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Bitcoin in the World

Media coverage and reception of digital and cryptocurrencies

How to know the Status?

Bitcoin has grown at an organic rate expected by word of mouth with occasional
media bursts.
Bitcoin has been covered in a number of news publications over time. The first
mention of bitcoin on Slashdot had a correlation to a price increase. The price
reacted to news often as a very young currency, but over time stories lost much of
their effect on the exchange rate.
You can view the # of txs and the size of them, some companies will tell you how
many wallets or users they think they have. But there is no exact way to know the
total number of btc users or crypto users in general.

What does the media report on and why?
The stories mentioning Bitcoin or other cryptos and digital currencies can be
inquisitive, dismissive, or downright angry. There have been over 100 stories
declaring Bitcoin dead, yet it continues.
Recently there has been much discussion of the Blockchain technology being a
valuable tool but banks dont want the bitcoin token associated with it.

Vocal Statements
IBM 'Master Inventor' Peter Finn said, it 'could change everything' in a paper with
Richard Brown
Fred Wilson who has funded Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Zynga, Kickstarter, and
10gen. A lot of people ask me are you still bullish on Bitcoin and that question
irritates me. Because it suggests that Bitcoin is simple. Bitcoin is not simple, it is
not going away, and it continues to fascinate me more than almost anything out
there in the tech sector. Im excited to have a chance to talk about it in public with
people who understand it better than I do.

Vocal Statements
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, founder of SpaceX and co-founder
of PayPal, said it could be a good thing.
Bill Gates is an advocate of digital currency, especially mPesa used in Kenya but
he has said he thinks there should be some government control over the coins.
Lawrence Summers, who was the Secretary of the Treasury under Bill Clinton
said, "We soon see many billions of people sending bitcoin everyday as easily as
they currently send a text Message." and has the potential to be a very, very
important development. He is also on the board of 21.
JP Morgans CEO Jamie Dimon said, Bitcoin is going nowhere & Virtual
currency will be stopped.

Vocal Statements
The power of friction-free transactions over the Internet will unleash the typical
forces of consolidation and globalization, and we will end up with six digital
currencies: US Dollar, euro, Yen, Pound, Renminbi and Bitcoin. -- Charlie
Songhurst, Microsofts head of corporate strategy.
Mastercard put out a negative video calling bitcoin transactions 'suspicious
transactions and can't be trusted. ' They say transaction without the bank are
suspicious and only criminals save money outside of banks. They are even trying
to lobby governments away from it.
Visa on the other hand said they support it, and could work with it.

Vocal Statements
Brad Templeton, the founder and architect of the first-ever entirely web-based
business, ClariNet, Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are significant in that they
take some aspects of finance that were formerly in the hands of professionals and
unlock them for the public at large.
Blythe Masters, formerly global head of commodities at JPMorgan, in March of
2015 became the CEO of Digital Asset Holdings. According to the Financial Times
they "aims to be a venue for buyers and sellers of financial assets to meet and
transact, switching currencies into bitcoin in order to cut the cost and time of
settlement and make use of the decentralized 'block chain' as a secure record of

Vocal Statements
Former Director of US Mint, Edmund Moy said, "It's time banks got competition.
Time for cryptocurrencies" Edmund Moy, the 38th director of the U.S. Mint who led
the agency from 2006 to 2011, has joined the board of advisers of, a New
York-based company that provides Bitcoin payment options to large companies
and organizations.
Warren Buffett has told people to 'stay away' from bitcoin, and stated that it is a
very effective way of transmitting money but that he doesn't think it has a huge
intrinsic value, if any.
VP of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, David Andolfatto, blogged that
bitcoin could be the next safe asset.

Vocal Statements
Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet (formerly Google) said, The
technical answer in bitcoins is that bitcoins are a remarkable cryptographic
achievement and the ability to create something which is not duplicable in the
digital world has enormous value."
John McAfee who long ago created and sold the McAfee Antivirus Software said,
I think electronic currency is inevitable. Lets face it, Pandoras box has been
opened it is here. Whether or not it is Bitcoin is the question. There are
tremendous technology problems with Bitcoin. There are tremendous
infrastructure problems.

