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(a) All questions are compulsory.
(b) The question paper comprises of three sections A (Physics: 26
marks),B (Chemistry:26 marks) and C (Biology:28 marks)which have
to be answered in separate answer sheets.
(c) Very short questions carrying one mark to be answered in one
word or a sentence.
(d) Two marks questions to be answered in about 30 words.
(e) Three marks questions to be answered in about 50 words.
(f) Five marks questions to be answered in about 70 words.

Max. Marks: 26

What is a light year?


Define pressure.
Write its SI unit.


Give scientific reasons of the following:
Suitcases are provided with wheels.
Boat comes to rest when we stop rowing it.


Write any two differences between inner and outer planets.


Imaging that accidently you spill a bucket of soapy water on the marble (2)
floor. Explain whether it would be easier or difficult to walk on the floor.
In case of fire, the fireman cuts the power supply of the building which is on
fire before using the water hoses. Give reasons.


a) Rani used to put oil on the moving parts of her bicycle regularly where as Litty doesn’t. Name a liquid non-metal.7. SECTION – B (CHEMISTRY) Max. (3) 2. c) Write two uses of the above process. What are the advantages Rani’s cycle has? Justify your answer. (5) a) Name the process demonstrated in the diagram. Marks: 26 12. (1) . Appling the brakes of a bus in a crowded street. cathode and electrolyte. Identify which effect of force is applied in each of the following situations: a) b) Squeezing a piece of lemon between the fingers to extract its juice. (3) b) Name the process of oiling or greasing the machine parts. a) Name the instrument used to make atmospheric pressure. a) b) (3) What is meant by constellation? Write the names of two well known constellations. b) An object of force 90N is acting on an area of 180cm What will be the pressure on the floor? 11. 10. (2) 8. 9. b) Draw the above diagram in your answer sheet and label anode.

(ii) Sodium is stored in kerosene oil. Justify the statement using Gems core values. Why is rayon known as artificial silk? Write two uses of it. (3) Complete and balance the following equations: (i) Al + HCl → (ii) K + O2 → (iii) S + O2 → 20. Define the term alloys.gas given off Explosive reaction should not be attempted . She has chosen a thick cotton dress for herself. Iron corrodes to form rust. Will she succeed? Give reason also.gas given off Reaction with dil. Rita has gone out to buy clothes for herself with her mother. (3) 22. It is raining (2) heavily and the weather forecast for the next few days is of more heavy rains.HCl Vigorous reaction. but her mother insists her to buy something made of nylon or terylene .(write equation also) (3) 21. She tries to make wire from sulphur and carbon.13. What is the chemical name and formula for rust? (2) 15. Give reasons.metal melts. (1) 14.X. What would you expect to observe when a strip of zinc is dipped in a copper sulphate solution.Is she right in suggesting the above fabrics? Give reasons. 16. Some reactions of metals W. Gauri knows that wires can be made from copper and aluminium. (2) 18.Y and Z are given below: (5) Metal W X Reaction with water A few bubbles form slowly in cold water Vigorous reaction. (2) 17. (2) 19. why: (i) We can’t use pure gold to make jewellery. Manufacturing synthetic fibres is actually helping conservation of forests.

No reaction Steady fizzing a. Name the book carrying information about endangered species. Which of these metals could be i. Magnesium ii. Name the bacteria that turn: a) Milk into curd. The equation for the reaction of X with cold water is given below: 2X(s) + 2H2O → 2XOH(aq) + H2(g) i. Copper? c. b. Give a test to identify the nature of aqueous solution of XOH. SECTION C (BIOLOGY) MAX. Describe the test you would use to show that the gas evolved is hydrogen? ii.Hot metal reacts with steam.Y Z No reaction Does not react with cold water. 26. (2) 25. (1) 24 (1) Give one word for the following: A group or class of animals or plants having certain common and permanent characteristics. b) Atmospheric nitrogen into nitrates. Mention two important uses of fungi. Why do we use oil and vinegar to preserve vegetables and fruits? (2) 28. (2) . Arrange these metals in order of reactivity. 27. Differentiate between: a)antibiotics and antibodies b)extinct species and endangered species (3) .MARKS: 28 23.

.c)flora and fauna 29. (ii) Name the following agriculture implements: a) b) (5) 33. Suggest any other technique that can be used as a better option. (3) 32 (i Write two disadvantages of manual weeding. Some farmers from a village in India are using chemical pesticides to control the pests in their agriculture land. How can you contribute to the maintenance of green wealth of your locality? Make a list of any three actions to be taken by you. What is nitrogen cycle? How is it carried out in nature? Explain with the help of a neat labeled diagram. (3) 31 (3) Write the categories of species according to IUCN. Write two disadvantages of chemical pesticides. Give the full form of IUCN. (3) 30.