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An individual sense of identity is affected significantly by relationships that are

fundamental to the individuals formation of self-worth. A person identity,
acceptance and relationships can derive from mutual experiences connecting
people closer based on shared understanding My core text introduced is Maestro
by Peter Goldsworthy and my related text is 2+2=5 .
In my core text Maestro it deeply explores the aspect of belonging such as
identity, relationships, understanding and experience. Paul Crabbe the central
character finds himself moving from South Australia to Darwin and must
suddenly change or alter his ways to adapt and fit into the new environment.
Paul moves to Darwin in which his quest is to find his identity, fitting into school,
how to be a great musician and most ideally to find what defines his success.
In my related text 2+2=5 it deeply explores the complexities of how a person
must follow societal changes in order to belong. A school filled with boys go
through a change in learning or otherwise a dictatorship that will affect their
inner identity, acceptance and will go through a life changing experience that will
ultimately change their attitudes and perceptions of right from wrong. The
answer 2+2=5 questions many due to the answer being 4. The students show
deep respect for the teacher due the symbolism of standing up and silencing
when the teacher comes in which strongly implies the teacher has strong power
among these boys. The teacher looks at his watch then at the loudspeaker
implying he knows the change will occur. The thoughts and individuality within
the students are trapped through the portrayal on the grey and dusty walls and
no classroom having no windows. A student tries to challenge the teachers
authority by over writing and saying 2+2=4. The acceptance of this highly
changes the other students individuality and acceptance when the teacher calls
other students with red arm bands illuminates the bright red colour and
symbolises power and higher class. The student ultimately finds he will not
belong through the firm individuality embraced and the students with the red
arm bands uses imaginary guns to build tension and pressure for the student as
well as the audience doesnt think the student would be killed. After this situation
a fear of change can change can change a persons identity which the other
students accepted that 2+2=5. The dialogue after this is highly rep the dialogue
among the teacher and student is highly representive of the fear among the
student by the teacher asking What is 2+2 the students answer 5. many times
showing the repetition firming oness acceptance A student wrote 2+2=5 in his
book but crosses this out and puts 4 as this is very subjective that this students
acceptance has kept him safe and his individuality has shown to be strong.

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