Entering Crypto Space

The founder of Visa, Dee Hock, has joined Xapo along with John Reed, a former
Chairman and CEO of Citibank, and Lawrence Summers a former Secretary of the
Treasury of the United States.
Former Skype COO Michael Jackson was hired by Maidsafe.
Anthony Watson, a former CIO of Nike left his job and moved to a new town and
began working at a bitcoin startup. In June he was promoted to CEO of the
company BitReserve.
Former NYSE CEO Duncan Niederauer became an Advisory Director with Tera
Group, which operates the bitcoin derivatives platform Tera Exchange.

Entering Crypto Space

Former Netscape Director Launches Bitcoin Remittance App Abra
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. invested in bitcoin consumer- services company Circle
Internet Financial
Trading firm DRW Holdings LLC said a subsidiary had begun to experiment with
cryptocurrency trading.
Linux Foundation announced a bitcoin blockchain initiative to help develop new
fintech applications

Other Announcements
Microsoft started accepting bitcoin payments in their XBox online store and have
since expanded for other services. They are working with BitPay who said that
Microsoft had aggressive plans for bitcoin.
MIT did something called the 'MIT airdrop' where $100 million worth of bitcoin
were available to be given out to freshmen in 2014. It was a great idea but flawed
execution caused not all freshmen to be signed up and the btc had to be spent
within a short time period. Some freshmen didn't even know about the program.
Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Joins Next Gen Payment Startup Planet

Other Announcements
IBM, Intel, and JP Morgan Chase have made online job postings for some sort of
cryptocurrency related job.
Kim Dotcom, the man arrested by the US in New Zealand for operating an online
storage and hosting website called Mega, plans to use the blockchain for a secure
new online storage site, Secure locker.
Goldman Sachs has been tweeting about bitcoin and posting videos of their
discussions on it.
Insurance company USAA began working with bitcoin on a limited basis

Over 2 million USD was invested in Bitcoin and blockchain companies in the year
Over 90 million in 2013.
Over 360 million in 2014.
Over 650 million in 2015.
290 million USD in the first half of 2016.
Lets look at some of those announcements.

In 2013 Coinbase got $25 million in funding.
Coinbase raised $75 million in January 2015, investors including banks and
Intercontinentalexchange Inc., a unit of the NYSE.
Pantera Bitcoin Fund Filed with the SEC in 2014 with over $90 Million Invested at
the time. And 1.1 million in 2015 for the start of BitPesa.
Also in 2014 got $30 million, 15 for BIT, BitPay 30, blockstream
21, 20 for BitFury and Xapo, 17 for Circle, 14 for Bitnet and KnCMiner, 12 for
BitGo, and $10 million dollars for OKCoin.

Bitcoin hardware wallet startup Ledger has raised 1.3m in an investment round
led by French VC fund, XAnge Private Equity.
10 million for Sweden-based digital currency exchange Cryex.
In 2015 the bitcoin exchange itBit raised $25 million in one round of investments.
The mining pool BitFury raised $20 million to pay for a datacenter which they plan
to use with their new ASIC chips.
AirBitz receives $450,000 seed investment from Block26.
BitFlyer, a Japanese exchange, got $4 million.

Yahoo finance says Goldman Sachs and Chinas IDG Capital Partners are
investing $50 million in Circle Internet Financial.
Caribbean Startup Bitt Receives $4 Million.
Elliptic Raises US$5m to Eliminate Illicit Bitcoin Transactions.
Bitcoin Blockchain smart contracts startup RSK Labs raises a $1m seed round.
Purse Raises $1 Million, Plans Secret Bitcoin Project.
Blockchain platform provider, Gem, raised $7.1 million in seed funds.

Japan-based bitcoin exchange bitFlyer has raised 3bn, or just shy of $27m.
The Ethereum backed DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization raised
over $100 million USD in spring 2016. Before the season was out it lost nearly a
quarter of this funding due to an unforeseen exploit.
$20 million USD for Quoine
Circle financial raised $60 million from Chinese investors at the summers start 16

Banks Making Statements On Cryptos

The Bank of England (BoE) has released papers on the emergence and
economics of digital money, even a short video. They in conjunction with the
London SChool of Economics have also started a bitcoin and blockchain
leadership forum.
In 2014 the Federal Reserve released a 'primer' paper explaining bitcoin as well
as another paper 'Bitcoin: Technical Background and Data Analysis' which comes
to no big conclusions other than that bitcoin is an immature market. However, like
many other banks there are reports of them looking at 'hybrid' systems that utilize
the blockchain technology without using bitcoin.

