Russell Erik Johannesson, Kiyoshi Kuromftja, Lois Lax, the mysterious Prevention Point Philadelphia (PPP) ex- lady Loose Lobiae, Rue Landau, Michael changes clean syringes for dirty ones in Kensing- Marsico, Charlie Price, the enigmatic QJ, Toni Resnick, and Brenda Sandburg. ton and has expansion plans to distribute clean Photographers who have made Street Sheet syringes city-wide to Philadelphia's injection drug Issue Number 2 visuaOq appealing were Kiyoshi users. PPP is currently dispensing clean needles and Jerry Gregory. We would each week to addicts seeking to minimize their f^otrvya espea'alhj like to trior* Jemj Qregoru; for his risk of contracting HTV. assistance with layout equipment and While Bush ignores his own AIDS photograph preparation. Commission'srecommendationsandwhile state WeWishwe could 1^cv\k rrwre people, but legislatures drag their feet and while well mean- SKhmissions were few and far between during ing folks look for leadership—AIDS WON'T the two months that the working group met It is ifour ACT UP newsletter. We win not publish ft WATT. if you do not contribute to rL So, DRAG YOUR PPP needs volunteers. If you are interested in FUCKNC BRAN OUT of hs ILUTERATE RUT AND PRODUCE volunteering or need more information about Thanks so much Prevention Point, call Lois at (215) 731-1844 i M k Mrmw/SM§m extension 6 or (215) 387-0270, or call Jon Paul at (215) 627-1246.
—submitted by Lois Lax—

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
As activists, we know all too well how tough it is tofightall of the battles of the AIDS crisis. We get excited and rightly feel proud when we score a victory at the culmination of long and tireless efforts. On the other side of the fence, there are politicians who cynically use the media for their own gain and try to project the illusion that they are combating AIDS. Prevention Point Philadelphia won a major battle by gaining Mayor Ed Rendell's open support of clean needle exchange. This support is crucial to long-range plans for stemming the transmission of AIDS in injection drug users.
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Prevention Point's clean needle exchange is the basis tor HIV infection prevention among Philadelphia's injection drug users.

"One Step Forward, Two Steps Back," continued from page 5

But wait, a new case of AIDS hysteria has struck yet another politician, this time the Pennsylvania Attorney General. Ernie Preate ordered the raids of three pornographic book stores, citing them as a danger to public health. Of course, ignorance and lack of education concerning AIDS are the real dangers, so perhaps somebody should prosecute Ernie Preate for promoting AIDS hysteria and being a public health hazard. This action was probably a response to the mayor's enlightened statement of the previous day. Are the raids the end of the story? No, I am afraid that this is a game of political positioning. The city could not politically afford to appear that it wasn't doing its part to legally "stem the tide of AIDS." Wednesday night, scant hours after the Attorney General's grandstanding, the city rose to the State's challenge and staged a round-up of the sex workers in Center City. Tit for tat, dick for dick; how many more have to die before law enforcement gets out of the business ofpublichealth? Politics andpublic health don't mix, but this year holds a re-election fight for the Casey administration. They say don't fuck: we say fuck you! The batde will continue.
—submitted by Charlie Price—

Police brutality against ACT UP was rampant at the United For AIDS Action March and Rally. (Photograph by Kiyoshi Kuromiya)

United for AIDS Action Not Entirely a Success
Last month, ACT UP Philadelphia sponsored a bus trip to attend the July 14 United For AIDS Action March and Rally in New York City. Joining us in this historic event were Prevention Point Philadelphia, the GALAEI Project, WHAM!, We The People, and the Philadelphia Health Department. Several weeks earlier, ACT UP Philadelphia, Prevention Point, and the GALAEI Project had officially endorsed the march. At the time of our endorsement, we were unaware of several points of contention which ACT UP New York had with the Rally and its organizers. These areas of conflict included, but were notlimited to the inclusion ofjesseJackson and Mayor Dinkins as speakers, despite the fact that the march and rally had been billed as a "non-political" event. While differences of opinion between the groups were never reconciled, ACT UP New York decided not to boycott or disrupt the rally, as was proposed by several members. However, ACT UP was ill-prepared to deal with the outcome of police harassment and violence against ACT UP and groups marching
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Preparing for Houston
The upcoming Presidential election will determine the course of the AIDS crisis in this nation for the next four years at the very least. Public opinion will be guided by the President and his staff. As activists, we must influence potential leaders and policy as well as focusing on public opinion. Recendy, the American Broadcasting Corpocontinuedonpage8

