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Area of Study Analysis

The Road Not Taken
Robert Frost
Personal Discovery

Concept and

The moment in life that we are faced with where we must

choose the path that we will take in life
We only discover one path
This poem focuses on the opportunities that are
missed in life
Personal discovery choosing an individuals path in life;
highlights the opportunities that we may miss in order to
Choice is central to the concept of personal discovery, the
choices made by an individual will define their future +
impact on their personal growth
The notion of choice is central to the concept of discovery.
As decisions made will shape an individuals future and
ultimately what they are able to discover
Choice may lead to a restriction of personal discovery by
creating barriers to potential opportunities that exist, yet are
not chosen
Techniques and The uncertainty in discovery; we often do not know the
outcome of our choices
They may appear equal as just as fair
Reflective of irrational/quick decisions
The speaker takes the road that is more physically
appealing; rather than being bent in the undergrowth, this
road is grassy and wanted wear
Despite looking as far as [he] could down the path, the
persona was unable to discover what outcomes each
individual path would lead to discover what outcome each
individual path would lead to
The focus of lost opportunities, that is, an opportunity to
discover another aspect of life
The poem is a metaphorical representation that individuals
are faced with, that shapes personal discovery
The Road Not Taken - highly modal not; negation
creates a negative and sorrowful tone focuses on what was
not discovered
The focus on indecisions in life
Hesitation in life reflects the importance of these
choices as they impact on our future discoveries
Repetition of I reflects the personas hesitation

Last stanza tone of regret; choices may lead to a positive

outcome; our discovery mat result in dissatisfaction
and that has made all the differences importance of
choice and how it impact greatly on our lives
foreshadowing the potential consequences that choice may
have on our personal discovery
sigh regret, sorrowful, dissatisfaction
ages and ages repetition; the decision will affect the
personal greatly in the future
Sense of regret + yearning to go back to the beginning; this
is impossible in life I doubt if I should ever come back

Area of Study Analysis

The Tempest
William Shakespeare
Self Discovery
Concept and

The notion of discovery new things enable an individual to

discover more aspects of themselves
Through Miranda and Ferdinands love for one
another, this drives Prospero too discover a
compassionate side to his vengeful personality
The newly discovered relationship
Discovery of new things can often come with wonder and
Miranda is often discovering new things around her,
and she shows fascination towards the civilised
Trinculos first sight at Caliban seemed to be of
fascination- he questions what he is
Island civilised world with no rules; no governance/rulers
free world of free choices
People have the freedom to discover oneself and the
world around them
Freedom of magic, experiments and the lust for high
Social hierarchy no longer relevant and order has
been restored for equality for all humans
Techniques and The notion of new discovery lead others to discover new
aspects of themselves and the world around them
The rarer action is in virtue than in vengeance this
demonstrates Prosperos understanding between the good
and the evil; he discovers a compassionate aspect of himself
Ill break my staff....Ill drown my book personification of
drown; demonstrates Prosperos willingness to give up his

dark side of himself in order to discover the new,

compassionate side of his personality
Motif of the sea/the tempest (shipwreck) emphasises on
the principles of forgiveness and justice
The discovery of new things can often come with wonder and
How beauteous mankind is. Oh brave new world, that has
such people in it Mirandas newly found knowledge of
people and the civilised world that she has yet to discover
Notions of dreams sense of curiosity; demonstrates
Mirandas own imagination before she discovers; discover
her and other peoples identity
What is this? A fish? rhetorical questions; Trinculos first
sight of Caliban; he is fascinated by this creature as his
skin colour differ so dramatically the fascination of new
things drive ones ability to want to discover more
A thing divine, for nothing natural I ever saw so noble
thing new experience/experience for natural things
Ariel he uses magic to manipulate those shipwrecked on
the island in order for those to able to discover certain
things on the island