Banks Making Statements On Cryptos

Citi group (Citi bank) requested information on digital currencies such as bitcoin and
this is their response to such a report. While we believe that the use of Digital Money
is certain, the future of specific crypto, currencies such as Bitcoin is less clear
They go on to state that they think the best form of digital currency would be
government issued one, because it would be better than today's cash. The report says
the banks and governments must be at the center of this technological drive and that
bitcoin in its current state is no good. They want a world wide monetary policy so they
can track and control financed across the globe.
A few months later there emerged reports that they were working to create their own
digital currency. They stated they wanted to 'exploit the opportunities within in' in
regards to blockchain technology, but use bitcoin.

Banks Making Statements On Cryptos

The Development Bank of Singapore hosted a bitcoin development get together.
Fidelity filled out a trademark application for a 'FidelityCoin' and 'FedCoin' in the
USA. It should be noted, that like the above CitiCoin, FidelityCoin is the name of a
previously existing alt-crypto.
The ECB or European Central Bank in 2012 released a report criticizing virtual
currencies and the some danger they pose to the control of the central banks.
The Monetary Authority of Singapore said using bitcoin is faster and cheaper but
mentioned they thought the blockchain technology would probably suceed without

Banks Making Statements On Cryptos

BNP PARIBAS released an article that explains bitcoin and offers two potential
scenarios for its future; total disruption or assimilation into the current system as a
Spain's second largest bank, BBVA, made a video explaining how to use btc.
"It is out of the question banning Bitcoin", says governor of the Peoples Bank of
The Bank of Japan put out a paper on it and even announced it wants to make its
own digital currency.

Other Organizations Discussing E-Money

The RAND corporation an influential global policy think tank with strong defense
and homeland security ties, released a paper on National Security Implications of
Virtual Currency.
The Associated Press or AP released a story explaining, what is Bitcoin?
Rutgers Bitcoin Study: An Ideal System Misunderstood by the Public
The company Bosch thinks digital currencies can make things more secure

Stories All Over The World

Swiss newspaper positive mention.
Lloyd's insurance company in London has held discussion forums about it.
Popular German Newspaper 'Die Welt' did a balanced story on bitcoin.
From page of Il Sole 24 Ore, an italian newspaper
Explained in Daily Nation a newspaper from Kenya
Explained in a nationwide test for students in the Netherlands
Price rally seen on central Chinese TV, article on Bitcoins golden age

Crypto Companies Hacked & People Scammed

News isnt all good, and the complex nature of Bitcoin makes it easy to make
mistakes that others can take advantage of.
Data theft is nothing new but Bitcoin means that the data is also the value.
In 2015, Bitfinex was hacked but by design only 00.5% of their funds were
possibly available, Excoin, Bter, and HitBTC all got hacked as well.
Flexcoin lost nearly 900btc in 2014 and shut down, also got hacked and
shut down.
Mt Gox, Silk road, and silk road 2 were both hacked. User data taken and coins
stolen from hot wallets.

Crypto Companies Hacked & People Scammed

Nearly 80,000 coins were lost in 2011 to the MyBitcoin wallet shutdown.
Bitcoinia hacks in 2012 lost over 50,000 btc.
BitDayTrade was supposed to be an improved version of Bitcoinia and is
responsible for nearly 10,000 lost btc.
Around fall of 2013 ran by a party known as 'TradeFortress' claims it was
hacked of about 4,100 bitcoin. This site was intended to a secure online storage
medium and was apparently hacked with a very targeted attack.
In 2013 Instawallet was hacked and shut down, OZCoin lost over 900 btc.

Crypto Companies Hacked & People Scammed

Bitcointalk is a web forum for discussing topics related to bitcoin, while it is not an
exchange and no money is held online is has been hacked more than once.
Some people have hacked other's bitcoins because they saw a vulnerability and
didn't want anyone else to get to it, later giving the btc back to those original
owners a few times too.
Passwords a list of 79,000 email, usernames, and passwords was allegedly stolen
from and put online to be sold for 1 btc, worth ~$300 at the time.
igot failed to pay many customers thousands of dollars

Crypto Companies Hacked & People Scammed

Similar to hacks but different, these instance were far more social engineering
attacks as they relied on people cooperating.
Around 3,700 bitcoin were stolen by the former CEO, one Ryan Kennedy, of a
company named Moolah.
A Ponzi scheme using bitcoin called bitcoin saving and trust run by Trendon
Shavers allegedly raised 764,000 btc.
Butterfly Labs who took money for orders on ASIC mining rigs they never sent or
used heavily before shipment.
BitPay got scammed out of nearly 5,000 btc in a targeted phishing attack.

