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Words of Gratitude (for TIP Completion Ceremony)

Charlie V. Ladrona
To our ever-brave Schools Division Superintendent Madam Teresita Perez-Tranquilan;
supportive Division TIP Coordinator, Madam Rachel M. Blanco; to our dynamic Principal IV, Sir Teodoro
N. Plaza; to our dear Assistant Principal Madam Nenita C. Gelacio; facilitative mentors; and fellow
mentees, a pleasant morning.
Nothing feels like experiencing success. It takes me to a level of happiness that just makes me
feel I am living life to the fullest. However, success wouldnt taste so sweet without feeling what it is like
to encounter failure. It is somewhat like a fire that helps us to come into shape: shape that we prefer,
meaning our choice.
Behind any choice, there comes a force that drives us and defines how we see life and how we
should live it. That is actually what I called philosophy or motivation. So, before I get to exude what I feel
now, let me share my philosophy in life - a belief that ignites my drive everytime I feel weak and tired
and question myself: why do I have to study? What if Im already wealthy, do I still need to do it? Yes,
because: I should be master of at least one field in life: a field that I prefer most. In our case, it happened
to be teaching. Once we have that mastery, we are turning ourselves functional and at the same time
we are making ourselves happy, because it is what our desire dictates. Put it in another way, we are
mastering or learning something through which we feel satisfaction and eventually get incentive.
Actually that philosophy is what catapulted me to this footing now. The same thing is true with you.
So this time, as I get the chance to bring up this matter. I would like to express my overwhelming
gratitude to those who help me, us, in molding our motivation. It is because we could not be here
without such a great guide and support.
First and foremost, I thank God for letting us ride on his rollercoaster world, bringing us colors
and thereby making our lives meaningful. He perfectly puts all the ingredients for us to be someone we
want to be if we just want to. He is open for communication all the time. All we have to do is get
connected everyday so when we need him, we dont feel so coy or ashamed in asking favor.
Next, is my family, your families whether they are open-minded or not. We cant deny the fact
that there are still members of the family who stick to what they believe is right. Yeah, they are not
perfect, but still they deserve endless thanks for all the love, security and guidance.
Of course to our ever-seasoned mentors, we thank you from the bottom of our heart for sharing
your expertise, wisdom, ideas and giving your concern for us to be better educators the world can have.
You keep track of our performance for we know you want us to be equal to the task to educate
holistically transcending cognitive domain, affective domain and psychomotor domain. Thank you for
serving as the light for us to see clearly what lies ahead.
To my fellow mentees, you really take a role to play in showing everyone how uniqueness can
be a key to success. No one is exactly the same as the other. Thats why we run to someone we think
can complement what we lack. We see variation, individuality and that makes us have a picture of what
life is. Another is for the friendship of course. It is one thing we can truly treasure. Friends can be refuge
and can complement as well what our respective families may fail to give.
Anyway, now as we close another chapter of professional development, let me end my talk by
encouraging everyone to keep on moving and becoming better everyday by sharing a few lines of the
song Lipad ng Pangrap by Desa:
Liparin mo ang hangganan ng langit
Sa ulap ng pag-asay iyong makakamit
Ang tagumpay na bunga ng iyong pagpupunyagi
Pangarap ng inang bayang tinatangi..
Ingatan mo ang lipad ang pangarap
Umaasa sa iyo ang bayan mong naghihintay
Kamtin mo sa dulo ng lahat ng iyong pagpapagal
Ang tamis na dulot ng iyong tagumpay
Ang tamis na dulot ng iyongtagumpay