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Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to the Honourable Judges,
dear contestants, teachers and members of the floor. Well from the
chorus, I think you can guess my topic. Before I go futher, I would like
all of you to recall some incidents around us. It is common to see people
or children kicking empty cans, packed drinks and plastic bottles near
the street or at their housing compound. More over I think everyone
definitely will feel hatred to pass by a hilly rubbish dump or any
garbage trucks. Why? It is because of the pungent!
Ladies and Gentleman,
Recycling should be made part and parcel to every Malaysian in
Malaysia is the accurate answer to the situations I have mentioned
earlier. I have a few reasons why I said so, My reasons to support this
statement are, we can foster attitude as part of being a good citizens,
we can reduce our domestic rubbish and we can support environmental
campaigns to save and love the environments.
Let me explain my first reason why I strongly agree that recycling
should be made part and parcel for every Malaysian. As Malaysian we
should appreciate and be thankful for what we have gained. Therefore

it is part of our responsibility to save guard our country and

environment as recycling is part and parcel of good citizenship.
We can play significant role to make recycling a succes. Did you know
that household produce could be divided into five categories of waste?
Sound funny right! Garbage has its own categories? Did you know what
do you produce every day at your home can harm our mother nature
slowly ? Let me explain to you the household categories are namely
paper, glass, plastic metal, natural material which roughly about 70%
and another 30% of our rubbish that should not go into our bins but a
compost heap included our food leftovers, fruit peels, vegetables
trimming and other scraps. Obviously, the greater the variety of
wastes the faster it will decompose and become an organic fertilizer.
So, as human we should think smart and wholeheartally to save our
nature .
Ladies and Gentleman,
Normally, the first stage of recycling is sorting . This process of
sorting is at our homes which makes recycling cheaper than when it is
sorted out at recycling centres. Well this is where every Malaysians
should play their role as good citizenship. We play our role to sort out
our rubbish at home then we leave it to our regular garbage collector.

Thus if this part has been implemented by every home, Im confidently

we have helped a lot to save our environment.
My second reason why recycling should be part and parcel in every
Malaysians in Malaysia because as a good citizenship indirectly we can
reduce our domestic rubbish. Through recycling we can save raw
materials, some of which are available only through expensive mining
process and pollutants. Did you know, for every ton of recycled
aluminium prevents extract four tons of bauxite and surprisingly every
two tons of plastic recycling saves oil. Well my friend, have you opened
your mind to foresee out what the precious benefits of recycling to
our life and to our mother nature that had been sick for a long time
because of our own activities?
Ladies and Gentleman,
Here are some effective ways to reduce our household waste, for
example stop purchasing items that you do not need anymore. Go for
electronis billing, this is the best step to get rid of paper billing and
open for e-billing. Then , you can make a compost bin at your home that
would serve as natural fertilizer. Next, purchase of quality products
and make sure the content of the product are recyclable items.Last
but not least, avoid habit of storing things on shelves and in cupboard

in the name of keepsakes. They should be given away to a recycling

instution towards building a better environment.
In addition, the following options for waste reductions programs are
some suggested method that work for others. After evaluating your
need capabilities and goals you can choose recycling on your own and
along with the misson to save the environment. The options are onetime or periodic reuse, continually recycling programs, stationary or
mobile collection centers, sponsored waste reduction programs and
credit accounts at local recycling centers. So, what are we waiting
for ? Grab it before its to late and its is better to take prevention
than cure.
In conclusion, recycling should be made part and parcel to every
Malaysian in Malaysia as it brings more benefits to us and it save our
mother nature for centuries. So, take this oppoturnity before we
regrets when we realise it is no use anymore. Let consider about it, this
world is our home and we are going to live in it for another decades
especially our next generations. With this, I end my speech and my
final word it is better to act now than never. Thank you.
~Nurelly@skst 2016~