On Working with Men (2 of 14


by Irma Walter 2010

Using the hierarchy
Whenever men get together for the first time, they establish their own order, often within minutes. It's fun to watch. Stick with this order, even if you hate it with your guts. If you have trouble with hierarchies, you might get yourself a puppy and go for a course of dog training. It'll do wonders for you. Don't let anyone or anything come between you and the next man down unless that man has proven himself ill-fitted for that place in the eyes of his peers. Whenever you see triangles evolving, your alarms should set off. Use strict self-discipline; don't let reason nor emotion deviate you from your resolve: uphold the chain of command; it's is a man's lifeline. You may consider it inflexible or restrictive, but it's a magical device that can make them function like clockwork. Remember the Seven Dwarfs marching? Did you ever see Dopey come first? (But he's so cuuuute...)

On Working with Men (2 of 14)

by Irma Walter 2010

Resist by all means playing games of favouring one against another. You will always be the one to lose out. For men, leadership is the ability to maintain connection to all in a balanced way. If you're getting chummy with a few, it's a signal for the crew that you're not a leader. Guys at the bottom have a way of getting back at you, without you ever knowing what happened. And even if there is no ill-natured intent on their part, an atmosphere of belittling and pressuring will make them turn to their internal ranking system for comfort, of which you aren't part. All of a sudden you'll be talking to a wall. If you prove that you understand and cooperate with their structure, you will command respect on their part and jumpstart them into performance.

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