'United For AIDS Action Not Entirely a Success,' continued bom page 6

with us that occurred. The New York Police Department subjected us to isolation, penning, harassment, brutality, and arrest If that were not enough, we were subjected to a continuous barrage of homophobic and AIDSphobic remarks, as well as a highly visible and taunting display of latex gloves and nightsticks. Stories of ACT UP chapters in confrontation with police throughout the country are legion. That is why, three weeks later, given this histori-

They get PAUL tor this shit! (Photograph by Jerry Gregory)

cal precedent, many pressing questions remain unanswered. Why was ACT UP the last group in the United for AIDS Action March? Why were there so few marshals? Why did none of the March and Rally organizers intervene on behalf of ACT UP, even though they knew we were being harassed by the police? All of these problems, including the heat of the day, isolation from the rest of the marchers, constant harassment by the police, and a growing sense of frustration and betrayal made for an explosive situation. The situation only grew worse as the day wore on. We arrived in New York City at noon on what had to be one ofthe hottest days of the year. Marshals, few in number, guided us to the back of the line where they told us the ACT UP contingent would form. ACT UP's position at the back

of the line, the organizers later claimed, was the result ofa random selection process, a claim that I find hard to believe given later developments. While not clear from the beginning, it became obvious to many of us, as the march progressed, that they had placed us last so that the police could isolate us from the rest of the crowd. From the beginning of the march, through carefully controlled maneuvers of traffic control and a detour that the police forced only ACT UP to make, we were closely monitored and kept at a respectable distance from the rest of the marchers. By the time we arrived at Times Square, we were already one and a half blocks away from the rest of the marchers. From such a distance, it was nearly impossible to hear the speakers or to see much of what was going on. Furthermore, the police penning us like catde left litde room for sitting or lying down. Unable to move, many PWA's within our ranks were unable to reach the front of the march where water, shade, and a resting area had been set up for them. All of the pleading and begging by PWA's and their friends fell on deaf ears. After almost half an hour pf shouting and chanting at Times Square, the crowd became restless and started moving towards the wooden police barricades. All we wanted was to close the block and a half gap that separated us from the rest of the marchers. We wanted out of the pens. As the crowd slowly inched forward, several police barricades were toppled. The police, in true fashion, reacted by hitting us with their billy clubs, pushing us back, and threatening to break our skulls. After several tense moments, the police gave way and allowed those in front to leave the pen, only to close ranks again, splitting our contingent in two. After a few minutes, the situation was calm once more, but not before a small contingentofACT UP individuals decided to circumvent the police barricades and go
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'Preparing lor Houston,' continued from page 6

ration tried its hand in the AIDS arena with a glitzy, superficial extravaganza called Tm A New Light." The goal appeared to be to change people's opinions about AIDS and get them involved. I applaud this goal, but it does not go far enough. It takes more than just a couple of songs or words to save lives. Our focus needs to be on action to end this health crisis. The issues ofhealth care reform, funding for useful AIDS research, and access to life-saving treatment demand political action now. If we expect action from political leaders, then we must ACT UP now! At the Democratic convention recently, we got great lip-service and won some points on their platform policies. Only time, combined with our political pressure, will tell whether or not this show was just an election year ploy. A discouraging note was sounded by the arrests of ACT UP demonstrators outside the convention hall. This demonstration at the Convention (where itshouldhavebeen planned in the first place), was a direct response to our dissatisfaction with the so-called "United For AIDS Action" rally. We don't need show business, we need and demand action now! The Republican National Convention is just around the corner. In Houston, attitudes towards AIDS activists will be even less sympathetic than in New York City. Still, because of past Republican policies, we must demonstrate for change now. Competing for attention with the likes of Louis Sheldon's "Traditional Values" Coalition and the Ku Klux Klan, we will be battling for the inclusion of "diversity" in the Republican Party, as well as real action in the AIDS crisis. This message will be a tough sell, given the Party's past anti-choice and heterosexual supremacist platforms. Too many people have died to let attitudes,
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ACT UP/PMIadelphia is festive even in the face of adversity. (Photograph by Jerry Gregory)

