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Case Study Computers R Us

Company Background Problem Statement

Computers R Us is a computer manufacturing firm and a retailer. The company
deals in computers, tablets, phones and most other things that come in between.
The services provided by the company are the installation of software and
hardware, recovery of data, removing viruses and replacement of hardware like
keyboard in the computers repair section. The company has recently started a new
department called Customer Care. This division is established to provide an
immediate response to the customers regarding their queries related to technical
issues, warranty and repair solutions. However this division is facing a number of
problems listed below. (Robert, 2015)

Lack of trained technical staf

Unreliable courier service
Unavailability of some machine parts
Complaints against CompleteCare
Unsure about the nature, cause and implications of those complaints

Purpose of the research

The purpose of the research is to conduct a detailed analysis of the problems
mentioned earlier and try to understand the underlying issues that are causing
these problems. Research can help us identify whether the training of staf is the
issue or is it poor hiring in the first place and likewise answers can be found for the
other problems identified earlier. (Dubash, 2013)
The research will help us not just in the identification of the problem(s) but it will act
as a guideline for our future decision making with regards to CompleteCare. This
research will form the basis for the strategic direction CompleteCare would want to
take and the changes that are needed to be made in order to fulfill the ultimate goal
of providing a rapid response service to its customers with technical queries and
warranty claims.

Research Design
The research design will be carried out in a number of diferent ways. From
Interviews to questionnaire surveys conducted both internally (staf) and externally

This will give us a holistic picture and deep insights into the problems CompleteCare
are facing. The questions are via both the methods will be of the same nature,
however, a face to face interview is likely to help us go deeper into the problem and
try to get answers which a simple questionnaire cant.
Interviews will be taken from the high level Management. One to one interviews will
be conducted from the manager HR and Call Centre. The Courier Service Provider
will also be interviewed to ask them about what customers feedback is given to
them. Some new hires in the call center can also be interviewed to identify the
problem cause. (Robert, 2015)
Considering the first problem listed here which is of untrained staf. The HR
manager should be asked about the hiring policy and training of the employees. The
manager can be asked the following questions

What is the hiring policy of the employees at call center?

What is the required work experience for the job?
After hiring the employees how often are the training sessions arranged for
the employees?
How often do the managers view the complaint log from the customers?
How many customer notifications are answered in 24 hours?

The Courier Service provider should also be interviewed to find out the cause of the
problem and following questions can be asked from them.

Is there a lack of communication between the CompleteCare management

and the courier service?
Do they have complaint of their staf from any other company as well?
How do they ensure the reliability of their staf?
Are you aware of the customer dissatisfaction?
Have you received complaints from customers directly?

The unavailability of the machine parts is also inefficiency on the part of the
company so it must be sorted out as to who is lacking on it. The manger should be
asked following questions in a afce to face interview

What is the process of ordering the new machinery?

How long does it take to deliver the component?
Is there a communication gap between the manufacturer and the
Why is there unavailability of machine parts?
How often do you check the customer complaint log?

Two types of questionnaire will be designed, one for the customers and the other for
the CompleteCare staf. The customers questionnaire will have questions like

What do you feel about the CompleteCare staf?

Needs improvement
Do the staf listen and report your problem ____________
Partially attentive
Non efficiently
Rate the CompleteCare staf from 1-9
The staf needs to be more___________
Technically sound
Better communication
What is the average wait time or call hold time?
30 sec
1 min
3 min
5 min
More than 5 min

The questionnaire from the Completecare staf will have questions like below

What do you feel about the work environment?

o Good
o Satisfactory
o Neutral
o Unsatisfied
The company management communication with the staf
o Regular
o Occasionally
o Very Less
How frequent is a training session conducted for the staf?
o Monthly
o Every 3 months
o 6 monthly
o Annually
How much time do you take to handle a call?
o 1 min
o 3 min


5 min
More than 5 min
is the average queue time?
30 sec
3 min
5 min
More than 5 minutes
is the call abandonment rate?
is the average call wait time?
30 sec
1 min
3 min
5 min
More than 5 min

Sample design
For the sampling of the data we need to take into consideration a few things. First of
all we need to ensure that the sample is collected correctly. The correct sampling
leads to correct analysis and ten correct decision making. Another factor in the
sample design is to take care of the sample size. The method to collect data from
the customers or organizational employees is time consuming and costly as well. So
it is important to decide the sample size. The sample size should not be very large
and not very small but the sample of appropriate size will show better results.
(BCPS, 2014)
The sample for the Completecare will be in two sets. One sample will be taken from
the customers and the other will be collected from the employees. The
questionnaires will be distributed to the CompleteCare staf. The survey will be done
among all the groups from the senior staf to the new hiring. And the questionnaire
of the customers will be sent to the regular customers and some new customers so
that the sample should cover all the variety of customers. (WHO, 2014)
Data Collection, Processing and analysis
The entire sample collected from the customers and the CompleteCare staf will be
collected transparently and correct results are needed for a better analysis and
decision making. The Data collection process is a time consuming process. A
considerable amount of time is required to collect the data as initially it takes time
to conduct the interviews from the senior management, take appointments and
then draw conclusions from the interview. It also takes time to send questionnaires

to the people and then collect the questionnaire from them. Out of the entire
sample, all will not reply. (WHO, 2014)
After collecting the complete data it needs to be processed so that it will be viewed
for results and decision making. The results of the staf will be shown to the manger
of HR and CompleteCare so that it can be identified why is the staf not able to work
efficiently and deliver good results. It can then be analyzed if its the fault in hiring
the staf or the training is lacking. Similarly other factors can be processed and
analyzed by the senior management.

Budget and timeline

The budget for this research will not be too high as the cost to conduct interviews
and circulate the questionnaire will not be much. But the time is a constraint as it
takes time to take appointments from the senior management. Separate
appointments will be made with the Courier services and CompleteCare staf
members. (WHO, 2014)

Dummy Tables
Dummy tables are created to show relationship among diferent variables. The
tables will be created before the data processing process in this way it will assist us
in identifying the problem. The dummy tables are linked to our questionnaire. These
will be empty tables presenting the data collection. For example the dummy table
from the customers survey will be like the following. (Elbourne, 2004)
CompleteCare Staf
Another table showing the performance of the staf according to the customers will
be as follows.
Average wait time on call
30 sec
1 min
5 min
More than 5 min


Training of the staf can be presented in a dummy table s follows

Training sessions of Staf


Every 3 months
6 monthly
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