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ATE officially launches Employer of the Year
Award (EYA) 2016 focusing on Human
Resources Management and Development
Dar es Salaam, Monday 29th August 2016
The Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) today has
officially launched the Employer of the Year Award (EYA) 2016
event which aims to uplift human resources to make them
play their lead role in business performance.
Speaking at the press conference, ATE Executive Director Dr.
Aggrey Mlimuka said that the Employer of the Year Award
specifically aimed to recognize members who have excelled in
putting in place outstanding HR Management policies and best
business practices. According to him, over the years EYA has
inspired member organizations to critically focus on
employment and people management issues as a strategic
foundation for their organizations to deliver a competent,
competitive, productive, engaged and happy workforce.
He added that the Award was based on both a scientific and
professional study of Functional Human Resources and people
management among the leading corporations and high growth
of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to ensure skilled and
motivated employees as key aspect of Human resource
He further said that EYA was a major activity carried out
annually by the Association of Tanzania Employers since 2005.
In Tanzania Employer of the Year Award has become common

on the corporate calendars in bringing best practices to the

wider corporate and SME fraternity, he added.
He also added that the event was categorized into two main
parts, the first part being the survey which would be handled
independently by the consultant and the second part the
awarding event which was scheduled to be done in December
2016. The event is categorized into two main parts, the first
part is the survey and the second part will be the awarding
ceremony which is scheduled time, Dr. Mlimuka said.
He also urged all members to participate so as to benchmark
their organizational practices and that of their counterpart. He
said that for this year employers would be able to find out
what their peers were doing to keep their employees
motivated and happy on job as an essential part of human
resource practices.
Dr. Mlimuka said that EYA 2016 was the 9th since its
introduction and added that this years event will be different
compared to the previous events as it has included other new
categories on Employee Engagement which aims to see to
what extent employees feel passionate about their jobs, are
committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort
into their work.
He said that another new category was on Talent Management
and Development that among others aimed to ensure that the
organization attracts, retains, motivates and develops the
talented people it needs now and in the future.
We have introduced the two new categories this year to
enable employers to improve their businesses through
ensuring that their employees feel they are part of their
organisations and they retain and attract competence for the
betterment of the present and future successes, Dr. Mlimuka

He also said that the award has been focusing on key areas of
HR function and practice including Leadership and
Governance, Human Resource Management Function, CSR
and Ethical Practices, Quality and Productivity, Disability
Inclusiveness and Workforce Focus.
Commenting on the process of participation, Dr. Mlimuka,
urged members to participate by filling in EYA questionnaires
through either of three ways including electronically, online or
by submitting filled in printed questionnaires.
He reminded participating companies to fill in EYA
questionnaires online through: for
participating in this important Award. He said the deadline for
participation will be on Friday 30th September 2016.
Last year Employer of the Year Award was successfully held
and graced by the Right Hon. Majaliwa M. Majaliwa (MP)
Prime Minister of United republic of Tanzania. The
participation rate increased by 100% compared to the previous
year and for this year we expect that the number will be
doubled. Several companies participated in the award and
some of the winners included Tanzania Breweries Limited
(TBL) CCBRT, Kilombero Sugar Company, Social Security
Regualtory Authority, Yakubu & Assocoates Chambers, Total
Tanzania Ltd, TIGO Tanzania, CRDB Bank Plc and Geita Gold
Mine among others. More about previous EYA can be
downloaded at . This year we also predict to
have more participants as members are excited about.

About ATE
The Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) is a most
representative Employers Organization in the in Tanzania. It

was formed in 1960 to represent and protect the interest of

Employers on Labour and Employment issues.
The Association represents employers in all sectors of the
national economy excluding the civil service. ATE has about
1,400 registered direct members and about 6,000 indirect
members are drawn from private business firms, companies
and some parastatal organizations.
Membership of ATE is open to all Tanzanian employers:individuals, partnerships, companies, public corporations, local
and other public authorities or associations of employers and
is currently classified into 8 divisions including Agriculture,
Commerce, Industry, Utility and Service, Banking and Finance,
Mining, Oil, and Private Security.
One of the duties of the Association is to promote harmonious
labour relations at workplaces as well as best practices in HR
management for smooth running of businesses which are
essential for increased productivity and competitiveness thus
organizing the Employer of the Year Award to recognize
companies with Best Human Resource Management practices.

For more information contact ATE Communications

Officer, Selestine Leonard through +255 786 772017 or