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Welcome and thanks for trying my service - let's begin!

Step 1) BitCoin Wallet registration

First of all you will have to register a BitCoin Wallet if you haven't gotten
You can see a list of fairly secure wallets at the following web address;
After you've registered for a BitCoin Wallet and validated your e-mail address
( needed for receiving your payments later on ) you should continue with the
next step.
Step 2) Making sure you've gotten the right browser installed
To use my method's full potential you should have the correct web browser
installed on your machine. I recommend installing Mozilla FireFox from the
following web address;
"Why can't I use Chrome or IE?", I hear you wonder? Chrome might mess up
on the JavaScript which we will be injecting and IE, well, that's just IE.
Step 3) Registering at
I know that websites like these look kinda shady, but I can assure you that it's
100% genuine in sending out payments. You can register your account at the
following web address;
Do not forget to validate your e-mail address or you will not be able to
receive any payments in your BitCoin Wallet. Make sure you also set your
registered BitCoin Wallet address as payment address in your profile page at Noticed the peculiar "r=2620785" in the link? That means
you'll be one of my referrals. I take care of my referrals and to motivate you I
share my earned BTC with the active referrals. You can do this for your
referrals as well if you find any friends or family that wants to join you.
Step 4) Injecting the JavaScript
Now, when you've fulfilled all the steps it's time to let my script work for you.
As you're using Mozilla FireFox you can press F12 on your keyboard whilst
having the browser active. Now simply paste the following code marked blue
in the command line of the console and press the ENTER key;

var startValue = '0.00000001', // Don't lower the decimal point more

than 4x of current balance
stopPercentage = 0.001,
maxWait = 777,
stopped = false, // debugging
stopBefore = 1; // In minutes for timer before stopping redirect
on webpage

var $loButton = $('#double_your_btc_bet_lo_button'),

$hiButton = $('#double_your_btc_bet_hi_button');

function multiply(){
var current = $('#double_your_btc_stake').val();
var multiply = (current * 2).toFixed(8);

function getRandomWait(){
var wait = Math.floor(Math.random() * maxWait ) + 100;

console.log('Waiting for ' + wait + 'ms before next bet.');

return wait ;

function startGame(){
console.log('Game started!');


function stopGame(){
console.log('Game will stop soon! Let me finish.');
stopped = true;

function reset(){

// quick and dirty hack if you have very little bitcoins like 0.00000001
function deexponentize(number){
return number * 10000000;

function iHaveEnoughMoni(){
var balance = deexponentize(parseFloat($('#balance').text()));
var current = deexponentize($

return ((balance)*2/100) * (current*2) > stopPercentage/100;


function stopBeforeRedirect(){

var minutes = parseInt($('title').text());

if( minutes < stopBefore )

console.log('Approaching redirect! Stop the game so we
don\'t get redirected while loosing.');

return true;

return false;

// Unbind old shit


// Loser
if( $(event.currentTarget).is(':contains("lose")') )
console.log('You LOST! Multiplying your bet and betting


}, getRandomWait());


// Winner
if( $(event.currentTarget).is(':contains("win")') )
if( stopBeforeRedirect() )

if( iHaveEnoughMoni() )
console.log('You WON! But don\'t be greedy.


if( stopped )
stopped = false;
return false;
console.log('You WON! Betting again');

}, getRandomWait());
Now you simply head to the "Multiply BTC" link in the menu of the website
and the script shall increase your BTC in no-time.
Thanks again for using my service and if you have any questions feel free to
send an e-mail to with the subject "Script Help Please".