"United For AIDS Action Not Entirely a Success,' continued from page 7

around the block to get nearer to the stage. Almost all of the ACT UP Philadelphia contingent joined this group, but when we arrived, we realized thatwe were no nearer than before, and that once again, the police would barricade us from going further. Itwas at this point that ACT UP Philadelphia decided to go directly to Madison Square Garden and take our message to the headquarters of the 1992 Democratic National Convention. Already fragmented from the larger group, the group going to the Convention was even smaller. I led the charge with several New York ACT UP members. Linking arms, we took to the streets in groups offour and six. Motorcycle and foot cops followed us. The police kept trying to force us onto the sidewalk by threatening to run us over with their motorcycles. Unable to do so, they began to push us. After almost three blocks of physical and verbal harassment, including but not limited to AIDSphobic, homophobic, and misogynistjokes, the police moved in for the last time by threatening us with arrest if we refused to leave the street. Before we were able to comply, however, and without warning, they began to grab us and wresde us to the ground. I was
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'Preparing for Houston,' continued from page 8

past policies, or even the threat of arrest stop us from taking the role of forcing change. We cannot setde for wearing ribbons, being "points of light," going to Hollywood-style shows, or simply tending to the sick. Our voices must be heard and we must demand action now. We will be in Houston whether they like it or not. It is our right and our duty to ACT UP, FIGHT BACK, FIGHT AIDS!
—submitted by Charlie Price—

For me, what should have been an exciting and unified event turned into a frustrating experience that left me both angry and depressed.
—submitted by David Acosta— FUCK THE UNITED for AIDS ACTION, BUT PLEASE GO. Go to the United for Aids Action to ACT UP not ACT OUT. EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER CONSIDERED THEMSELVES an AIDS activist must attend the rally on July 14. You must show up because most of the attendees of this rally have no idea what it is to ACT UP. GMHC has spared no great expense to get you there (gag) and have gone to great lengths promoting it as the largest AIDS COALITION march and rally (double gag) EVER. The mother of them all. SO DON'T EVEN CONSIDER NOT GOING. BUT when you get there, CHANGE IT. When Jesse Jackson, a keynote speaker—and this wasn't supposed to be a "political" ra//y(triple gag)—begins to speak, SEND US MADONNA NOW. PLEASE, someone with AIDS, storm the stage, grab the microphone and take it over. Speak with HEART. Speak with SOUL. Speak with ANGER. Speak about the SHAM that has masqueraded as AIDS research for the last 12 years. ASK GMHC how much this little "coup de theatre" has ' cost. EXPECT to be booed. Expect to be THREATENED. DON'T leave the stage.

'United ForAIDS Action Not Entirely a Success,' continued from page 8

able to wriggle my way out of their grasp, but other individuals were unable to do so. They were thrown on the ground, handcuffed, stepped on repeatedly, andjabbed with nightsticks. One of the six individuals with whom I had linked arms wasJohn McLaughlin, who suffered a mild concussion and, as a result, as happens in such cases, has been charged with felony assault of a police officer and resisting arrest After the arrests were over, we continued to move towards Madison Square Garden. When we got there, the police were already waiting for us. They would not permit us to speak or to gather on the street As we were getting ready to comply, they once again stormed the crowd, pushing us with nightsticks towards the pavement and against the wall. It was at this point that ACT UP Philadelphia member ScottTuckerwas arrested. The police threw about several people violendy and clubbed them. One woman sustained a serious injury to her leg as she was thrown over a fire hydrant. Here, we were once again penned in like catde and told not to leave the barricades on penalty of arrest. We, however, did not obey, as we needed to find out what had happened to Scott and to make sure other Philadelphians were all right. Several calls and a walk to police headquarters reassured us that no one else from our group had been arrested. The police told us that Scott's release would take several hours. We waited in New York until Scott's release and returned to Philadelphia.

Ask your audience what they plan on doing TOMORROW. If they plan on doing what they did yesterday, tell them to go home—it didn't work YESTERDAY—it won't work tomorrow. Tell everyone wearing a red ribbon to shred them. Tell them to STOP hoping for a cure. Hope is for preachers. Tell them we need Bush OUT of the White House. Anthony Fauci OUT of the NIH. GMHC and AmFAR OUT OF SHOW BUSINESS. Tell them to go to the next ACT UP meeting, throw out everyone who doesn't think AIDS is a POLITICAL crisis, admit failure, plan a new strategy AND start a war chest for the millions we will need to get what we want: A CURE. When you're finished, thank everyone POLITELY {like Tim Sweeney orMathilde Krim would) and smile.

