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People in every walk of life love to talk above safety and risk minimization.

The accident or any mishap should not be an invited happening but fortuitous only.
Experience has shown that if the provisions of laws and regulations are strictly followed one
can become reasonably be assured of safety.

However risk minimization cannot be achieved in absence of positive attitude, knowledge

and compliance of laws?
Intention: The intention defines how the part is expected to operate. This can take a number
of forms and can be either descriptive or diagrammatic. In many cases it will be a flow sheet
or line diagram.
Causes: These are the reasons why deviations might occur. Once a deviation has been shown
to have a conceivable or realistic cause, it can be treated as meaningful.
Consequences: These are the results of the deviations.
Hazards: These are consequences which can cause damage, injury or loss.
Guide Words: These are simple words which are used to qualify the intention in order to
guide and stimulate the creative thinking process and so discover deviations. A list of guide
words is given in table below:
Meanings Comments
The complete negation of
these intentions

If one can really understand the basic reason behind any law or provision he will not like to
disobey the same.
It should be clearly understood that both the things are not possible to achieve if the provisions
of laws and regulations are disrespected.
However risk minimization cannot be achieved in absence of positive attitude, knowledge
and compliance of laws.
Risk minimization should not be mere a target to achieve but should be way of life and

It will be very interesting to know some of the basics behind any regulation.
1. It is compliable by an average individual/organization.
2. It helps to make more organized pattern of behaviour/operation.
3. It increases the rationality.
4. It is not the highest level of expectation but the minimum level of satisfaction
5. It helps to project the status of quality of life and behaviour standard of nation to
6. the outside world.
7. It provides itself an indicator and common reference.
8. It provides tools for assessment.
9. It helps to achieve uniformity.
10. Mention of law or provision is the shortest way to define, narrate and express.
The studies of accidents or mishaps have shown that apart from ignorance most of them are due
to human error; oversight; disrespect to warning and laws.
Ignorance cannot be accepted as an excuse and the misbehavior as also disrespect to law is
not pardonable.