Crypto Companies Hacked & People Scammed

Another company promised delivery of mining units and never delivered, this company
ActiveMiner has been ordered to hand over all profits and has been fined nearly
The Neo&Bee company raised start up capital that was spent mostly on
advertisements. The CEO absconded with any remaining bitcoins. Cyprus, the area
where the company was and put up ads, had slogans that asked, 'Who is Neo?' They
joke that people afterwards asked 'Where is Neo?
Bitfinex got hacked and lost 119,756 btc.
A near complete list of btc related scams can be found here.
Almost all of these hacks were a type of social engineering or bad security practices.

Hacks Are Common

In 2014 UPS announced hack compromised places in 24 states.
A hospital network had 4.5 million records hacked.
Adam Draper, son of Tom Draper had $50 stolen from his bank account.
In May of 2015 the IRS had a data breach of over 100,000 people's tax returns.
In June 2015 it was announced that hackers had gained personal information on every
federal employee in the US, including social security numbers of almost everyone in the
armed forces.
Look out for misspelled website, emails from people you dont know personally, and dont
give out personal information. More hints for avoiding scams can be found online, here is an

News Reports
Articles and stories have covered bitcoin in various ways since its early days when
such a mention had a seemingly direct impact on the price. For the most part the
stories started off describing it as a curiosity and wondering what will happen with
As time went on more reports came out that showed bitcoin in a negative light.
After the Silk Road arrests Bitcoin became synonymous with drug money which
still affects its reputation today.
Lets look at just a few of the great number of headlines on Bitcoin related stories.

Slashdot - A forum reply but still one of the first mentions of bitcoin on a public
Irish Times - Imagine your computer as a wallet full of Bitcoins - Bitcoin: Virtual money created by CPU cycles
Xfin.wordpress - BitCoin: a rube-goldberg machine for buying electricity

C-Net - Bitcoin mentioned in a podcast and Buzz out Loud videos. & Senators target Bitcoin currency, citing drug sales
PC World - Could the Wikileaks Scandal Lead to New Virtual Currency?
Forbes - So, That's the End of Bitcoin Then
The NY Times - Speed Bumps on the Road to Virtual Cash
Time - Bitcoins: Does an Internet Currency Mean the Doom of the Dollar?
- Online Cash Bitcoin Could Challenge Governments, Banks
- Report: Police Confuse Bitcoin Miners Power Use for Growing Weed
The New Yorker - The Crypto Currency
The Calculating Investor - Why Bitcoin Will Fail as a Currency
Slashdot - Online-Only Currency BitCoin Reaches Dollar Parity

Fortune - Bitcoin looks primed for money laundering
Slashdot - Large Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Collapses With a Loss of $5.6 Million
Forbes - Bitcoin Foundation Launches To Drive Bitcoin's Advancement - FBI Fears Bitcoins Popularity with Criminals - Bitcoin value spikes after hacker demands ransom in the
NetworkWorld - Bitcoin: Seven reasons to be wary

MS-NBC - The mysterious Bitcoin
- Could Bitcoin be the currency of the future?
- The bitcoin funny money or currency of the future?
- Bitcoin: Money of the future?
- Bitcoin breaks new ground during Senate scrutiny.
The NY Times - A Prediction: Bitcoin Is Doomed to Fail
Forbes - How You Should Have Spent $100 In 2013 (Hint: Bitcoin)

2013 Continued
CNN - The Real Significance of the Bitcoin Boom (and Bust)
- Why cyber currency Bitcoin is trading at an all-time high (This was at around
C-net - Multiple stories of trojans that can use other's computers to mine btc, btc
heists and thefts - Much Ado About Bitcoin
The New Yorker - The bitcoin boom
Business Insider - Bitcoin Is A Joke