You did a GREAT Job.
—This text, without the words "BRING A GUN," was distributed as part of a broadside by Anonymous Queers at the United for AIDS Action March and Rally—


Go Figure
During the National Democratic Convention and the United For AIDS Action March and Rally, there was increased criticism heaped on George Bush for his "do nothing" attitude towards the AIDS pandemic. The media picked it up somewhat and Bush was on the defensive. In true fashion, Bush chose to air boilerplate cliches to defend his administration. Bush said that they were spending far more on AIDS than on other diseases. Among other facts, Bush failed to mention that his figures are totally bloated. George Bush said that the U.S. is spending $4.3 billion on AIDS and that he has asked for $4.9 billion for 1993. Activists need to be able to look through his rhetoric and numbers to refute his lies very clearly and loudly. What he does, in effect, it to give sound bites to everyone who never thought that the government should be concerned about AIDS anyway. Soon after Bush was quoted saying that the Federal government spends ten times as much per patient on AIDS as they do on cancer, many conservative writers followed Bush's lead and mouthed his figures. Also, there was a slew of letters in newspapers everywhere denouncing the "high" AIDS budget His figures of sums in the $4 billion range are completely fictional. The budget for AIDS research, weakly coordinated by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is only $841 million this year. The amount that Bush wants to spend on AIDS research in fiscal year 1993 is $873 million. Anthony Fauci, Bush's own Associate Director for AIDS Research at the NIH, wanted $1.2 billion, and said that the proposed spending would mean a reduction in some NIH research teams and programs and "certainly will slow down" work towards a cure [Associated Press, 2/25/1992]. Can you fucking believe that? How can people wonder why we are angry? Even those figures are questionable, according to Prpjectlnform. They estimate that the figure for 1992 was more like $150 million. Apparently,
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It Ain't Cheap
On July 14, 1992, more than sixty ACT UP Philadelphians trekked to New York to demand that the next President of the United States take a leadership role in ending the AIDS crisis, or at least follow the recommendations of the Presidentially appointed National Commission on AIDS. It wasn't a very enjoyable demonstration, but the point is that it cost us money. ACT UP Philadelphia will send at least twelve activists to Houston to denounce Bush's pathetic response to the AIDS crisis. Everyone expects the evil Republicans to do all they can to re-elect the great serpent but it is our responsibility to speak out against his homophobic and AIDSphobic administration. While V.P. PotatoE Head goes around campaigning for his version of so-called "family values" and against Queer rights, we need to organize massive protests every time they rear their ugly/hateful heads in Philadelphia and especially in Houston, but the point is that it will cost us money. This article is a plea for donations—you get the most bang for your buck with ACT UP, as we have no paid staff and no bureaucratic swamp to suck down your cash. We use our money for rent telephones, printing, postage (for such things as our widely acclaimed HIV Standard Of Care document), etc. ACT UP runs only on volunteers, a fabulous cast of characters who have mobilized to fight AIDS in Philadelphia. So, ACT UP will be in Houston, Texas, demonstrating and hell-raising in Bush's so-called home state (he has a hotel room there). Houston will be thick with Republicans of all stripes, including the fascist Buchanan, who will be holding a rally in the rather queer Montrose section of the city. It is rumored that he wants a fight with the Queers. Although we are always non-violent we didn' t back down from him in Manchester, New Hampshire during the Republican primary and we will not retreat from Adolf Buchanan on Queer turf. ACT UP people will put their bodies
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"Go Figure,' continued from page 10

Bush adds in money from Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, the Labor Department the Defense Department the Public Health Service, etc. to inflate hisfigures.The main reason spending increases occur is that many people who have AIDS are on Social Security, use Medicaid and Medicare, and so forth. As Congressman Waxman said, "The growth is because more and more Americans are dying of AIDS...this is not a budget of research opportunities. It is a body count" Another reason that we need more money for AIDS research is that itis arelatively new disease and much of the needed basic research has never been done. (Such basic research about cancer and heart disease was funded long ago.) There is also the fact that AIDS has cut down men and women in their prime, as well as children. Heart disease and cancer strike mostly the elderly. Project Inform writes, "Crude comparisons which lump all cancer and heart disease patients in a single group without regard for age make no distinction between the inevitable effects of aging and the onset of disease on otherwise healthy individuals with long life spans ahead of them." While, Bush trumpets his nonexistent record on AIDS spending in this election year, we know he is a fucking liar. What follow are some indicative figures.
% of NIH budget used for AIDS research Cumulative Number of Americans Diagnosed with AIDS

this tactic is and how it plays in to Bush's hateful policies. Bash Bush in 1992: your life may depend on it!
—submitted by Michael Marsico— 'It Ain't Cheap,' continued horn page 10

on the line to end the AIDS crisis and to fight homophobia. We hope you can put some money on the line for the cause. ACT UP! Fight Back! Fight AIDS! Write A Check!
—submitted by Michael Marsico—

