2010 To: UKM and Malaysian authority Withdraw University & University College Act 1971 (UUCA) Charge on UKM Students: Muhammad Hilman bin Idham, Muhammad Ismail bin Aminuddin, Azlin Shafina Mohamad Adzha & Woon King Chai Since May 13, 2010, in Malaysia, four students from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), to observe and study the Hulu Selangor by-election for academic purposes, have been charged under the UUCA 1971 for allegedly expressing support or sympathy towards political parties, without any prior investigations or any prove of evidence by any authority. The freedom of thought and expression, and the right to participate in politics are internationally guaranteed and respected in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19 and Article 21, for that people are and should be the rightful basis of the authority of government. Moreover, in the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, Article 19, the right to political participation is specifically guaranteed for every citizens above the age of 21. The UUCA, Section 15(5)(a), which prohibits students from participating or expressing sympathy or support for any political parties, is a direct violation to the international norm and the very constitution of Malaysia. We, the Young Progressives Southeast Asia (YPSEA), who are in- school and community based organizations, youth wings of democratic political parties, non-government and community-based organizations and social movements, representing the Young People of ASEAN Member States of Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Timor Leste, strongly condemn the action of the UKM authority that violated and infringed the basic democratic human rights of the young people, and call the UKM authority to withdraw the charge immediately. This is to promote and protect the academic and political freedom of the student and the very fundamental democratic human rights that every women and men shall enjoy. Young people should be seen as equal citizens with active roles in the society. Statements from YPSEA members in Malaysia are also attached, for further evidence and support. For democracy and empowerment, YPSEA – Cambodia Groups: Member Khmer Youth Association (KYA) People’s Center for Development and Peace (PDP Center) YPSEA – Indonesia Groups: Members

Pergerakan Indonesia (Indonesia Movement); Partai Perserikatan Rakyat (PPR) Youth Wing; Uni Sosial Demokrat (Unisosdem); Observers PRD (People’s Democratic Party) Youth National Student League for Democracy (LMND) Dialogue Partners MINIMA Media Center for Public Education (MINIMA); The RIDEP Institute; SEKAR YPSEA - Malaysia Groups: Members Democratic Action Party-Socialist Youth (DAPSY); Malaysia Youth and Student Democratic Movement (DEMA); Progressive and Democratic Youth Movement (ProDem) YPSEA – Thailand Groups: Members Student Federation of Thailand (SFT); Young People for Democracy (YPD) Movement YPSEA – Philippine Groups: Members Akbayan Youth; First-Time Voters (FTV) Youth Network; BISIG (Union of Filipino Socialists) Youth; Movement for the Advancement of Student Power (MASP); Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP); National Alliance of Community-based Young People (Alyansa); Dialogue Partners Young progressives of De La Salle University, Ateneo de Manila University, Miriam College, Philippine Normal University, University of the Philippines and other universities YPSEA – East Timor Groups: Member: Organisasi Joventudy Studante Das Timor Leste (OJETIL)-Youth Observer: East Timor Student Solidarity Council (ETSSC) YPSEA – Burma Groups: Observer: Students and Youth Congress of Burma (SYCB) Myanmar Egress