New York Times -Time Inc. Begins Accepting Bitcoin Payments
CNN - Bitcoin: One year on from peak price, what does the future hold?
BusinessWeek - Bitcoin Dreams
MS-NBC - Are bitcoin future money or just a scam?
- Bitcoin's road to the future.
C-net - Should Bitcoins be banned?
- Expedia embraces -- and legitimizes Bitcoin
FTAlphaville - Cult Markets: When the bubble bursts

MS-NBC - Why bitcoins are important -Wall street fears bitcoin - Should we take
bitcoin more seriously? - How Wall Street got into the wild business of Bitcoin
Forbes - Is the world ready for Bitcoin to go mainstream?
Playboy - You'll soon be able to anonymously send people money with ease, and
it will be a big deal
American Banker - Why Banks Are Testing Bitcoin's Blockchain (Without Bitcoin)
Yahoo Finance - Why financial firms are investigating bitcoin tech

2015 Continued - Is A Blockchain Without Bitcoin Possible Or Practical?
- Bit-bugs: Bitcoin as the New Safe haven
Washington Post - Bitcoin isnt the future of money
- its either a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme
Business Agenda, the major newspaper for the Philippines, - From fantasy currency to financial disruptor
The Guardian - Could blockchain technology solve streaming musics payment rows?
Fox - Finding Value in Bitcoin
Entrepreneur - What Is the Future of Bitcoin?

Money Week - Its time to buy bitcoin & - Why Im buying bitcoins
WSJ - Bitcoin catches on with Goldbugs
Reuters - CME, ICE prepare pricing data that could boost bitcoin
NASDAQ - The Five Most Useful Properties of Bitcoin -Bitcoin: A Significantly
Investable Asset
The International Monetary Fund - The Internet of Trust
Reuters - Virtual Safe Haven?
CNBC - Bitcoin gains validity as digital gold after Brexit vote

Article Tone
Some articles are negative:
Forbes -Why Apple Pay And Dollars Are Killing Bitcoin
Financial Times - Chances of Bitcoin Making it are now Zero
The Washington Post - R.I.P., Bitcoin. Its time to move on
But increasingly many are positive: - Bitcoin Won 2015. Apple ... Did Not
The Street - Here's Why It's Time to Invest in Bitcoin in This Crazy Market
The Drum - Australia can't afford to miss the 'blockchain' revolution

When Price Rises, So Does Story Count

And the content of most the stories when the volatility is high is usually the
exchange rate and predictions on it
You can find many people posting online their predictions on the value of 1 bitcoin,
what it should be, what it will be at some point, and what it could be if they believe
hard enough. When the price was steadily climbing towards $1000 for the first
time many people said it would keep going to 10 or 100 thousand USD/btc
For every prediction of a high price and a reason why it should be so there are
predictions of lower prices and reasons why they should come to pass
After the June 2016 price-rise there was an increase in articles referencing Bitcoin
in lieu of the blockchain or blockchain technology

Bitcoin, Blockchains, Distributed Ledgers, And More

Companies are increasingly talking about Bitcoin derived technology but voicing
their intentions to divorce the bitcoin token from the blockchain however many
dont see this as feasible. Just to name a few; lets look at some companies
starting their own blockchain initiatives, digital currency laboratory, distributed
ledger program, and private blockchains
European bank UBS plans to create a blockchain focused lab for research
Companies want to make blockchains to connect other blockchains
Microsoft has begun hosting blockchains for others on their Azure cloud platform

Bitcoin, Blockchains, Distributed Ledgers, And More

R3, a collaboration or consortium between financial institutions, what started as
only nine grew to over forty companies trying to work together to bring some of the
technology behind Bitcoin into use by banks. They are working on at least a
distributed ledger system called Corda
RBC or the Royal Bank of Canada announced intentions for a remittance system
using distributed ledger technology powered by Ripple
IBM has their Open Ledger Project
Hyperledger, likely a private or permissioned blockchain by Digital Asset Holdings
A large bank in South Korea announced it will work on blockchain remittances

Bitcoin, Blockchains, Distributed Ledgers, And More

The government of Dubai announced: Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation
announces launch of Global Blockchain Council
Fidor Bank began working with Kraken in 2013
MITs Enigma initiative is a decentralized cloud platform backed by a blockchain

Banks like some parts of Bitcoin but not all

Banks want to use the Blockchain technology created by Bitcoin without the other
features that some argue are needed to work.
The technology that results from all
this research will likely bear little
resemblance to Bitcoin.
A new type of currency, a digital
bearer instrument, an advance beyond
the current system in addition to coins,
bills, and bank cards.