Fiscal Year 1990,9.8% Fiscal Year 1991.9.7% Fiscal Year 1992.9.4%

177,781 (as of 12/31/1989) 157,525 (as of 12/31/1990) 202,843 (as of 12/31/1991)

So as the rate of increase of the number of AIDS diagnoses grows (a very conservative estimate now puts it at 40%), with triple digit percentage growth in some subpopulations, the percent of the NIH budget for AIDS research shrinks. The next time you hear or read an activist for another disease attack the AIDS budget in order to strengthen an argument resist the temptation to attack them but do point out how divisive

WE Put Out With Your i Money!
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Street Sheet is happy to announce that we have What's in a name? ACT UP's new newsletter more dreamboats than nightmares for this issue needs a h o t sexy, 90's name. We liked Out Rage (even though the AIDS crisis is getting steadily andAttitudebut, alas, those names are already in worse). Our picks break down as follows. use. Socummon,puton those thinking caps. We know the perfect name is out there. The winner Dreamboats gets five (5) ACT UP T-shirts of her/his choice Ed Rendell, Robert Ross, Maria Gold and and the respect and envy of peers. So, get busy Barry Savitz deserve praise for their efforts on thinking. Call (215) 731-1844 extension 8 and behalf of clean needle exchange for the City of leave your idea, name, and telephone number Philadelphia. on the "Street Sheet answering system. We idolize Nan Feiler, Scott Burris, and Tony and John for their work with Prevention Point. Have you noticed that Philadelphia Gay News Be sure to pick up one of our MOST BITTER editorJohn Mandes provides ACT UP with free advertising every time he talks to the main- T-SHIRTS. With a picture of the police beating stream press? We are deeply humble and grate- the shit out of us on September 12, it is tided "ACT UP/Philadelphia," and our slogan is writful for his services in this area. ten large on the back.. ."AIDS. IF YOU LIKED Nightmares THE FIRST DECADE, YOU'LL LOVE THE Fran Stoffa gets our dirty underwear prize for SECOND." You can buy them at the ACT UP stating to City Paper that injection drug users are general meetings, every Mondaynight 7:30p.m. at the Church of St Luke and the Epiphany, at inherently untrustworthy. Thirteenth and Pine Streets in Center City PhilaGay Men's Health Crisis of New York City gets delphia. an F" on its activist report card for sabotaging the United [Divided?] for AIDS Action demonstration and setting up ACT UP folks from all over the country to be beaten and arrested. Thanks aheapl The President and Government of Mexico are using terrorist tactics to suppress democracy, AIDS awareness, and the Mexican Queer liberation movement Nightmare of the month Par'Hi Lh&W20—9-(CXPE fOll SVRE JT!ELI9{Q tido Revolucionario Institutional sponsors poTfECEO^T—^E MISS DrOU WNp LOVE OV'U. litical terror! HISS!!! —ACT W/Tfiifatfefpfiia

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ACT UP Leisure & Lifestyle
Red Hot+Danceh the second major project produced by Red Hot and Blue, an organization dedicated to raising money for AIDS activism, research, and services while increasing awareness about the epidemic The group's first endeavor, Red Hot+Blue, collected artists' performances of their favorite Cole Porter songs. Red Hot + Dance contains mostly re-released hit dance songs from the original artists, re-remixed by well known producers. Along with the nine old hit songs on Red Hot + Dance, there are four new tracks, three ofwhich are by George Michael He wrote all three exclusively for this album; in fact, he was the first artist to volunteer for this project Respect George! Thefirsttrack and first single is T o o Funky?"—the tide alone gets three snaps in a triangle. The song is danceable hard funk with tart pop on the edge. When I first heard it I reminisced to way back in the golden glittering years of the 70's, to wearing my sister's six-inch pumps and an afro wig. The second track from George is "Do You Really Want to Know." This song should get play at the clubs. You can vogue and work out in a sweat to thisjam, and once the song is over, you can tone it down and dance to "Happy," George's third and final track. "Happy"sounds similar to Soul II Soul productions, or even rather is a return to the "Sound of Philadelphia." The best dance track on this album next to Too Funky?"and"Do You Really Want to Know," I must say, is Sly and the Family Stone's Thank You (For Letting Me Be Myself Again)." This song has been scratched, oversampled and bitten, but it never gets proper recognition. A good example of the song's appropriation is Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation." LIES! Her song should have been called "J.J.'s Copied Nation."Slyandthe Family Stone's work is the only song that blends rock and soul with ease. Now on to the negative side of this album. Why, why, why put old tired songs on the album and re-remix them? Crystal Waters' "Gypsy Woman" has been played over and over and over, la da dee, la da daa, la da dee, la da daa. Give it a BREAK! It's a good thing the chorus of this song has been omitted until the very end. This goes equally for EMF's "Unbelievable." Madonna's "Supernatural" is not a new song either. It was first released as a B-side to "Cherish." At first I disliked Madonna's remix, but after a few swallows I kind of liked it Seal is my favorite artist on this album. I give him great respect for his beautiful lyrics. The song "Crazy" is well suited for this album, but it shouldn't have been so saturated in the remix. This version is too slow and worn down. This album is excellent for a party, for the beach, or for sitting around with your friends; you can sing and dance to your favorite tunes. If you're not going to buy this album because of my critique, YOU'RE WRONG! People have different opinions. You might like it more than I do. And if you're not satisfied, be happy you bought it for the cause. Every penny is going to benefit AIDS activism, research, and relief. If you have any information about AIDS-related music, art, or entertainment or if you just want my telephone number, call the ACT UP office and leave a message on the newsletter extension [that's (215) 731-1844 extension 8]. Be sure to ask for OJ.
—submitted by Qf—


Midnight Cowboy ACT UP Philadelphia's Project Reaches Out to People of Color Male Sex Inudstry Caucus Workers The People of Color Caucus of ACT UP Philadelphia is a diverse group of individuals (representing many communities) who are united in anger and committed to direct action to end the AIDS crisis. The People of Color Caucus (POCC) of ACT UP Philadelphia arose out ofa need to empower communities of color in the struggle against AIDS by providing a voice that speaks to the needs of these communities regarding AIDS education and access to health care. Although AIDS is the lens through which we focus our struggle, we are equally concerned with racism, sexism, and homophobia, both within and outside our respective cultures and communities. The POCC realizes that the AIDS pandemic is exacerbated by the traditional oppressions of poor and disenfranchised communities. It is therefore the objective of POCC to articulate these issues as they impact upon the spread of HIV in our respective communities, and in so doing, to link all of the struggles that strive to enrich the quality of life of communities of color. We realize that AIDS cannot be arbitrarily separated from other social ills thatimpact upon its spread. Therefore, we pledge ourselves to use whatever means are necessary to overcome all of the facets of the AIDS crisis. The People of Color Caucus welcomes all people of color who are interested in AIDS and its impact upon our communities. We meet on the first and third Thursday of every month at 6:00 p.m. at the ACT UP office at 201 South Camac Street (between Thirteenth and Twelfth Streets and between Walnut and Locust Streets) in Center City Philadelphia. For more information, please call (215) 731-1844 extension 3.
—submitted by David Acosta—

The Midnight Cowboy Project is a joint effort of the GALAEI Project (Gay and Lesbian Latino AIDS Education Initiative) and ACT UP Philadelphia. MCP provides AIDS education, referral, and support services to male street sex workers in Philadelphia. MCP began meeting in service of the population it was hoping to reach. Then, in March, the Ed Savitz case and the homophobic sensationalism that followed it made it clear that we were on the right track. MCP is committed to AIDS education and referral services for Philadelphia's male sex industry from a non-moralistic approach. Male hustling is motivated by many factors, poverty, unemployment, and substance abuse are but a few. For gay, bisexual, and heterosexual youth who run away from home or are thrown out, hustling becomes a way of survival. (This survival tactic is by no means limited to males.) While great emphasis is placed upon the prosecution and harassment of sex industry workers of both sexes, the authorities scarcely pay attention to their male clients, many of whom are married and affluent MCP believes that condom distribution and instructions for their proper use, as well as referral to drug treatment programs, is but a stop-gap measure in the fight against AIDS and other STDs. Until we can provide a safe environment foryouth, regardless of their sexual orientation, class, or economic status, street outreach and AIDS prevention information is an alternative that saves lives. Much work needs to be done to change the economic and social conditions that leave youth no other alternative than to turn to prostitution as a way of survival. Individuals interested in working with male
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sex industry workers should call the GALAEI Project's Midnight Cowboy Project Hotline at (215) 977-7556 or ACT UP Philadelphia at (215) 731-1844.
—submitted by David Acosta—