Blockchain Blockchain Blockchain

Top on the list of 2015 financial buzzwords is blockchain. The blockchain, a
blockchain, blockchains, blockchain tech, even the appalling no article blockchain
appeared in many articles discussing how blockchain can, cant, will, or wont
change everything.
WSJ: Blockchain: Catalyst for Massive Change Across Industries
Yahoo Finance: Here's how you can invest in the blockchain
Financial Post: Its not just for banks: The coming blockchain revolution is going to
have dramatic ramifications for all of us
& Technology: Banks seek the key to blockchain

Blockchain Blockchain Blockchain

Nasdaq: IBM Spearheads Open Ledger Project, Which Uses Blockchain
& Governments Around the World Are Warming Up to Bitcoin and the Blockchain
Telegraph: Nasdaq makes first share trade using blockchain technology
American Banker: Accept It: The Blockchain Will Be Part of Your Bank's Business
EconoTimes: Sony Corporation Shows Interest in Blockchain Technology
& Visa to start research on blockchain technology

Blockchain Blockchain Blockchain

TechWorld: Why banks are betting on the blockchain - not bitcoin - to transform
the financial sector
BraveNewCoin: Multi Billion dollar asset management companies to explore
blockchain use
Business Insider de: GOLDMAN SACHS: 'The Blockchain can change... well
Finance Magnates: CFTC Commissioner: Blockchain Couldve Prevented Run on
Lehman Brothers
Tech Crunch - Blockchain is the new Google

Blockchain Blockchain Blockchain

Scientific American - Blockchain Enhances Privacy, Security and Conveyance of
NY Times - Envisioning Bitcoins Technology at the Heart of Global Finance
World Economic Forum - The future of financial infrastructure: An ambitious look
at how blockchain can reshape financial services

Government Issued Blockchains & Cryptos

Russia in Spring 2016 announced plans to create their own cryptographically
secured cryptocurrency but some feared the legislation might be used to ban all
other cryptos.
Ecuador created an electronic currency tied to the US dollar based on their paper
money and banned Bitcoin and other cryptos in 2014.
Auroracoin was an attempt at a national currency in Iceland starting in 2014 that
failed to gain widespread adoption.

Master inventor PDF

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Avoid scams
Mat 2016 Goldman Sachs report on private blockchains
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Quartz artcile on blockchain revolution book
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A price rise at the end of Spring 2016 is causing many price related articles and may be promoting other articles
Here WSJ calls it Bitcoins technology not Blockchain technology
Home Depot files lawsuit with visa & mastercard for stifiling chip/pin
Head of Post banks says govs will lose control of money
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The Brexit corresponded to a price movement
CNBC Bitcoin gains validity as digital gold after Brexit vote
Greenspan urges return to gold standard opes up to btc

CNBC Bitcoin gains validity as digital gold after Brexit vote
Greenspan urges return to gold standard
Dutch bank testing factomish system
List of over 140 industry papers on btc & blockchains
Coinbase plans expansion in Asia after $10M in funding
Reuters before the halving #2
Wendys credit card info stolen in hack AUTO PLAY
French school opens course related to btc
Summary of over 30 btc company hacks
Its not about the tech, its about the money
Man uses btc and travels around world for 18 months
IBM plans its own blockchain hosting program
Bank of England testing BC
One users take on what blockchains are
Blockchains in decline
Btc adoption in Venezuela in light in high inflation?
A torrenting site taken down and btc exchange related
BS&T operator sentences to jail time
120 blockchain things in the works
Btc ecosystem maturing
Article source from above
Article covering above article
Pay taxes i Austrai
70 million worth, 119,756 btc stolen from bitfinex
Police officer charged with trying to sell stolen miner
3465&ref=headline&te=1&_r=1 NYT banks want to use blockchains but not btc
The actual report
Blockchain to replace LC
IBM likes blockchains
Perth Ledger Electricity Co using BC tech
Hyperledger used
Gov Sponsorship
290mil in mid 16
Hype cycle
Plans to use BC tech by 2018
The merkle