D. A.G. (Dyke Action Group)
Well, It's About Time
One month ago, seven outrageous dykes got together to plan the Philadelphia Lesbians and AIDS Conference. The Conference, set for Saturday, November 14,1992, will address how to take action for our lives in the midst of this epidemic. Lesbians and AIDS? That's right: after twelve years, the truth isfinallyout. Lesbians are dying of AIDS. After twelve years of misdiagnosis and misrepresentation (in transmission and opportunistic infections statistics), the number ofcases of Lesbians with AIDS is growing. The agenda for the Conference will include panels and workshops (all presented by Lesbians) on AIDS, cancer, safer sex, alternative healing, and abuse. The women of D.A.G believe that by discussing these issues we will successfully address the underlying issue of disempowerment that affects the way in which Lesbians' health issues are treated. WATT! There's more! After the conference, join us for a LESBIAN EROTIC DANCE PARTY. Hot, bumping, and grinding fun...that's right, the faint of heart need not attend. Planning meetings for the Conference are held at We The People (425 South Broad Street, Center City Philadelphia) on Thursday nights. For dates and times, call (215) 731-1844 extension 5 and leave your name and telephone number.
—submitted by Toni Resnick—

How to protect your Life*
Assume that sexually active people cany HIV, the vims thai causes AIDS, and maybe infectious. Always! use a condom when you engage in anal intercourse. Ityouever use injection drugs, always steriEze your works and a3 other paraphernalia with bleach and water. Give us a phone caB if you have problems getting or using condoms. Let us know if you have been harrassed by the poEce. Johns, or street thugs. Let us know about your current problems and needs: access to drug treatment, anonymous HtV testing, medical care, bleach kits, counseling, food, housing, clothing.

Sponsored by Galaei Project 977-7556 and ACT UP/Pnaadelphia 731-1844

Midnight Cowboy Project volunteers use this flyer to reach out to male sex workers on the street.


Fierce Feminists In Your Face
Recendy, Women's Health Action and Mobilization (WHAM!) held two powerful demonstrations to voice our outrage against the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act. The Supreme Court announced their decision on June 29,1992, to uphold all but one of the abortion restrictions that the Act dictates. Specifically, the Court upheld the twenty-four hour waiting period, parental consent, and state informed consent provisions. They rejected the provision for husband notification. Because a twenty-four waiting period is both time-consuming and cosdy for women who do not live in big cities and for teenagers who cannot tell their parents that they are pregnant, these women will be affected the most by these new laws. The day after the Supreme Court announced their decision, WHAM! and groups from the Southeastern Pennsylvania Abortion Rights Coalition held a peaceful demonstration across the street from the Liberty Bell. Approximately 400 people attended. After the rally, demonstrators poured into the streets and began a spontaneous march to the Ben Franklin Bridge, which successfully stopped all traffic for forty-five minutes. Hundreds ofangry protesters later blocked Market Street There were no arrests. More excitement occurredjust a few days later at a Fourth of July "No Choice, No Liberty" action sponsored by WHAM!, Women for Reproductive Freedom, and the National Organization for Women. We held a rally at the west side of the Liberty Bell while seventeen people infiltrated the long lines offlag-waving,patriotic Americans who were waiting to catch a glimpse of the Bell. Inside, the seventeen rebels tried to chain themselves to the railing surrounding the Bell. Not all were successful, but they made a huge scene nonetheless and the police arrested them
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The Freedom of Choice Act
Lies! At first glance, the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) looks like a strong, liberal piece of legislation. Many politicians as well as leaders in the pro-choice movementhave been pushing FOCA as the salvation of reproductive freedom. Supposedly, FOCA will protect us from the restrictions that George Bush and the Supreme Court have forced on women. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. It looks like, once again, the only women who will have "freedom of choice" will be those women who are over the age of eighteen and can afford to have an abortion. FOCA has become another political play-toy for the election year. Originally intended to codify Roe v. Wade, FOCA has been gutted down to a token gesture laden with restrictive amendments. Presendy, it does not "require" public funding of abortions and it allows each state to impose parental consent laws. Here in Pennsylvania, we know what that means. Abortions will not be accessible to poor women and teenagers. There are also other amendments waiting to be attached to the Act before it goes to a vote in the Senate and House. The votes should come in the next few weeks and there is a good chance that the FOCA will look just like the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act when the Congress is finished with i t The most important point of this whole game is that the FOCA is being pushed through the system as quickly as possible so that it can get to George Bush and his certain veto before the November elections. This end result is supposed to make the President look even more unreasonable that he already does. Many big name pro-choice organizations are playing the game and backing the FOCA even with the debilitating amendments. Unfortunately, most of the
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77K Freedom of Choice Act,' continued from page 16

and carried them out Once again, the energy was intense and the crowd took over the streets, yelling chants that ranged from the conservative "What do we want' CHOICE! When do we want it? NOW!" to the more explicit "Suck my tit / Lick my clit / Bush is a fuckin' hypocrite." The general response to our actions was fantastic. WHAM! thanks those of you who came out in support, especially the men who showed that the issue of women's rights affects us all. For more information about WHAM!, including meeting times and locations, call the ACT UP telephone number at (215) 731-1844 extension 5 and leave a message.
—submitted by Rue Landau—

public blindly looks to these groups as leaders, so they do not know the truth about the FOCA. Women's Health Action and Mobilization (WHAM!) is exposing the FOCA for what it really is—bogus legislation to ease the consciences of those who supposedly represent us. WHAM! rejects the FOCA in its entirety and asks instead that you support the Women's Health Equity Act of 1991 (H.R. 1611), which is truly pro-choice legislation. For more information, call Planned Parenthood at (215) 351-5560 or WHAM! at (215) 731-1844 extension 5.
—submitted by Rue Landau—

Women's Health Care Is An Integral Part of the Solution to the AIDS Crisis. ACT UP/Philadelphia Will Continue to Collaborate with D.A.G., WHAM!, and Other Women's Organizations to End the AIDS Crisis.


Our address is P.O. Box 15919 • Middle City Station • Philadelphia, PA 19103-0919. Our telephone number is (215) 731-1844. We meet every Monday at the Church of St. Luke and the Epiphany, 330 South Thirteenth Street, in Center City Philadelphia. JOIN US!


Schedule as of August 7, 1992
ACT UP MEETS EVERY MONDAY AT 07:30 p.m., St. Luke's & The Epiphany, 330 South 13* Street in Center City Philadelphia. ACT UP General Meeting Town meeting on United For AIDS Rally, Washington Square Memorial Church. New York City August 11 Tuesday WHAM!, WILPF, 1213 Race Street 07:00 p.m. "How to Stay Out of the Gynecologist's August 11 Tuesday 08:30 p.m. Office* and 'Menstrual Extraction: All You Ever Wanted and Needed to Know' at WILPF. 1213 Race Street Clinical Care Subcommittee of TPAC. 235 August 11 Tuesday 03:30 p.m. Johnson Pavilion. University of Pennsylvania TPAC Planning and Evaluation Committee: August 13 Thursday 09:00 a.m. Counseling and Testing. PHMC, 260 South Broad Street. 20* Floor ACT UP Treatment & Data Committee August 17 Monday 07:00 p.m. ACT UP General Meeting August 17 Monday 07:30 p.m. August 18 Tuesday 03:00-05:00 p.m. TPAC Executive Committee Meeting, PHMC. 260 S. Broad St.. 20* Floor August 15-19 Saturday-Wednesday Republican Convention. Houston, Texas August 20 Thursday 10:00 a.m.-3 p.m. State HIV Planning Council, Harristown Bldg. 2, Heritage Rm B. Hanisburg August 24 Monday 07:30 p.m. ACT UP General Meeting August 26 Wednesday AACO HIV Advisory Committee, 500 S. 05:30 p.m. Broad St.. Main Auditorium. HIV+ only. Refreshments TPAC Planning and Evaluation Committee: August 27 Thursday Housing, PHMC. 260 South Broad Street, 20* Floor ACT UP Treatment & Data Committee September 1 Monday 07:00 p.m. ACT UP General Meeting September 1 Monday 07:30 p.m. ACT UP General Meeting September 8 Monday 07:30 p.m. ACT UP Treatment & Data Committee September 15 Monday 07:00 p.m. ACT UP General Meeting September 15 Monday 07:30 p.m. ACT UP General Meeting September 22 Monday 07:30 p.m. ACT UP General Meeting September 29 Monday 07:30 p.m. National AIDS Quilt shown, Washington, D.C. October 9-11 Friday-Sunday 07:30 p.m.
Action Committee meets every Wednesday at 07:30 p.m. at Penguin Place, 201 South Camac Street. Science and Medicine Committee meets at 07:00 p.m. on first and third Monday of the month right before the general meeting. Prevention Point meets Tuesdays; call Lois at (215) 387-0270 or Jon Paul at (215) 627-1246 for more information. People of Color Caucus meets on Thursdays at 06:00 p.m., call Jon Paul at (215) 627-1246 to confirm. Women's Caucus and PISD (People With Immune System Disorders) Caucus meet periodically. The ACT UP office and answering system can be reached at telephone number (215) 731-1844. The ACT UPfacsimile number is (215) 731-1845.

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